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The relevance of the first letter of your Name

By: Future Point | 03-Aug-2019
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Nowadays, a trend can be seen among the parents, that they want to choose their baby name according to their wish. But according to Vedic Astrology, it's not the right way because name plays an important role in an individual’s life. As per name numerology, every name or starting letter of the name signifies different meanings. The name of the native should be kept after having a Numerology Report only, as it tells a lot of things about the child. One should always choose the name carefully because every name has its own name numerology compatibility. In Vedic astrology, Zodiac signs can be explained in two different ways, one by birth chart and another by name. Every person has two zodiac signs. After an Astrology consultation with an astrologer, parents can choose the lucky name according to date of birth.

Since ancient times, a muhurat is taken from an astrologer to decide upon the name of the child. The name tells a lot about the individual in life and when & how the success is predicted. For example, his/her behavior, luck, destiny, and whatnot. To explain the Significance of Name Number, there are 26 alphabets that are given below. One can easily get an idea, that how he/she should keep the name of their child with the Best Baby Names list.

Numerology letter meanings

According to numerology, every letter has different meanings. The different meaning of various letters are given below:

Letter A

The people whose name starts with the letter ‘A’ can be understanding and can attain heights in life through their wisdom. They are smart enough to turn the unpleasant or offensive situations into their favor and reach the highest pinnacle.

Letter B

The individuals whose name starts with letter B live with great principles and keep some good ideas or plans in their minds. They are very efficient and energetic as the world appreciates them for their cleverness.

Letter C

The letter ‘C’ might motivate individuals to have some fantasies. The individual creative and they sharp mind. They are very much capable of finding success with their brilliance. They always have Energy and enthusiasm in them.

Letter D

The letter ‘D’ mainly signifies self-satisfaction. The individual who would love to work hard without taking care of the obstacles that come in the path. this factor makes them more progressive in life. They tend to be very kind and religious.


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Letter E

Letter ‘E’ means good manners. The native whose name starts from the letter “e” behaves very well and can adjust with everyone. The individual is so careful in life that there are very fewer chances of failure. Natives think a lot before doing anything.

Letter F

Letter ‘F’ stands for fire and the people with the letter ‘F’ are having a lot of fire in them. The individuals are very brave and have the ferocity to frighten even a stronger enemy. They have the fire in them to execute things as they are planned.

Letter G

Letter ‘G’ signifies confidence. The whose name starts with letter ‘g’ are confident and courageous. Natives are always ready to take any sort of physical tasks. Individuals have lots of tolerance and endurance power to overcome any kind of situation.

Letter H

Having the letter ‘H’ in the name indicates a peaceful living. These natives can work in high positions. These individuals can anticipate the events from the future and make decisions accordingly. Natives can turn things into his/her favor.

Letter I

The letter ‘I’ at the beginning of the name will be beneficial as it can make people famous. These people would love to show guts and determination to achieve what they want. The individuals don’t know how to give up.

Letter J

The individuals who are having letter ‘j’ in the starting are always unpleased or disturbed. Natives usually find problems in focusing. But, individuals are confident and efficient. Natives are goal-oriented and love to work hard to achieve it.

Letter K

People with the letter ‘K’ in the name are interested to help their dear ones and the public. They can earn love, respect, and support from the public as modesty is their salient feature.

Letter L

The Letter ‘L’ signifies cleverness. The individual whose name starts with the letter ‘L’ is very clever and cunning. The individual is having a pleasant way of speaking by which he/she convinces others and solve problems.


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Letter M

The Letter ‘M” implies smart work. The individuals work very smartly and efficiently. The individuals generally use their cleverness to execute their plans. He/she generally ran away from the responsibility as they don't want to d hard work.

Letter N

If native restrict their materialistic desires people with the letter ‘N’ can reach great heights in life. These are people who will act on their own will. Natives sometimes leave their tasks halfway through or uncompleted.

Letter O

People with the letter ‘O’ generally finds novelty in whatever they do. As the individual is having an innovative mind they come up with new ideas. These people have the ability to fulfill their needs effortlessly.

Letter P

People with the letter ‘P’ are blessed with oral skills. They deliver good speeches and can participate in debates. Rarely anyone can win from them in the verbal fight. This skill might help them in accomplishing many things in life.


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Letter Q

The letter ‘Q’ implies great achievements. The individual fulfills all his/her goals by overcoming from every obstacle in their path. For individuals, nothing is impossible to accomplish.

Letter R

The letter ‘R’ indicates self-reliability. The natives would act the way they like and he/she achieve success through their hard works. The individuals are having a good level of confidence and energy in them. They love to get engaged in several activities.

Letter S

The letter ‘S’ forms contradictory characteristics in the individual. The people with this letter in the name are mostly short-tempered but they can be peace-loving as well. At some point, they might show a high level of intolerance but at the same point, they might forgive people who have done wrong with him/her.

Letter T

The letter ‘T’ indicates good health. The people with this letter at the starting of their name are good at heart and provides good advice to others. As the individuals are self-motivating they don't wait for others’ help.


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Letter U

The individual whose name starts from letter ‘U’ are said to be the lucky ones. They have got the ability to earn money in many ways. These people can progress rapidly in life with their vast knowledge and academics. They could learn any skill or subject through their constant efforts.

Letter V

Letter ‘V’ stands for victory. People whose name starts with letter V may have the qualities to win everything in life. The individual would be confident, agile and capable of making decisions without any help. They can easily understand the people around them and may have a good network of friends.

Letter W

People with the letter ‘W’ in the name display calmness and discipline. They don’t prefer arguing or talking about anything boastfully. Individuals would love to obey the rules. These natives are generally tolerant and would have a broad-minded vision.

Letter X

The individual with the letter ‘X’ in the starting of their name may go through various transformations in their lives. The native's energy, courage and ability to apprehend matters would help in achieving what he/she wants in life.

Letter Y

If the individual name begins with the letter ‘Y’, it might make people less confident. The possibility of failing in completing their tasks or fulfilling their aims is also there. Sometimes, he/she may have to rely on others in life.

Letter Z

If one’s name is starting with the letter ‘Z’ then he/she can have the assurance of brilliance. The people with this letter would love to act and behave sensibly. They also maintain good communication skills too. Individuals love to mind their own business only as they want to achieve success in life.

If the individual is still finding difficulties in keeping the name of the child, then he/she should Talk to Astrologer online. An astrologer can foretell each and everything about your future along with the path you must embark on to taste success in life.