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Sun Transit in Scorpio 16th November 2020

By: Future Point | 15-Nov-2020
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Planet Sun, the symbol of authority, power, and glory is the considered the most domineering amongst the 9 planets in Vedic Astrology. Renowned as the king of planets, Sun represents leadership, pride, and fame in one’s kundli. It is also the factor that is considered when reading one’s kundli to determine the relationship with father, and father-like figures in life. 

In Vedic Astrology, Sun is the determinant of leadership & high position in government or private sector, government job, honour, soul, and living a royal life. It holds the key position to predict one’s fortune & social standing throughout their life. 

The planet Sun also has close ties to religion & astrology both. As per the Hindu religion, Sun has always been revered as the giver of life. People offer water to the Sun god every morning since the Vedic era. 

As per Astrology, if the position of Sun in a person's horoscope is auspicious, then it increases their chances of success in government job and political life. On the other hand, if the position of the Sun is weak in a horoscope, it is likely to cause loss of respect and dignity in the society, differences with the father, and tiffs in the family and problems related to the eye.

Whether you will get good or bad outcomes in life are all dependent on the position of Sun in janam Kundli. As far as the inauspicious effects of the Sun are concerned, in Vedic astrology, there are a plethora of Vedic remedies that can help you stay at bay from the adverse effects of the planet Sun. You can put these remedies to good use in order to avoid the negative impact of the Sun. 

The Sun is considered to be at the centre of all the nine planets, so its impact is quite significant. The Transit of the Sun is considered to be crucial in Vedic astrology. Much of its importance is levied on the fact that it supports life and holds the world through its might of light. As per Astrology, the Sun enters the another zodiac sign only after consuming one zodiac in about 1 month’s time and thus the Sun transits that occur each month are known by the name, Sankranti. 

Planet Sun will enter the Scorpio zodiac sign on November 16, 2020 at 06:54 am leaving  its debilitated position behind to one of prominence & friendship in the Scorpio zodiac sign. It will remain in this zodiac sign till 15 December 2020 after which it will be transiting through the Sagittarius zodiac sign at 21:32 p.m. The period of Scorpio Sankranti, as is considered by the people- is considered to be highly auspicious for charitable & philanthropic deeds. Learn what the impact of Sun Transit in Scorpio is going to have on your respective zodiac sign: 

हिंदी में पढ़ें - सूर्य का वृश्चिक राशि में गोचर


For the people of Aries zodiac sign, the planet Sun is going to transit through the 8th house of your horoscope. This time will be a bit troublesome for you as your health might have to take a hit. It is advisable that you take your health seriously; skin related problems, fever, and bowel & gall related diseases might come to haunt you in this duration. Eat a balanced diet and practice meditation. Since this transit is not favourable for you, it is advisable that you stay away from gossip and do not indulge in defaming anyone. 

On the financial front, your income is expected to decline due to erratic expenses, however with a little help from your partner- you will be able to bring things under control. Work hard and don’t let anything come in the way of your success. There are high chances of new sources of income coming your way, but it will be hard for you to concentrate. 

The time isn’t favourable for your father; it is important that you keep his health in check. Some fluctuations in health are quite probable. People in government jobs are advised to stay vigilante, as allegations might tarnish your image. Your social status may decline and there are chances of delay in fulfilment of ambitions.

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The natives of the Taurus zodiac sign will have Sun positioned in the 7th house of their Kundli. This could greatly impact your married life and come in the way of enjoying a happy conjugal relationship with your partner.

You might be triggered by little things that your partner says or does, which could result in a tiff between you two. Try to have an open conversation with them, while keeping an unbiased mind. You have the tendency to overthink, which could interfere in your daily life dealings in this duration. 

It is advised that you keep your partner in the loop while making an important decision so that they do not feel left out. Since the Sun Transit is likely to impact your relationships, you are advised to pay heed to your friends & family as well. Your mind might be triggered by all the negativity that you surround yourself with, so try to de-clutter your mind. Practice mindfulness & meditate regularly. 

The desire to earn more has always crippled your mind and you might think of starting something new in this duration. However, avoid making any hasty decisions. During this time there will be a possibility of travelling. You are advised to take care of your stomach.

The Sun Transit period is likely to influence your pocket, since you will like splurging on your partner. While it’s okay to splurge in on some fancy things once now and then, it is also crucial that you keep things well within budget. 


For Gemini people, Sun will transit from your zodiac in the sixth house. This transit of the Sun will give you tremendous success from the government sector. You will start paying heed to your expenses, which will bring harmony in your life. 

At work, the effects of this transit will start yielding good results in your job. Your hard work will provide results in your favour and you will get the fruits of your hard work. Stay calm and down to earth. Your peers will be on your side, so make sure you utilize their assistance. 

