Transit of Mercury in Leo and its conjunction with Mars and Venus in the fiery sign of Leo

By: Future Point | 10-Aug-2021
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Transit of Mercury in Leo and its conjunction with Mars and Venus in the fiery sign of Leo

Mercury the planet of communication and wisdom is transiting in the fiery sign of Leo on 9th August 2021. This is a spectacular moment as it will make conjunction with already present Mars and Venus there. What does this astrological combination means? 

What effects it would put on our personal horoscopes? Talk to astrologer to get the answers to all your queries coming to your mind due to this transit.

Here in this article we will discuss the general effects of this transit and the crux of the placement of this witty planet in the fiery sign along with the warrior Mars and romantic Venus.  

Mercury, the Planet of Communication in Leo will assure one thing that our communication styles are getting the royal treatment. Until its next transit stay prepared to have your interactions create sparks in the minds of other people you talk to.

Leo is a sign of immense energy and the presence of the communicative and youthful Mercury in it will energize the significations of the planet placed here. You will feel bolder and will try to give new directions to your efforts.

Although Mercury prefers to stay in air signs, it also tends to enjoy its placement the fire sign of Leo. When Mercury is in Leo, it tends to give warm and vibrant communication skills with to the point expressions. 

Effect of the conjunction

Planetary conjunction of three planets

When three or more planet conjunct in a house it attracts the prime focus of the life of the native to the house this conjunction is taking place. This is due to the accumulation of the vast energy in one house of the zodiac. The native remain focused to the significations of that house only where the conjunction is taking place. This conjunction affects the whole horoscope as the planets involved naturally rule two houses in the chart summing up to six houses and then aspects play its role too. 

The significations of the houses as governed by the planets involved in conjunction will take turns and undergo either positive or negative changes depending upon the strength and placement of the planets.

Now it is important to understand what do Venus, Mars and Mercury signify?

Venus: beauty, desires, luxury, love, romance, relationship with the wife, marriage, all relations be it between husband and wife or mother and daughter.

Mars: Energy, valor, blood, brother, land and property, aggression, soldier, athlete or sports person  

Mercury: communication, analytical skills, wit, intelligence, calculations, arts and expressions and writing skills 

Usually, Mercury in Leo gives us all a high-spirited and radiant charm and its combination with Mars and Venus will alter the results significantly.

The Mars and Venus conjunction in astrology is considered a combination giving rise to lust and love for materialistic things. Mars signifies energy while Venus signifies luxury and romance.

However, it also results in excessive aggressiveness and fury, which might have a negative impact on natives’ lives. It also has negative impact on relationships and marriages but not for everyone.

Depending on the sign and house placement in the natal horoscope, it has both favourable and bad effects. 

Now, the new entrant Mercury will affect the way these already existing planet were behaving. Entrance of mercury in may increase the inclinations towards music, singing and dancing. It may add extra softness to the speech due to the presence of Venus.

Venus the planet of romanticism when combines with talkative Mercury adds flirt and double meanings to your talks. The conjunction of Mercury and Venus shows someone who is either good in the trade of venusian related things like trade in the field of beauty, luxury, clothes, make up, convenience, food and art etc. or it shows someone good in finance wealth related activities or banking sector. 

The conjunction is taking place in Leo, the sign of sun and sun is a friend to both of Mercury and Venus. So, we can expect good results for the people indulged in these fields of business or occupation. 

Mars is the planet of efforts and energy and it sends its energy according to the planet it is conjunct with. So, in this conjunction Mars will transfer its energy to Mercury and Venus and the native involved in these fields will work with more enthusiasm and energy. Since the conjunction is in a friend’s sign again, the results are supposed to be powerful and positive.

However, the conjunction of Mars and Mercury will give blunt speech and differences with the siblings so, one has to remain cautious with theses aspects. 

This year, this desirable conjunction may not give that favourable result as the conjunction of these three mighty ones will be in aspect of retrograde Saturn and retrograde Jupiter. These transits point to rising mental stress, and we'll all wish to be heard and seen, meaning we may react more than usual (and not in a positive way). We’ll look for unique and rebellious ways to prove our point. This transit will put negative effect on all kind of communications. So, be sure to remain patient with yourself and others. Virtual communication like texts and emails too may turn bitter and messages may be misconstrued. In general, we'll find a kind of confusion amidst our minds. 

The transit may result in lack of confidence to speak our minds, and hurdles in smooth communication. It is better to leave gossips and unnecessary talks behind and stay self focused just like in a Leo fashion.

However, in every chart depending upon the dignity of the planets, one turns out to be prominent of the others fading out the results of its fellow residents. 

Dasha has not to be forgotten and it is the combination of everything that will decide the specific effect of this conjunction on a particular chart. Know about the specific results pertaining to your individual chart with the best astrologers in India

Now that we've sufficiently talked about the transit, the mantra is to stay focused on yourself and do what makes you happy just like the vibes of Leo. Be kind and communicate better that will bring ultimate joy to you and others. We actually thrive during this transit when we express ourselves efficiently. 

If you are unsure about the effects of different planets in your kundli, then Talk to the best astrologers here at Future point.

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