The transit of Mercury in Virgo- Is it good or bad for you?

By: Future Point | 23-Aug-2021
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The transit of Mercury in Virgo- Is it good or bad for you?

Mercury Transit in Virgo: The prince of the planetary cabinet- Mercury will transit its own house i.e. Virgo on 26th August, 2021. Mercury enters its own sign Virgo only once every year. So, this is an important phase to get the maximum benefits of this benefic planet. It is called the planet of wit, communication and intelligence in vedic astrology and blesses the native with all these specifications if placed well in a chart.

A person with strong and benefic Mercury is excellent in communication with high intellect skills with a flavor of wit. He is a rational thinker and looks young than his age. These qualities earn him a lot of recognition and love of people wherever they go. However, the auspiciousness of Mercury in a chart depends upon several factors like its lordship, placement, conjunction and associations in the chart. 

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The month of August has witnessed many transits and it is all the more important as during this transit of Mercury, at least four planets are in their own houses. Which is an amazing fact in itself !

So, we can say that stars are in the favour of almost all of us. It is a conducive time for learning and acquiring new skills. We all should make most of this auspicious phase of planetary transits. The planet Mercury is responsible for our communication skills and without which we can’t carry out our day to day routine. It is essential for our trade and profession as well. Hence, its transit is very important and knowing its effects are all the more important. So, let’s begin. 

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Date and timings

Virgo is the exaltation sign of Mercury. So, the planet will be sitting in its exaltation sign during this period. This movement from the fiery sign Leo to the dual sign of earth Virgo sounds beneficial for most of us. The transit of Mercury will happen in the sign of Virgo on 26 August 2021 at 11.08 am and the planet will remain in this sign till 22 September, 7.52 pm. After that it will move into the sign of Libra ruled by Venus.

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The influence of the transit on all the zodiac signs-


Mercury governs the third and sixth house for Aries natives. The transit will take place in the sixth house of this zodiac. This will be a very good position from the profession point of view. You will gain great organizing skills during this period, be it your personal life or professional life. The transit is likely to make you a perfectionist caring for each and every minute detail. You will become more efficient with laser focused attention in your work. Accountants, managers, craftsmen, mechanical engineers and alike will have an overwhelming period. You will work with strong determination and finesse which will earn you accolades all around. You will prefer to keep everything to be placed in an organized manner and clean. However, over consciousness for perfection may take you long to complete your tasks in stipulated time. So, take care of that. This may make you impulsive and spoil your health. You will remain alert towards any health related issues and take very good care of you during this period. You are advised to follow an exercise and mediattion regime to calm yourself.

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Mercury governs the second and fifth house for Venus ruled Taurus natives. The transit will take place in the fifth house of creativity and children. Your communication skills are sure to enhance during this period, which will go a long way in winning the confidence and appreciation of people. You will spend excellent time with the family loaded with fun moments.

The students will have a favourable period as their focus in studies will increase. They will find their analytical skills getting finer which will help them to finish their projects on time and score well. This is an excellent time for writers, authors and publishers.

The transit will fill you with lots of innovative ideas and chances are you may come up with best of your works during this time. Those aspiring profession out of their hobbies may go ahead without fear. You will remain thoroughly satisfied with your children and they will add to your pride through their achievements. 


Mercury-the ruler of Gemini, will be transiting through the sign of exaltation. What better period than this can be? Mercury will be in the fourth house strengthening all the significations of the house like domestic comforts, mother, happiness and property during this time.

You will maintain beauty of the house during this time, you are likely to have a family get-together or may go out to spend quality time with your family. You will take very good care of your family and will try to comply with each and every desire of them.

The time is perfect for investment in land and property as your communication and negotiation skills will earn you favours. Those engaged in family business will see growth. You will be good in your marketing techniques which may get you new customers bringing expansion in your business.

Your relationship with your mother will be harmonious and you will gain her support in every manner. Your work will be appreciated by the seniors and you may also get promotion during this phase. Overall, it is a good period for work and profession.


Mercury, the lord of the third and twelfth house will sit in its own sign in the third house during this phase. The third house talks about our efforts and courage.

So, it suggests that you will remain full of energy and will work enthusiastically towards your goals. You will share good relations with your friends and siblings and may also plan a short trip with them.

Your communication skills will become better and you will add to your social circle. Your genuine gesture and advice will win trust of people around you and they will look up to you for help and support. Those working in the fields of media, writing, publishing and transportation etc. will flourish during this period due to their efficient communication skills.

