The royal planet Sun bringing luck through transit in Libra

By: Future Point | 19-Oct-2021
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The royal planet Sun bringing luck through transit in Libra

The king of all planets i.e. Sun is changing sign from the zodiac sign Virgo to Libra on 17th October 2021 at around 1:00 p.m. and the royal planet will stay here till 16th October 2021. 

You must be reading and listening everywhere that the transit of Sun will bring noticeable changes in everyone’s life. 

Sun in astrology keeps high prominence and signifies power, position, authority and dominance. 

A well placed Sun in a kundali gives good name, fame, power and reputation to the native. It helps in establishing good relations with authoritative people, aristocrats and high ranked officials. 

It also helps in getting jobs in the government sector and esteemed posts in politics.

Now, the best astrologer say that the Sun is not in comfortable position in Libra as it is Sun’s debilitation sign and a planet in its debilitation sign can’t operate with full dignity. 

But here, Saturn is causing neechbhanga rajyoga too. As per vedic astrology, if any debilitated planet is aspected by the planet which get exalted in the same sign in which that particular planet gets debilitated then it causes cancellation of that debilitation or neecha avastha

Here Saturn gets exalted in Libra and is also having an aspect on Sun. Thus reducing the severity of results otherwise caused due to transit in debilitation sign.

At the same time, we should not forget that though Saturn is causing neech bhanga but it still a malefic planet and causes destruction to the house and planet, it is casting its tenth aspect. So, one should analyze the effects of Sun’s transit in Libra very carefully with a talk to astrologer.  

Sun stays in a sign for about a month, so your course of action, relations, prosperity, struggles and misery all will create relations with this transit for about a month. 

So, if you know how exactly this transit will affect you during this month, you would be in an excellent position to plan your work and leisure schedules accordingly. 

This will ensure prosperity and happiness through aware and timely decisions taken with the help of astrology.

Libra is an airy sign and the transit of the Sun in Libra will enhance the power of words and speech. 

Libra signifies consoling people or smoothening out things with persuasion rather than force. Sun transit will help you to bridge gaps between your stressed relationships whether it's in anyone’s love life or friendship, or at work. 

Sun in Aries ruled by Mars is at its most comfortable position and as already said it is weakest in Libra ruled by the planet of sophistication Venus. 

But this time the debilitation won’t work much as due to neechbhanga. Still feelings of discontentment will prevail among the masses. 

Speech too will see manipulative and strident tendencies, which may not be appreciated by people around. Individuals will demand respect and authority and self-centeredness may get developed in people during this phase of transit.

We will notice upward trend in long distance travels around the globe and at the same time lack of energy, joy and vitality will be felt at large. 

Let’s understand how this planetary movement can bring major changes in your life:

Effect of Sun Transit in Libra for Aries

The transit of the Sun in Libra will take place in the seventh house and rules over the fifth house. So, there would be disharmony in love and married life. 

There are chances of arguments with the family members. Students need to focus more and work harder to get the desired results. It is advised to speak softly with your life partner and don’t show anger or dominance over him/her. 

The transit would put negative impact on the health and growth of your children. Take care of your stomach and eat wisely. Stay away from false pride and ego.  

Effect of Sun Transit in Libra for Taurus

The transit of the Sun in Libra will give you favorable results. Sun being the Lord of fourth is transiting your sixth house. 

Sixth house is a house of diseases, conspiracies and debts. So, here you will see people conspiring against you at your work place. 

Authoritative figures may trouble you in your work. Students will do well in competitive exams and you will win over all kind of competitions. 

Health will remain fine and any long term disease will be relieved. You should let people aware of your work through telling them or explaining them about it but in soft words. 

Effect of Sun Transit in Libra for Gemini

Sun transit will happen in the sixth house being the Lord of third house. You will communicate effectively and will make new social relations during this transit. 

Time is supportive for maintaining good relations and connectivity with your employees. Your siblings will support you and you may also go for short journey travel. 

Time is conducive for child birth. Health will remain fine but don’t start any new medical treatment during this transit. 

Sun is a planet of detachment and while sitting in the fifth house it may cause detachment from love partner and children. Take care of blood, feet region, stomach and eye related problems. 

