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Weekly Horoscope 27th May to 2nd June

By: Yashkaran Sharma | 26-May-2018
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As per planetary transit, this shall be one of the best weeks for your professional life. The beginning of the week shall be good to earn sudden financial gains but you cannot expect restoration of peace fully as some uncertainties are visible on your domestic front. In the mid of the week your spouse’s support to you shall take a bigger form. You can participate in some adventurous activity.


The planetary transit indicates good time for education, children, love life and gains in the beginning of the week. You shall be successful in competitions. Whole week is good for work area. You can start any new task on these days. Financial tensions won’t remain now. Last two days of the week indicate tensions and health troubles. Avoid taking important decisions on these days. Support of spouse is available.


This shall be a fulfilling week for you but you should stay away from unnecessary arguments. The week is indicating increase in expenses. Family life might remain disturbed because of arguments and the same energy shall be carried by you in your social life too therefore be cautious. On 27th and 28th you would be concerned about mother and these days shall be given to home. Mid of the week is for children and the last and 3rd part of the week is for conjugal bliss.


You would be able to spend quality time with family, friends and relatives. Your brightness and success is shining at work place. You shall be getting happiness from children. Speculative activities shall bring in gains. You might take interest in competition. You shall obtain excellent results in all areas like administrative activities, restoration of mental peace, reputation, immunity and happiness. Health shall improve.


This shall be the best weeks of the year for you. Your energy, enthusiasm, courage, stamina, will power, confidence, health, happiness and working efficiency shall go on increasing. Your leadership qualities shall win recognition and quick appreciation for you. You are likely to earn name and fame. This week is auspicious for business gains and domestic happiness. You might plan to start a new business. You shall go on a short journey in the weekend.

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In this week your positive energies might increase. Your inflow of money shall increase and you are going to spend quality time with your family members, friends and relatives in this week. Instead of making investment, it shall be better to focus on planning and developing connections with political people. You will be getting tremendous support of family along with an improvement in your destiny.


Your confidence shall be at its maximum after initial two days of the week but don’t spoil your relation with your bosses and seniors. Try to stay in their good books. You can activate some channel of hidden financial gains. You can think of purchase of some property in this week. There are indications of your going on a journey too. The last two days of the week are excellent for development of destiny and general happiness.


This week is not good for you. You might get into a new relationship. But that relationship might not be very good for you and probably won’t work. After the mid of the week there shall be some relief and you shall be earning better favor of destiny. Overall this shall be below average week for everything. The beauty of this week shall be recognition to your ability of organizing capacity.

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You shall be getting good results in terms of harmony among family members but your own patience and tolerance level shall be going down and in the beginning of the week it shall be zero. Do meditation to feel better and maintain balance. Spouse shall be helping and there won’t remain any frustration as most of the high intensity energies shall get channelized. Love life shall be at its peak and you will be doing better at work place.


Energy level shall be high in this week however, after 27th this shall be a wonderful week for you as your work and education shall get upgraded. Your happiness shall increase with the excellent performance of your children in spite of their being careless. There shall be tremendous excitement in your love life. Speculative activities shall also prove fruitful. This week shall not be good for partnership venture, work area and your association with new people.

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The first half of the week indicates lot of frustration, disappointments, drainage of energies and decrease in confidence however you shall be paying due attention to spiritual activities in spite of less energies. Drop the idea of partnership venture and take positive steps to improve your state of mind in the second half of the week. Love life shall be too good. The last two days of the week are best for accomplishing all tasks.


From the beginning of the week you shall be enjoying quality time with your children, friends and relatives. You shall gain stability at work place. The family atmosphere shall be full of love, laughter, peace and happiness. Everybody would be impressed with your achievements and status of family. The support of family, especially mother and other friends would help you to be on top from the beginning of the week. There shall be obstacles in educational matters however your patience and optimistic outlook shall change the equation.