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Shardiya Navratri 2019 Day 5: Goddess Skandmata

By: Future Point | 12-Sep-2019
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Navratri Festival 2019 is the most anticipated 9 nights in the life of all Durga devotees. Celebrating the 9 avatars of Maa Parvati, the festival concentrates on the spirit of power that the goddess bestows the devotee with. Navratri worships Goddess Durga and various forms of Goddesses which are an example of the power and have the ability to fulfill all desires. In India, it is a big religious festival for nine propitious days. Sharad Navratri is celebrated in the Ashwin month or the Sharad month that symbolizes the beginning of winters. Skand is another name for Kartikeya and Mata means mother. In other words, the celebration goes on for these favorable days with different rituals and customs in distinct parts.

The 5th Day Of Navratri 2019 is devoted to the Goddess Skandmata, the 5th manifestation of Goddess Durga and also the mother of Lord Kartikeya. She has four arms, three eyes, and has a bright complexion. She is also worshiped in the form of Goddess Parvati, Maheshwari, and Gauri Mata. By worshiping her one can get the blessings, immense love, and affection from her.

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Navratri 5th day puja

Navratri 5th day will be observed on 3rd October 2019. Goddess Skandmata is also known as the Goddess of Fire. She is known to bless his/her devotees with power, salvation, prosperity, and harmony and can fulfill his/her all dreams. The image of Devi Skandmata portrays her holding Lord Skanda in his infant form and a lotus in her right hand.

Skandmata Puja Significance

Chaitra Navratri and Shardiya Navratri are two very important festivals of Hinduism. Maa Skanda Mata rules planet Budha or Mercury. She bestows good health, wealth, fame and prosperity upon her devotees. One should worship her with full devotion in order to get all the happiness of life. If an individual is afflicted by Mercury in Kundali then one must worship Maa Skandmata as she is the ruler of planet Mercury.

During these nine days, music and dance are performed as a means of celebration. Gujarat, the state in India is the main focus of the celebration where the magnificence goes to superlatives. Music and dance are performed all night long that is called Dandiya or Garba. Garba is basically a devotional dance which is derived from the folklores of Lord Krishna. It symbolizes the sight of Lord Krishna dancing and singing with his Gopis in using slim wooden sticks as props.

Importance of Skandmata Puja

It is believed that Skundamata grants her devotees with power and prosperity in life, with the promise of good health & abundance. If an individual worships Maa Skandmata on the fifth day of Navratri, then he/she will get immense love and affection from her. She will complete all your desires. By worshiping her, the devotee is already blessed by Lord Kartikeya as well. Thus, an individual enjoys the grace of Skandmata along with the grace of Lord Skand.

If a devotee worships her then he/she can get rid of all the sins, the goddess Skandmata like a true mother blesses every individual with power and prosperity.

Skandmata Puja Vidhi

  • Place the Idol or image of the Goddess in a clean place or table and cleanse it with Ganga Jal.
  • Now, keep a pot made out of brass or sand and place a coconut above it.
  • On the same table, keep the idol of Lord Ganesha, Lord Varun, Navgraha, and all the other gods and goddesses.
  • After that, perform the puja using items such as milk, honey, fruits, flowers, sindoor, roli, and clothes for the goddess.
  • One should offer a red color flower to Maa Skandmata.
  • While performing the puja chant this mantra in order to get peace.
Siṅghāsanagatā nityama padmāśritakaradvayā |
śubhadāstu sadā dēvī skanda mātā yaśaśvinī ||
सिंघासनगता नित्यम पद्माश्रितकरद्वया |
शुभदास्तु सदा देवी स्कन्द माता यशश्विनी ||

Benefits of worshiping Maa Skandmata

  • This puja helps the devotees to achieve her profound blessings.
  • With her blessings, an individual can fulfill all his/her dreams.
  • Her blessings are boundless that bestows real peace and prosperity in life.
  • Maa Skandmata always shows the right direction to her devotees towards the nirvana and moksha.
  • By offering devotion to Skandmata, her devotees come out of the dilemma of life and moved out peacefully for salvation.

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Skandmata Mata mantra

Om Devi Skandmatayai Namah.
Simhasanagata Nityam Padmanchita Karadvaya,
Shubhadastu Sada Devi Skandmata Yashasvini.
Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Ma Skandmata Rupena Samsthita,
Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah.

Stotra Path

Namami Skandmata Skandharineem
Samagrtatvasagarrampaarpaar Gehraam
Shivaprabha Samujwalan Sphuchshagshekharam
Lalatratnabhaskaran Jagatprintibhaskaram
Mahendrakashyaparchita Sanantkumarrasstutam
Surasurendravandita Yatharthnirmaladbhutam
Atarkyrochiruvijan Vikar Doshvarjitam
Mumukshubhivirchintta Visheshtatvamuchitam
Nanalankar Bhushitan Mrigendravahnagrajam
Sushudhtatvatoshna Trivendmarbhustam
Sudhamirkawpkarini Surendrakaurighatineem
Shubhan Pushpamalini Sukarnkalpshakhineem
Tamondhkaryamini Shivsvabhao Kaminineem
Sahastrasuryarajika Dhanjjyogkarikaam
Sushudh Kaal Kandala Subhadvrindmajullam
Prajayini Prajavati Namami Matarn Sateem
Svakarmakarini Gati Hariprayach Parvateem
Anantshakti Kantidan Yashoarthbhuktimuktitdam
Puna Punarjagdavitan Namamyhan Surachirtam
Jayeshwari Trilochane Praseed Devipahimaam!!

With this, we hope that you will make the best of Navratri’s Fifth day.
May Goddess Skandmata bless you with abundant love, peace, and strength in life.