Your opponents however will try to gossip and churn the rumour mill against you, but with your cold attitude towards them, they will have to back down. During this period, you will earn success in any legal or court cases impending. Success will follow wherever you go in this duration, so make good use of this opportunity. You will get the best benefits from government sector or government administration. Senior officers and dignitaries of the society will join you and you will likely get the benefit of their friendship.  

However, your dispute with someone in the family might hamper your dealings. You will be in a constant state of stress due to ongoing feud at home. The Sun transit from health perspective will be good. During this time, you will be able to get rid of your long-standing illnesses, if any.


The planet Sun will transit through the 5th house of your horoscope, which promises to yield mixed results. Some ruckus can be expected in your love life due to your miscalculated steps. Your partner will require you much more than you need them. This might create some problems for your relationship, as you will face a hard time fulfilling their expectations. 

For a happy & long relationship, it is important that you take things seriously & keep an easy & free conversation flowing. Stay upfront about your dealings and do not mask any emotion from your partner. Make sure you enjoy the small moments & let your partner know how much you value them. Often times we overlook what we have in front of us and focus on what we can have- completely forgetting that present is far better than future. 

You are also advised to take special care of your health during the transiting period of the sun. Negligence related to health can prove to be harmful for you at this time.

To stay healthy, improve your lifestyle and keep a strict routine that gives you ample time to relax. Stay on your toes and practice meditation to stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. The position of Sun in the fifth house is beneficial for the students of this zodiac, if you had participated in any competitive exam then you can expect some success coming your way soon.

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The natives of Leo zodiac sign will have planet Sun transit through the 4th house in your horoscope. Since the last few months have cause strains in your family, the transit period is going to be a breath of fresh air for you. There will be some peace in your family life during this transit period.

But your mother's health may deteriorate and a fight may arise due to your tendency to prove yourself at the top of the house. Your aggression and ego will be at an all-time high. It is imperative that you do not dwell on the past and start things on a bright note. 

During this transit, there are chances that you can earn good money through the property. Also, there will be a possibility that you can buy any property or vehicle with the help of senior officials. At the health front, you might have to reaccess your priorities. Any chronic disease or any prolonged illness can cause you trouble, so do not ignore any health related problems at all. Practice mindfulness and eat a healthy & balanced diet. 

During this time you can spend money on your home and family. There will be a slight decrease in income but there is no need to get frustrated because none of your work will stop. Your work might take a hit due to your personal life.

But this does not give you an option to treat your partner in a poor way; treat them how you want to be treated. Your attitude caters to half your problems, so change & tweak a bit to address these concerns and you have your life sorted. During the period of transit you are advised to work in tandem with your partner in order to succeed in life. 


For the Virgo zodiac sign, planet Sun will transit through the 3rd house of your kundli. The transit promises to harbinger the good times in your life. With a strong financial holding, you will be on your way to success during this time. Since this transitional period isn’t going to last for a long time, it is advisable that you take things seriously and start paving the way for a bright future ahead.

At work, glory will follow wherever you go; you will garner love & support from your peers. You will get full support of the government machinery and there will be strong chances of benefiting from the government sector. 

There are high chances of you embarking on a trip during this transit period, which will be extremely beneficial for those looking to garner public footing & social standing. You will also take part in the activities of social concern, which will strengthen your image. Your courage and might will increase and you will also try more in business and will be successful in taking it forward.

During the Sun Transit in Scorpio, you will get complete support from your peers & colleagues, which will also help you in your current goals. There are chances your younger siblings will take your love and affection for granted, so take the hint and do not let anyone take you for granted. 

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Planet Sun will transit in the second house of your horoscope, which is going to impact your finances & investment. You are likely to gain from this transit so keep your eyes peeled at every opportunity coming your way. At this time, you might get great deals in real estate which will sweeten your financial front.

Along with this, you can also rent out your property to maximize your profits. Since Sun is linked to our psyche & ego, during the transit you are likely to develop narcissistic tendencies, which will impact your relationships. 

Keep tabs on your ego and aggression; practice restrain and do not indulge in activities prone to boost your pride. Stay humble. 

Your words have the power to influence & hurt others, so make sure that you use them wisely. Take care that you do not gossip and behind the back of others, especially when you know your words have the power to hurt them. From the health perspective, the Sun transit is not going to be good for you.

It is advised that you take care of yourself and eat a balanced diet. Practice mindfulness and maintain at least 8 hours of sleep daily. During this time your income flow will be good. However, there are chances that you may face some difficulties in maintaining it well. At this time you have to take special care of your expenditures and savings.


The planet Sun is going to transit in the 1st house of your Kundli. Since the planet signifies taking charge of one’s own life, you will be seeing numerous changes in your life and how you handle things. The Sun Transit is expected to bring aggression in your nature; your relationships will likely face the brunt of this transgression. Some minor disagreements with spouse are highly probable. Your ideas are bound to change in this time, so stay patient and think things through before acting on them. 

