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Skandmata Mata - Navratri Fifth Day

By: Future Point | 14-Oct-2018
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Skandmata Mata - Navratri Fifth Day

The fifth day of Navratri is celebrated on Panchami tithi in the month of Ashwin. This fifth Navratri is dedicated to Maa Durga's fifth form skandmata. It means that the fifth day of Navratri is dedicated to maa skandmata.

Fifth Navratri 2018

This year fifth Navratri is held on 14th October. Maa skandmata name means skanda – lord kartikeya/murugan and mata – mother. The meaning of skandmata is that she is the mother of skand i.e lord kartikeya.

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Maa skandmata story

Navratri fifth day puja is very important for those people who do not have any children. With the blessings of maa skandmata, one can conceive and also blessed with a son. Maa skandmata is mounted on a lion and she carried the small baby in her lap whose name is skanda.

Importance of maa skandmata

Chaitra Navratri and shardiya navratri are two very important festivals of Hinduism. 2018 Navratri start date is 10 October 2018. Maa skandmata rules Budha or mercury. She bestows wealth, fame and prosperity upon devotees. If you worship her with full devotion then you can get all happiness in your life. If you are afflicted by mercury then you must worship maa skandmata as she is the ruler of mercury.


During those nine days, music and dance are performed as a means of celebration. Gujarat, the state in India is the main focus of the celebration where the magnificence goes to superlatives. Music and dance are performed all night long which is called Dandiya or Garba. Garba is basically a devotional dance which is derived from the folklores of Lord Krishna. It symbolizes the sight of Lord Krishna dancing and singing with his Gopis in using slim wooden sticks as props. In the regular scene, people wear brightly colored clothes with acoustics to accompany.

Flower for maa skandmata

You should offer a red color flower to maa skandmata. On the fifth day of Navratri, you should worship her with full devotion and sincerity. If you worship maa skandmata then you can get the blessings of the divine mother as well as the divine son. Also, offer shodasopchar to maa skandmata and her son skanda. At the end of puja do aarti. Pray for spiritual effulgence and clarity though combined with the earthy comforts.

Maa skandmata has four arms and three eyes and a fair complexion. She is also known as padmasana and she seated on a lotus flower in her idol. This fifth form of Devi maa is also worshipped in the form of maa Parvati, Maheshwari or maa Gauri. She boons with grace to her devotees from her left arm.


Benefits of maa skandmata puja

If you worship maa skandmata on the fifth day of Navratri then you will get immense love and affection from her. She will complete all your desires. Her worship automatically includes the worship of lord Kartikeya. Progeny related problems can also solve with the worship of maa skandmata.

Maa skandmata mantra

"Om devi skandmata namah"

"Om devi skandmatayayi namah sinhaasangataam nityam padmaanchit kardwayaa"

"Shubhdaastu sadaa devi skandmata yashaswini"

Maa skandmata prathna

"Simhasanagata nityam padmanchita karadvaya"

"Shubhadastu sada devi skandmata yashasvini"

Maa skandmata stuti

"Ya devi sarvabhuteshu ma skandmata rupena samsthita"

"Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai namo namah"

Maa skandmata dhyaan mantra

"Vande vanchhita kamarte chandrardhakritashekharam"

"Simharudha chaturbhuja skandmata yashavinim"

"Dhawalavarna vishuddha chakrasthitom panchama durga trinetram"

"Abhaya padma yugma karam dakshina uru putradharam bhajem"

"Patambara paridhanam mriduhasya nanalankara bhushitam"

"Manjira, hara, keyura, kinkini, ratnakundala dharinim"

"Praphulla vandana pallavadharam kanta kapolam pina payodharam"

"Kamaniyam lavanyam charu triwali nitambanim"

Maa skandmata kawach

"Aim bijalinka devi padayugmadharapara"

"Hridayam patu sa devi kartikeyayuta"

"Shri hrim hum aim devi parvasya patu sarvada"

"Sarvanga mein sada patu skandmata putraprada"

"Vanavanamritem hum phat bija samanvita"

"Uttarasya tathagne cha varune nairiteavatu"

"Indrani bhairavi chaivasitangi cha samharini"

"Sarvada patu mam devi chanyanyasu hi dikshu vai"

May skandmata blesses you with all the goodness of life. To please the fifth form of maa skandmata does not do not involve in any kind of bad deeds. Navratri 2018 in india is 10 october in these sacred days ends on 19 october, 2018.

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Of you are suffering from any child related problems then you must worship maa skandmata as she blesses you. Maa skandmata can get rid of your all problems of life.

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