Tarot card reading 2018 for Love & marriage predictions

By: Future Point | 02-Apr-2018
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Tarot card reading 2018 for Love & marriage predictions

2018 is here! So, let’s is how your astrological energies are bringing up for you this year. If you’re on a love hunt then, you are in the right place. Our reliable tarot card predictions will tell you the inside out of the upcoming twists in your life, changes or it could be a heart breaks too.

Yeah, we show you the both phases of your life, so that you can prepare yourself for a change and change is necessary for a new beginning. So, let’s get started!


There’s an excellent chance that you’re celebrating the New Year with someone special, and that your heart has already been cracked open wider than you ever thought possible.

Last year you enjoyed the once-every-12-years cycle of Jupiter moving through your partnership sector. If you’re single, this year you might tackle any barriers to sexual gratification you’ve struggled with.

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The bull is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, you’ll make the deepest connections with fellow comfort-loving Earth signs, like Virgo and Capricorn. Someone new is about to enter your life and turn everything around. I know you’re not fond of big surprises like this, but it can make a positive difference, if you let it.



This is the year for all the singles gemini’s out there. Look for a water signs, a clever match who won’t rain on your parade of interesting ideas, playful activities, and non-stop chatter... so watch out for Water signs! Don’t look back in 2017 just enjoy your new beginnings.


As a sensitive Cancer, your most harmonious matches are with emotional and caring Water signs like Scorpio and Pisces, because they understand you. Crabs hide in their shells from blunt or dramatic partners, preferring peaceful partners who enjoy time at home with family.

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Leo’s! Your new partner may be looking to you to make most of the decisions, where to go, what to do. You can have great fun and many good times in the next few weeks. Don’t go overboard, though. Let the high times be high, then back off and enjoy quiet intimacy. Feel things out and see what feels best to you.


Guys just take a break from your relationship, if it’s not working out or try tomorrow to solve it with a cup of tea together. Tarot cards are showing new beginnings and happy endings so it’s definitely a time for a change.

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Here you are, perhaps with a fascinating but total strange, and it feels utterly random. It’s not. Romance may just be Act One for this relationship, so lighten up and determine to have fun and be an amusing companion.


Scorpio it’s time for you to gulp all the love that you are craving for from centuries. You may find your soul mate thus year or may be too soon! Don’t mess it up this time.

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Now that Saturn is finally out of your sign, 2018 looks brighter on many fronts. When it comes to love and relationships, you might have taken on a major responsibility over the last couple of years and, because of this, found that your personal needs in matters of the heart were sacrificed. If that’s the case, you’ll be glad to know that the universe is ready to reward you for the sober maturity you showed in past.


In 2018 one thing is certain: your love life will be anything but boring. In fact, an eventful romantic year appears to be written in the stars for you, whether you’re single or attached. If you’re single, there is exciting news about 2018! Uranus, the planet of liberation and excitement, will move through your true love sector from May 15-November 6, offering you a taste of something radically different in the romance department.


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Aquarians, quite possible a complete demolition this year. This might also include your love life. In fact... it will. Buckle up yourself, you’re a warrior and I know you I’ll get through it. If your partnership does end, it might have a stressful effect on your family life and unfortunately that will be out of your control during this time. So, move on! You’ve to keep your married life and work life in your different pockets.


It’s time to turn the pages dear, there is a lot to do than love. What will happen in 2018, however, is that you might realize that you and your mate are not exactly Seeing Eye to eye when it comes to spiritual or philosophical beliefs. Here’s the good news, if you’re single, it’s possible that you’ll meet someone who turns your world upside down. You might even become obsessed! Good time for going ahead with your marriage plans.

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