At work, you might not see eye to eye with your partner or teammates, which will be a source of worry. Due to a boost in ego, your speech will be impacted. You are advised to stay calm and take things as they come without fretting over the future and what’s to come. Being in the ascendant, Sun is going to be auspicious for your work and career. 

You will garner the support of your father or a father figure in your life- in all your endeavours. During this time, people involved in the government sector are going to reap large benefits from their work. In terms of health, the transit does not sound that good for you. You are advised to stay vigilant in matters of health and maintain good sleeping habits to combat stress & overthinking.   

During this period you can suffer from fever and headache problem. Take full care of your health during this phase of transit. You may need to adopt a healthy lifestyle especially to avoid health problems. Apart from this, you will get full support of your siblings in dealing with the problems faced at the family level.

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The planet Sun will transit through the 12th house of your janam kundli, impacting your mental abilities & cognitive behaviour. During this transit your confidence may decline and you may be sceptical of your abilities, as a result of which your confidence is also likely to decrease. This would greatly impact your self-confidence and you will resort to seeking attention ad affection from people other than yourself. 

At work, you will try to get recognition for your work, along with some appreciation from your superiors, which might not sit well with everyone. Since you will be seeking love and attention from elsewhere. There are high chances of you making a hasty decision that you might come to regret on some later date. You will expel your energy in the wrong place, due to which you might have to face some difficulties at work. During this time period you may also face some unnecessary hurdles in the way of fulfilling your ambitions. 

The Sun Transit might also create a high pressure situation for some. However, this will be a good thing as you will likely spend more time on yourself and improve yourself for the better; due to which you will feel stable in your career. Apart from this, there is a high probability that you will have to face an economic crunch in this period. Try to remain calm and handle things patiently.


For the natives of Capricorn zodiac sign, planet Sun will transit through 11th house in your Janam Kundli. The position of Sun will prove to be extremely beneficial to you in this duration. During this transit, while on one hand your respect will increase in society, on the other hand you will also remain a centre of attraction among your friends. Unsurmountable support will rush in from partner & friends as you embark on a new journey that you have set your heart on. 

At work, you will try to talk to your subordinates and make new friends who will help you achieve your goals. This new-found respect that you garner at work will come into play when you create a taskforce to tackle some important business during this transit’s period. During this transitional period, you can also get sudden benefits from any government scheme.  

If you are married, this transit of Sun is going to be good for your child. Their plans to achieve something will inch closer towards fruition. You will be proud of the success that someone in your family will get in this period. Your ambitions will increase in this transitional period. And in this time, any long-held wish can be fulfilled, which will make you quite happy.


The planet Sun is going to transit in the 10th house of the Aquarius zodiac sign. The Sun’s transit in the House that symbolizes career is going to be extremely auspicious for the natives of Aquarius' zodiac sign. Those searching for a new job or a moment opportune enough to make a job switch will be lucky enough to get their wishes granted in the duration of this Sun Transit. A promotion or bonus due to all the good work you have put in during the last quarter is likely for some. Do not take things at work leisurely in this duration as all eyes will be on you. 

And those who are in their current jobs are also likely to get a chance to occupy higher positions in the workplace during this time. During this time, your co-workers and your subordinates will fully support you in your work and your efforts. Due to which there is a strong possibility of increasing your productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

During this time, your relationship with superiors at work will improve. You will stay in their good books due to your efforts; this will come into play when you opt for a promotion. If you are working in government sector then this transit is going to be better for you. There may be some honour or some kind of facility from the government. This transit will also be heavy on your enemies and you will see your fame and glory increasing in this time.


For the natives of Pisces zodiac sign, the planet Sun would transit in the 9th house of your Kundli. In this duration, it is highly likely that your father might need some medical attention. Your honour and respect will undoubtedly increase and your name will be in the works of the society. Due to your philanthropic nature, people will respect you and value your contributions towards the causes that plaque the world around us. You will be greatly involved in the work of charity. You will get a chance to go for a pilgrimage and will experience mental peace by visiting a place of worship. The time would beckon you to try new things that you have always feared. 

With the effect of this Sun transit, your efficiency will be strengthened and you will improve your position at work through your own strength. Your efforts will be speeded up and you will understand how the tasks are to be handled properly. Your previous lack of direction at work would cease and you will start taking things seriously. 

Siblings may face some problems in the meantime. The duration of this transit would impact your spirituality, as you will find yourself inclined towards finding new things that pique your interest. You will get a chance to go on spiritual trips and your expenses will also be in connection with religion. Only by keeping control of these expenses, you will be able to save, otherwise the income may decrease slightly than before.

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