Effect of Sun Transit in Libra for Cancer

The Sun is a Lord of the second house and is transiting in the fourth house. 

You may take some decisions regarding buying or selling property. Expenditure on house is foreseen. Students may get admissions in some reputed university and will have to spend good amount in education. 

Arguments with the family members and seniors are on the cards, so, you are advised to talk nicely and handle the matter intellectually. You should drive safely with utmost care. 

Effect of Sun Transit in Libra for Leo

The transit of Sun in Libra will take place in the third house of Leo natives. It rules the ascendant so transit effects will have large impact on the personality of the natives. 

A connection with siblings will make you happy and you may also go for short distance journeys. Saturn aspecting from the sixth house will give relief in court cases and the results will turn in your favor. 

You will take decisions boldly will ensure success in future. Change of residence or beautification of the house is possible. Alternatively you may also buy a vehicle. Students will do well in studies and work hard for your competitive exams.

Effect of Sun Transit in Libra for Virgo

The Sun will stay in the second house of Virgo natives. It rules the twelfth house, so, the transit will not prove that much productive for Virgo natives. Some foreign relations or travels may appear. 

Watch your words and speech as harsh words may bring disharmony in relations. Keep a check on your expenses as there are chances of undesired expenses. 

You may resort to online shopping as well. Since Venus is in the third house and not in dignity there might be reduction in expenses and you may control over expenditure effectively. 

You are advised to not to start any new love relations as it may not last long and may hurt you as well. 

Effect of Sun Transit in Libra for Libra

The transit of the Sun will happen in the ascendant only. Sun is a Lord of eleventh house which represents gains. So, this transit will prove beneficial for Libra natives bringing lot of monetary gains. 

You will fulfill all your desires and will earn name and fame as well. Be careful about your ego as your rude words may push you in arguments with seniors and influential people. 

You may become materialistic which may fill your heart with remorse later. Talking softly is the key to succeed during this transit.

Effect of Sun Transit in Libra for Scorpio

The Lord of the tenth house Sun will transit in the twelfth house of Scorpion natives. 

If you want to change your job, you should avoid it until this phase is over. As any work related decisions may bring dissatisfaction later. 

You should make sincere efforts, but don't expect any promotion, reward and recognition from your seniors. Sun in twelfth may also bring isolation in the form of hospitalization, jail or foreign living. 

You should try hard to take control on your speech and maintain harmonious relationship with everyone you meet. Take care of your health and maintain regular exercise regime. Students might go for studies in foreign countries. Keep a strict watch on your expenses and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Effect of Sun Transit in Libra for Sagittarius

Sun being the Lord of ninth house will transit in the eleventh house of Sagittarius natives. 

It is an auspicious transit and you may plan long term investments with the help of your friends and elder brother. You might feel isolated during this transit but stay aware against any kind of conspiracies against you. 

Your competitors may plot against you. Students will do well but problems may arise in love relations. Religious activities will also remain on your list this month.

Effect of sun transit in Libra for Capricorn

Sun being the eighth Lord will be transiting in the tenth house of the Capricorn natives. 

The eighth lord in the house of profession may bring sudden obstacles in your place of work. You have to be careful in your relations with your seniors. 

Your peaceful behavior may earn you promotion if working in government sector. Saturn’s aspect on the tenth house gives positive indications in the area of work. Your health will remain fine but take care of joint pains. Students should work harder to succeed in their studies.  

Effect of sun transit in Libra for Aquarius

Sun Transit in Libra will bring mixed results for Aquarius natives. The lord of seventh is staying in the ninth giving you religious inclinations. 

You should pay attention to your career. Trips for business purpose will bring positive results. Take care of your father’s health. 

Sun transiting in the 9th House demands honesty and truthfulness, so, adhere to these qualities. Litigation may bring stress. 

It is advised to pay attention to your health and you should also spend quality time with your partner. 

Effect of Sun Transit in Libra for Pisces

The transit of Sun in Libra will happen in the eighth house and may prove disapproving for Pisces natives. Obstacles may arise in your profession and the transit will not bring positive results for work. 

Health issues may steal your focus from work. Married life will see up and down too. The transit may also brig some health issues to your in-laws.

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