Weekly Horoscope 1st April – 7th April

By: Future Point | 31-Mar-2018
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Weekly Horoscope 1st April – 7th April

Getting the jitters about finding what this week have in store for you? So, here we are with another weekly horoscope for all Zodiac signs!


There will be delays and losses in business and other work. There will be some health issues as well. There are chances of loss of reputation. Things will improve in the mid of the week. All wrong that you do will remain hidden from others. Be careful, as you may be prone to getting injured.

Monetary flow will be perfect this week! You’ll be able to make some new monetary sources in your career field. Your energy will charge up your colleagues and the environment around you in your work space.

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You will have to restrict your anger and mind your language. There are chances of disagreements with your spouse and long distance travel. You may spend lavishly on luxury items. Good time for going ahead with your marriage plans. Some unrest or disharmony on the family front may leave you restless. Stay calm, now if you’re facing issues with your spouse, solve them with a cup of tea. Argument will only make it worse.



Job prospects look good. You are likely to win court proceedings. There may be some delays at the work front, but things will work out. You may want to relax towards the end of the phase. Don’t ignore your health. Monetary gain will be possible in this week. You I’ll get your desired job.


Career prospects look good but personal life may suffer to some extent. You may change your job and business will earn profits. Business people, in fact, may get an opportunity to strike a profitable deal. Work and career also remain stable. Time to welcome a new member in your family this week.

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Progress in career will be at a fast rate. There may be disagreements with family and friends. You may buy a new house. Cut off your expenses for a few days. Take care of yourself while traveling. Something good is coming for you this week. You may feel little lonely during the weekend, it happens part of life. You will get benefits from the sources of income this.


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Pending decisions will be a cause of stress. Wrong decisions will create trouble a well. Media people will be a highlight in their field. Speculative activities will bring some profit. You’ve to keep your married life and work life in your different pockets. Be careful, for a new person may not be the same as they seem. It’s time to do some good work, you’ll get opportunity to participate in any social work.

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Personal relationships will improve. You need to mind your language. There may be some minor abdominal injury. Your health will be fine. You I’ll make some new monetary sources this week. But, do care about your expenses. Luck is on your side, it’s time to take some important decisions related to your business sector.


There will be monetary gains and overall life would be happy. Be calm and rational in your approach. Short travel is on the cards. Moreover, planetary disturbances may cause hurdles in everyday life. Do spend time with your loved ones, this will cheer you up. The planetary transition will have a benefic effect on you.


Speculative activities will bring losses and love life will be disturbed. Disagreements and conflicts with at workplace and with siblings will be likely. Love birds will have stars in their favor. However, times are not going to be easy for study and research. Don’t lose your grip and the time will heal you up.


You will spend a lot initially but gain all of it later. Your officials would be happy from you work in your career field. You I’ll charge like a mad bull in your workspace. Your health will be fine this week, but mental pressure will squeeze you! Don’t let any negative influences dampen your happy mood. Stay calm.

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Progress at work can be expected. You will make new friends and gain favors from those at a higher position than you. Love life will come to a halt. Things are slower than usual, which makes you restless and worried. Emotional pain is a worse than any other pains but you’ll through it. Your family life will blossoms form the begging of this week. Spend some time with your spouse at the weekend.


Health of elders may be a concern. Long distance travel is likely. You will spend a lot but gain it back eventually. It will be a good year overall. It’s time to spend some time with your family, go on a vacation or a picnic with them. Your energy will charge up your colleagues and the environment around you in your work space.

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