Vedic Astrology and its approach while Predicting the Future of Twins!

By: Future Point | 11-Apr-2020
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Vedic Astrology and its approach while Predicting the Future of Twins!

The ancient science of Vedic Astrology is known to decipher the future of a person as signified by the placement of different planets in his/her Horoscope or Kundali. We must remember that planets give us the results of the karmas from our past lives and depending on our karmic account, the planets at “specific time periods in our lives”, give us rewards or punishments for our underlying karmas that they unfold.

Vedic Astrology is a science that not only predicts what the planets signify for a person but at the same time suggests incredibly effective remedial measures that have the potential of bringing in enormous success in the life of that person by pacifying the aggravated states of certain ill placed planets and enhancing the strength of the planets that are positively placed in that person’s horoscope/kundali.

The ability of Vedic Astrology to address the root planetary issue that is causing a particular problem in an individual’s life, makes it a phenomenal science that has the potential of providing solutions to all problems of life.

While making a “Janam Kundli Prediction” or a prediction based on the Birth Horoscope of a native, an astrologer performs a comprehensive analysis of the native’s kundli are decides what the planets are signifying for different aspect of the native’s life such as education, career, health, marriage, finances etc.

While all this is fine, but what about making the predictions for the future lives of children who were born as twins?

How does Vedic Astrology analyze the horoscopes of twins?

Predicting the Future of Twins in Vedic Astrology 

An astrologer makes life predictions by date of birth & other birth details of a person and effectively reveals what fate has in store for that person as per the planetary state in his/her horoscope.

However in case of twins, all birth details are the same with just a minor difference in the time of birth of those twins and even that time difference is not much. Generally it is seen that the time difference in case of a twin birth is hardly 3 to 4 minutes.

So, how does Vedic Astrology decipher two horoscopes that are “almost identical” and belong to two children who are born to the same mother “with a birth time difference ranging from just 3 to 4 minutes”?

Nakshatra Siddhant or Constellation Concept

Vedic Astrology says that the horoscopes of twins can be similar but “not exactly identical” as even with a few minutes of difference, many subtle yet significant changes happen in the planetary positionings with respect to “Nakshatras” or celestial constellations. 

A shift in the Nakshatra degree can cause phenomenal changes in the way a planet fundamentally functions in the life of a native and causes a big difference in the end result despite being in the same sign as it was a few minutes ago.

However, if the Nakshatra changes altogether in the horoscope of one the twins, then there can be a sea of difference between the twins with respect to their individual nature, inclination, skills.

Divisional Charts or Varga Kundli Siddhant

An experienced astrologer follows a very unusual but highly effective approach while deciphering the future of the twins. The astrologer uses the horoscope of one of the twins to analyze the life of the other and vice-versa.

This requires the astrologer to take the horoscope of the younger child and rotate the horoscope by making the 11th house as the new Ascendant and change the placement of all signs accordingly.

Similarly, the astrologer takes the horoscope of the elder child and rotates the horoscope by making the 3rd house as the Ascendant and again changes the placements of all signs accordingly.

Remember, only the placements of signs are changed and not their occupants

This is done because the 11th house signifies elder siblings and the 3rd house signifies younger siblings. So, from the horoscope of the younger one, the future of the elder one can be predicted by making the 11th house as the ascendant and from the horoscope of the elder one, the future of the younger one can be predicted by making the 3rd house as the ascendant!

This practice is derived from the principles of Varga Chart and is extremely effective while making predictions about twin children.

The Palm Says It All...

Another very popular occult science that heavily compliments Vedic Astrology is “Hasth Rekha Vidya” or Palmistry!

Palmistry predicts the future of the twins by decoding the lines & formations present on their palms which are always different for the twins in one way or the other. 

This is because these lines are formed in accordance with the respective Karma of the twins from their past lives and just like everyone else, the twins are also likely to have at least some major differences in their previously accumulated karma.

Prashna Jyotish

“Prashna Jyotish” (Question Based Astrology) is also very helpful while making Kundali Prediction about the future of the twins as Prashna Jyotish is a branch of Vedic Astrology that involves the deep connection of the consciousness of the person with whom the question is related to and the planets of the cosmos at large.

By Prashna Jyotish, an astrologer can formulate a quick Prashna Kundali or a Question Based Horoscope separately for both the children and seek answers to specific questions about the twins. This methodology works very effectively especially when getting answers through regular astrological channels is becoming more and more difficult.

Possibility of Having “Similar” Future

Well, even if most (if not all) parameters based on which the future of the twins is analyzed come out to be the same, still the twins “will not” have an exact future.

This is because, as told above, the twins (just like everyone else) are bound to have different & independent Karmic Structures that do not let them have an exactly same future.

Even the slightest of difference in individual karmas is enough to introduce distinctions in the fate of the twins.

So, the twins can very well have a “similar future” but not an exact future. 

A perfect example of this from the field of sports would be two Australian cricketers- Mark Waugh and Steve Waugh who are twin brothers and for the major part of their cricketing career, played during the 90’s. Both were very talented and had a common profession. 

However when it comes to nature, temperament, career records, family life, health etc., we cannot say that they have everything the same or identical but from certain angles their broader life is very similar.

Therefore, while making future prediction by date of birth & other birth details of the twins, a lot of occult based permutations and combinations are exercised in order to arrive at accurate results.

Hence, it is advised that in tedious astrological matters such as deciphering the fate of twin children, all parents must consult with the best astrologer to know what destiny holds for their children.

When it comes to the future of your children, we urge you to go for a professional astrological consultation. Talk to Astrologer to know what the planets have in store for your children and how by incorporating certain extremely powerful astrological remedies, you can ensure good health, joy & success for your children!

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