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Transit of Venus in Virgo and its impact on your life

By: Future Point | 10-Aug-2021
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Transit of Venus in Virgo and its impact on your life

Venus, the planet of passion and romance is transiting in Virgo on the 11th of August 2021. The position of Venus in a chart tells us about the preferences, likes and dislikes of a person, his relationships with the outer world, beauty, and charm in voice and face. The Venus and its placement in the chart depict the romantic compatibility of the native.

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Venus and Jupiter are the most benefic planets in astrology and both have the status of Guru while Jupiter is considered the devguru, Venus is called the daityaguru in astrology. Venus has an additional vidya called Mritsanjeevini Vidya through which he can bring alive a dead. Therefore, under much desired materialistic pursuits, Venus actually holds deep spirituality.

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Venus is transiting to his sign of debilitation i.e. Virgo from Leo on 11th August 2021, and it stay there until 6th September 2021. Virgos are known for their calculative and analytical skills.

They long for perfection in whatever they do. Venus through its placement in Virgo gets judgmental and loses its natural, soft signification of pure love and beauty. It gets critical about how its natural attributes of love and romance are expressed and the person remains dissatisfied regarding the significance of Venus.

However, not everyone is affected in the same manner and the placement, strength and associations of the planet Venus with other planets play the key role in deciding its good or bad results.

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Let us see the Impact of Transit of Venus on Different Ascendants. 


Venus rules the 2nd and 7th house for Aries ascendant and the transit will take place through your 6th house. So, it will have negative impact on the Value system of the natives. You could indulge in unethical activity.

You may tend to get critical for your partner finding faults in everything he/she does. You may also tend to dominate him, which may create chaos in the relationships, and they may act like an opponent. This will have negative effect on the prosperity of your love life.

Your relations at the workplace will remain harmonious and you tend to get very friendly with your co-workers. There will be a kind of peace in mind at the work place and you will find no reason to compete with your co workers. They in turn will render full support to you.

However, keep check on your eating habit as bad choices may deteriorate your health, so eat mindfully. The transit is suitable for financial gain, but excessive spending may trouble you, there are chances of procuring a loan as well. Spiritual life too will remain underdeveloped. 


For Taurus Ascendant, Venus is the Lagna lord and also governs the 6th house. It will transit into your 5th house this time. You will remain dissatisfied with your personality or appearance and will make constant efforts to improve it. Stay attentive in your love relations as lack of diplomacy may create problems in relationship, and there is a possibility of a setback in romance.

A decline in morality may create excessive desire for sexual pleasures. You would hang out with your friends and will involve in some creative work and entertainment. You need to be careful while indulging in any kind of speculative activities. You may take wrong invest decisions. If students want to excel in academics, they need to focus more on studies.

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Venus is the 5th house lord and 12th house lord for the ascendants of Gemini and it will be transiting through your 4th house. You may fear isolation and even if you are at home with the family, you will feel secluded from everyone.

There would be a sense of disharmony in the family as everyone would remain busy with in themselves with no time for family bonding. The feeling of togetherness will be missing there. Your focus will remain on attaining materialistic gain.

If you are planning to purchase a vehicle, it’s better to wait now, as there are chances of buying an improper or faulty one. You would spend money on domestic articles and beautification of your house.

Buying a costly item may flush your savings, so be mindful while making expenditures. It may not be a good time for a romantic relationship and chances of setbacks are there. It is a favourable time for Meditation and spiritual gains.   


For Cancer ascendant, Venus rules the 4th and 11th house of the zodiac and transit will take place in the 3rd house. The transit may bring lack of comforts and convenience.

You may long for happiness and peace through fulfillment of materialistic desires, which ultimately will lead to inner dissatisfaction. You have to hone your communication skills to excel at your workplace and also to convince your clients. Money will not come easy, and you have to make hardest of the efforts to get it.

A short Journey is foreseen too. You may face disharmony in relationship with your mother and siblings and would feel neglected at home. You would like to maintain social relationships. The romantic life will prosper during this period with your partner. You need to take care of your mother’s health during this transit.

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The ruler of the 3rd house lord and 10th house lord for Leo ascendant will transit into your 2nd house. One has to work hard to earn even a modest quantum of money.

