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The King of Planets Sun Transit in Taurus

By: Future Point | 10-May-2024
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The King of Planets Sun Transit in Taurus

Astrologically, the sun is the king of planets. Sun’s rays are the most precious gold to be found on earth. Nature unfolds her treasure of the first ray of sunshine. The Astrological sun represents name, fame, pride, ego, our inner spirit, will power, self-respect, father, heart. Sun is the main factor of our personality. 

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and focused on stability and possession. This sign is that the lord is Venus. Which brings success through love, durability and beauty, as a fixed earth sign, people under this zodiac sign are known for their strong sense of loyalty, practice values and devotion to material world? 

As we know Taurus is a bull. They are helpful, they are down to earth, they are very patient, they are stubborn, they are self-indulgent, they are materialistic, lazy, possessive etc.

Sun stay 30 days in one zodiac sign. Now the sun moves from the mesh sign to Taurus. Sun be transit in Taurus on 14th may 2024, Tuesday.


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Taurus is ruled by Venus which is the enemy of the Sun. so the transit of the sun in this sign is not good according to Vedic astrology. People who are born with sun in Taurus sign face difficulties in health related issues such people have low immunities. They often get diseases related to skin. Such people also face difficulties in marital life.

Let’s see the effect of this transit in all zodiac sign:


Sun will be transiting in the 2nd house of this zodiac. Aries natives will have money and Face disputes with your boss. For students this transit will be favorable. You can face few health issues so it is recommended to take care of your health.

REMEDY: Donate wheat daliya to father like person.


Sun will be transiting in this sign. During the transit you will be able to solve even big issues in your lives easily, keep yourself away from arrogance, you may have hopes about your professional life. People involved in business will gain profit during this transit, you will experience more expenditure. Your arrogant nature can bring disputes among your marital life, and take care of your health during this time.

REMEDY: Donate red color soft drink in copper bottle to gurudwara.


Sun will be transiting in your 12th house. Be extra careful with your expenditure, you may have profit from your foreign relations. This transit is favorable from tour marital and family life as well as friendship, you will end up sending money on them or related to them. Take care of your health during this period.

REMEDY: Don’t tell a lie. Don’t take any electrical appliances from your in laws.


Sun will be transiting in your 11th house. This transit will be favorable for you, your financial condition will be better, your wishes will get fulfilled, cancer natives in the government sector will benefit from their seniors, your health will be good during this transit, investing in the right thing can be fruitful for your financial condition. This transit is also favorable for students.

REMEDY: Give ardhya (water with very small amounts of jiggery and roli) to the sun every morning within one hour of sun rising.


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Sun will be transiting in your 10th house. This transit will make you successful, seeing your enemies will stay away from you. You will gain respect in your social circle and your personal life will also be very happy. This transit is also favorable for your health. There are chances of getting into a government job.

REMEDY:  Wear white cap on your head, avoid any type of addiction.


Sun will be transiting in your 9th house. Virgo native involved in business will gain profit but profit shell not be huge. People in job should be satisfied with their job. Import-export business will give you profit, you will do more communication with people take care of your father’s health, you will gain family support.

REMEDY: Feed jaggery to monkeys. N avoid unwanted activities/


Sun will be transiting in your 8th house. Hidden enemies will cause harm , you may have health issues, you will not gain any financial profit, you will gain profit by partnership, be aware of your communication as it can cause disputes in your family, marital life will be disturbed during this transit.

REMEDY: Always say truth;avoid stay in south entrance house.


Sun will be transiting in your 7th house. Your business will flourish during this transit, you will not experience les expenditure, marital life will be good, this transit is also favorable for partnership, and you will experience weakness and irritation, keep control on your anger.

REMEDY: Feed roti to black cow and don’t eat jaggery.


Sun will be transiting in your 6th house. Enemy will be away from you, you will face health related problems in business you have to do extra hard work for earning profit. Your fortune is not favorable for you, you will experience stomach related issues, marital life will also be affected but for students who are giving competitive exam there all full chances of success.

REMEDY: Feed jaggery and bhuna gram to monkeys. Feed wheat floor with sugar to black brown aunts.


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Sun will be transiting in your 5th house. you will have to work hard to gain good marks in your exam, patience and self-control in business will gain you profit, you will face stomach related issues, this transit will be favorable for your marital life, you can learn something new that will be useful in future.

REMEDY: Avoid egoistic manner. Drink water in cooper glass.


Sun will be transiting in your 4th house. People in jobs will perform excellently and achieve great heights; luck will be at your side. Your work will be appreciated; your home environment will not be peaceful.

REMEDY: respect your father, wear gold


Sun will be transiting in the 3rd house. You can take risks, you will get support from your family and friends, you will feel energetic and fresh, concentration will be improved, you will be ready to face challenges bravely, marital life will be satisfactory, you can make short trip, and be careful with health related issues.

REMEDY:  Recite surya aditya hridaya stotra.

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