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Vastu Tips for Success in Exams

By: Future Point | 01-Nov-2018
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Vastu is a science who has solutions of all the problems of life. Vastu can remove the obstacles from life, remove poverty, and increase concentration level and resolve the conflict in married life and give prosperous married life. Apart from that, vastu helps students to achieve higher goals in their studies too.

Vastu can redirect the effort of students for good results and also improve concentration level in students and promote your efforts for success in career. Generally, students face concentration problems during exams and it affects their results. This more happens before examination while revising the chapters. Many students have this complaint that they do not score well despite putting in a lot of hard work and efforts.</p

Vasu shastra can help you in this field. Vastu has the power to increase the concentration level of students. If a person fails to concentrate on his studies or not getting the results of his efforts then he should check his surroundings. It is possible that surrounding and nearby things are the main problem of your failure or low concentration level. This can be resolved by Vastu tips.

With the help of Vastu tips, you can change the scenario of your study. Here are some Astro tips for such problems:


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Vastu tips for good scores

  • If you have lack of concentration problem and you are unable to concentrate on your studies, try to settle your study room in the west or north direction. It gives you positive vibes.
  • Whenever you sit for the study, face in the east or north direction. It will help you to take away from distraction.
  • To increase the concentration power of a student always uses blue and green color for your study room. You can use the green color cover for covering the study table.
  • he door of the study room should be at the northeastern direction for good results.
  • Chair of a student should never under a beam. He/she should not sit under a beam while studying.
  • According to Vastu mirrors are also not allowed in the study room. If there is a mirror in the study room then try to cover it at night.

Vastu Tips for study room

  • Open space is considered for study table. It encourages new things in life. It motivates a student for new ideas, approach, and sharp memory. There should be no door behind the student.
  • One can place the soothing and calm picture in a wall of the study room. It soothes the atmosphere of the room and generates positive vibes.
  • Your study room should always neat and clean. Study table should not clutter with too many books, pencils, pens, stationery, and articles.
  • Vastu also focuses on the light of study room. It should be bright and not too harsh for the eyes. Place a study lamp in the left direction. It energizes the concentration power.

How Vastu can improve concentration power?

  • Do not use too much dark and dull color in the study room. It can distract the mind of a child. Always try to choose cheerful and bright colors like blue, cream, light green, pink and white.
  • Students should always sit on a wooden chair while studying. The east direction is good for placing bookshelf or in front of the study table.
  • You should sleep with head towards east or south direction and avoid north direction for this.
  • Place an aquarium in the north east direction of the study room. It gives a soothing effect to the atmosphere.
  • One can keep the small crystal on the study table. As per Vastu rules, it is good for keeping concentration.

Parents should follow this

  • Parents should not touch anything in a private place without the consent of a student.
  • Always arrange their books, notebooks and study material.

Best Direction to Study for Competitive Exams

East, northeast, and west are preferable directions for Study room. Students should be facing east or north direction while studying. Southwest or west direction is good for placing bookshelves and libraries.

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