Venus versus Mars

By: Future Point | 20-Jul-2018
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Venus versus Mars

Venus in astrology is the symbol of love, romance, sensual liking and more over, a keen embracer of beauty. It is believed that Venus is the sole reason for any goodness and happiness between a couple in love.

If Venus is ill placed in any horoscope, then the reason for love and romance hardly exist. On the other hand, if well placed, then the fusion between the couples will lead a very romantic life. The traits of Venus will make one very persuasive and shall attract others.

In fact, Venus is the reason for beauty and fine arts. Therefore, the movement one talks of planet Venus, the attributes of Love, romance, beauty, taste-buds, luxuries and leisure is associated with.


On the other hand, planet Mars, the red planet symbolizes: hardship, valour, high energy, enthusiasm and desire, will make one to strive to what they look out for. Usually planet Mars is highly desirable where physical energy is required.


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Hence, they prefer to sweat more than prefer any kid glove treatment. Mars enjoys challenges. A thorough general of an army and a go getter. The traits of Mars are such that, they desire to reach the pinnacle, fearless but always alone.

Hence many a time they are difficult to decipher by one and all. An exact contrast to that of planet Venus. So, what if the two come opposite to each other?

As we all know, in astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs owned by Nine planets. Venus and Mars, own two of these zodiac signs respectively. Aries and Scorpio by Mars. Taurus and Libra by Venus. The irony is that despite owning two zodiac signs adjacent to each other, their personality will always lead to friction and differences. Is that puzzling?

Astrologically, the transit of Venus and Mars is analysed very carefully. The transit of Venus takes 225 days to complete its orbit over the twelve zodiac signs. Thus, a complete seven and half months is taken by Venus in this endeavour.


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On the other hand, Mars would take 687 days to complete its transit around the orbit. Which means, little more than 22 months. Thus, the two of them have a complete chance to counter each other at least thrice around their transit. It could be either through, conjunction or through mutual aspect or opposite to each other.

Of this, when the two are in opposite to each other in the transit, there is a high chance of friction and navigating differences. A relationship can lead to some stress.

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There will be disputes which can arise. Though two at time, complement each other for sure. Hence, it is usually said, that Men are from Mars, and Women from Venus. The personalities of a Man and women fits the bill.

When one of them tries to persuade to remain together, the other would prefer to remain, solo. Where one would not share the credit to the other, but the latter would demand a respectable seat sharing. If one would look at the north the other would look South. Therefore, the two are truly opposite to each other, though attract to each other for sure.

There is an inherent level of stress or tension in a relationship, when Mars and Venus are in opposition. Mutual consent is at its lowest level. Constant arguments will lead to poor bonding. Temporary separation is seen. There is disputes at the slightest provocation.


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Thus, the transit of Venus and Mars is looked up very carefully. Especially if Venus is in the Mars sign, Aries and Mars in the Venus sign of Libra. They create much friction in the life of the native of these zodiac signs. More specific when Venus is in the Bharani Constellation or nakshatra and Mars in Chitra nakshatra in Libra sign.

Usually this creates much friction and one is ideally advised to undertake remedial measures to avoid serious differences in a native’s life.

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