Natives may develop too much materialistic approach towards life. The value system takes a fall too, and you will try unethical means to accumulate wealth and seek pleasure.

Your hard work may not be appreciated and you may get humiliated at the hands of a lady boss. Business professionals face customer dissatisfaction, but your polite words may save you and will help to sort out the difficulties.

Stay conscious while making any investments and read the terms and conditions carefully. There are chances of taking wrong long term investment decisions. Time is conducive for a love relationship.  


For Virgo ascendant, Venus is the 2nd house lord and 9th house lord and transiting in your lagna. A sense of insecurity about your appearance and personality will prevail during this transit.

You will send lots of money and effort to improve your appearance and looks. You would prefer to buy beauty products and clothes to look elegant, even though you will fail to meet your expectations.

Low self-confidence is the root cause of all these troubles, so work on enhancing your confidence. You need to balance earning and expenditure. Increased expenses will drain your savings and you will fail to save money, and your calculative nature opposes that attitude.

For Mental peace, focus on meditation and take spiritual path. Your judgmental behavior may lead to arguments with your love partner. 

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For Libra ascendant, Venus is the Lagna lord and 8th house lord and is transiting your 12th house. The transit may give ups and downs in health matters.

Take good care of yourself. You are likely to incur medical expenses during this period. Your lust may increase with sharp decline in the warmth maintained in a relationship. You may plan to take a trip abroad, or you could make a professional trip.

You will like doing meditation and spiritual practices. You should try to invest money in a wise manner. Excessive greed can bring you dissatisfaction and losses. You may buy precious stones. Sudden expenses may drain your bank savings.


For Scorpio ascendant, Venus is the lord of 12th and 7th house lord and transits to your 11th house. You may face problems in maintaining or even creating a social circle.

Your selfishness and materialistic attitude can destroy your image in your friend circle, and people may find you mean. To grow your social status, you will incur expenses on social gatherings. Technical and financial glitches in the most awaited large deals or contracts may disappoint you at large.

But with your negotiation power, you will earn favour of the people. Differences with your partner may get resolved leading to better tuning now. Avoid long-term investment as time is against expected gains. Your laziness may cause troubles in completion of tasks on time. 


For Sagittarius ascendant, Venus governs the 11th and 6th house and the transit will happen in the 10th house of your zodiac. It is a favorable transit for you. At office, you will get the support of a female colleague and get a good chance to excel in your professional life.

Your competitiveness will give you an edge over others. Your financial position will remain strong. If you are preparing for a competitive exam or interview, you will succeed in that.

Follow discipline to complete tasks on time and that too with perfection. Your family may feel neglected, and you may not meet their expectations.

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Venus is the 10th house lord and 5th house lord for Capricorn ascendant and will be transiting to your 9th house. Your false ride and critical attitude may create troubles for you. You won’t like to follow anyone’s orders or instructions, which may lead to conflicts with others. You may think about shifting jobs.

But, be cautious as this may not be the perfect time to change. If it is necessary, then chances are that you get a low profile job than the earlier one. Students may find it challenging to focus on their studies. Their mind will remain diverted, and they may indulge in unethical deeds.

However, it is a favorable transit for a relationship. The emphasis will remain on materialistic achievements. Financial gain through parents is also possible during this transit.


For Aquarius ascendant, Venus is the 9th and 4th house lord and is transiting to your 8th house. You may face hurdles in domestic happiness. Lack of contentment may prevail and overindulgence in sensual pleasure may provide distractions from work.

It is not advisable to invest in property; as you may end up buying a disputed property, so check all documents before making any kind of investments. Try to avoid any auspicious work during this time. Your luck may not favor, so avoid any big high risk involved ventures. Take very good care of your father’s health; he may face troubles in health.


For Pisces ascendant, Venus is the 8th house lord and 3rd house lord and is transiting through your 7th house. You will face troubles in love relationship and married life.

Your lust may increase creating issues in married life. You may get immense stress due to that. It is better to discuss and solve the problem amicably.

You need to make more sincere efforts to get professional success. You may face difficulty in maintaining sweet going relations with your in-laws. So, it is better to maintain a respectful distance from them.

A female could create conditions of disputes in professional life, so try to avoid any of such conditions. Yoga and meditation will prove helpful in avoiding any awkward situation.

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