You will remain active throughout and may take part in physical activities or sports. The students pursuing mass communication or engaged in writing will have a conducive time in terms of achievements.


Mercury rules the second and eleventh house of Leo and will be positioned in the second house during the transit. The lord of dhan bhava in dhan bhava talks about amassing great amount of wealth for Leo natives.

The employed natives are likely to get promotions and monetary incentives during this period. The business owners will also see their business flourishing during this period. Happiness and prosperity will follow in every aspect of life.

You may earn through more than one resource and may also plan to make long term investments. These investments will bring profits to you in future. Also, you will get a handsome amount from your past investments too.

You may make connections with the influential people during this phase which will help you earn profits in future. You will enjoy fun time with your family members. Your communication with others will amuse them and they will love to spend time in your company.

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Mercury, the lord of lagna and the tenth house will be positioned in the ascendant during this period. Your full focus will remain on your well being and you will strive hard to achieve success and accomplishments.

Your intellect will help you come over every odd situation with ease. You will feel more energetic and people would love to spend time in your charismatic company. Your innovative ideas will facilitate expansion of business. Even professionals will see increments and incentives.

They will earn the recognition and honour for their hard work at the work place. Those engaged in teaching and writing will have an excellent period. Your talking and writing style will influence people a lot. You will remain over-enthusiastic and extrovert during this period, also chances are you may go critical of others. This attitude needs to be altered.


Libra is a friendly ascendant for Mercury and its transit is likely to get good results to its natives. Mercury has the lordship of its ninth and twelfth house and will be positioned in the twelfth house of expenditure and travels during this period. Those engaged in export and import will have good time and those on the path of spirituality will further improve in their endeavours. The natives may also plan travels during this time. Those working in multinational companies will be fortunate. The students may plan studying overseas for higher levels. You may also make some long term investments during this period. You will be religiously inclined and make donations to help the needy. However, take good care of your father’s health else things may get severe.

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Mercury governs the eighth and eleventh house of Scorpio and will be positioned in the eleventh house. The transit in the eleventh house suggests income various multiple sources. You are likely to get the full support of your friends. You will also invest purposefully during this period. Individuals with government background are likely to achieve awards for their unique efforts too. Those dealing with public for their work will also have good time due to their efficient communication skills. Your clients will be thoroughly satisfied with your services. You may also get your stuck money back. Gamble and speculative activities may bring considerable profits but abstain from that as money earned through such sources doesn't last for long.


Mercury owns the seventh and tenth house of the zodiac Sagittarius and will be placed in its tenth house. Your enthusiasm and passion for work will remain exorbitantly high. You will act confident and dominate people at the work place but will get what you want. Those unemployed may get job of their choice. Those awaiting transfer may also get good news regarding that during this phase. Your married life will remain peaceful and you both will enjoy this period equally. Your spouse will also get success in their work aspirations. Overall this transit will make your professional life blissful.


Mercury owns the sixth and ninth house of Capricorn and will be transiting into the ninth house. Chances are bright for long travels bringing beneficial results. Some auspicious events may give you immense satisfaction and you may also visit some religious place. Seniors or your boss may pose threat to you so handle this carefully. Choose your words wisely to avoid any conflicts. Also, you are advised to stay away from politics at office as it may harm your image. You will be strong enough to solve your problems on your own. Any disputes regarding property will be resolved too. You may read scriptures or meet some guru to get spiritual knowledge and will be religiously inclined. 

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Mercury that governs the fifth and eight houses of Aquarius will be transiting in the eighth house of this zodiac. This time will particularly be beneficial for those pursuing higher and special studies. They will be focused on their subjects and will have an inclination towards gaining more and more knowledge. You are likely to get some property in inheritance during this period. Those into agriculture, research, occult and mining field will also witness substantial growth in their career. You are likely to spend good time with your loving partner. Those who are single also have good probabilities of finding that special one. You are advised to take good care of your health. Severe body aches and headache may trouble you. You are advised to follow yoga or meditation to keep your mind and body relaxed during this period.


Mercury owns the fourth and seventh house of Pisces and will be positioned in the seventh house during this transit. This will be a supportive period for married natives and your spouse will show extra care during this time. Your mutual understanding will grow immensely. Your spouse will too will perform wonderfully in his/her professional life. Those engaged in partnership business will also have an auspicious period. Your business will flourish as well. The favourable position of Mercury will improve your analytical and mathematical skills. The students will excel in academics and good communication skills will bless the natives.

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