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MahaVastu tips for an auspicious 'griha pravesh'

By: Future Point | 13-Oct-2018
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MahaVastu tips for an auspicious

The ancient Indian science of architecture- Vastu Shastra, has been widely used for the construction of houses, schools, hospitals since ages. Even today it is widely used almost everywhere. It is believed that a place with faulty Vastu will lead to miseries to the inhabitants of that place. Thus, people prefer to live or work or deal in any official activity in a place which is constructed with perfect Vastu.

A contemporary student of architectural engineering should learn the basics of Vastu Shastra. This ancient Indian science can be very useful for constructing strong & hygienic constructions.

What does Vastu Shastra deal with?

The science deals with the design, direction, measurements, ground preparation, and spatial geometry of buildings. Therefore, the construction of any building and its rooms/space should be initiated only after considering the rules of Vastu Shastra. In fact, these elements are the integral parts of the Vastu Shastra. When these 5 concepts are properly used, it leads to Maha Vastu.

Maha Vastu concept.

Maha Vastu propagates that five elements are present in directions in our living spaces and the imbalance in these elements leads to the sickness of mind and body. It basically balances these 5 elements for harmony in life.

For example- Maha Vastu for home entrance, states that the entrance of the house should be either south or southwest. However, in Vastu Shastra, it should be East or North East.

In fact, in the above case as per Maha Vastu, the entrance from South and South West would bring immense prosperity and money to the native living in that house. However, nothing should be followed blindly. It is very important to seek the guidance of an expert on Maha Vastu.

Similarly, as per Maha Vastu Shastra for shops or other offices, the ideal location of the entrance is north, northeast or northwest. This would bring good luck and positive energy. The main door of the entrance should be facing the north or the east. The reception should always be in the east or the northeast.

Again, the location of toilets should ideally be in the south or southwest of the building. The toilet seats should ideally be placed in either south to north or west to east direction. The ideal location of Pantry should be in the southeast corner or zone of the building.

The Maha Vastu tips are the applications of the principles of Vastu Shastra, in every nook and corner of the office building or place of residence. In fact, many expert claims to be knowledgeable in Vastu Shastra, however, they miss the importance of Maha Vastu Shastra. Thus, for any residential Vastu Shastra consultation, it is always advised to the seeker to consult a Maha Vastu Shastra consultant. Since such experts provide holistic solutions to property related problems. Sometimes, they even term themselves as “Property Problem Astrologer” or simply “Consultant Property Astrologer”.

If a house is not built according to Maha Vastu principles?

Simple remedies can help to correct vastu flaws. Maha Vastu Shastra has some very simple yet effective remedies like changing the colour of the main entrance door, painting a particular portion in a specific colour to balance the five elements, e.g., the elemental strip technique proves instrumental when it comes to removing the bad effects of locations and toilets.

Hanging green sceneries towards north attract growth and new opportunities. Thus, Maha Vastu Shastra believes in giving you a proven Vastu formula for instant results without any demolitions and reconstruction of the place of residence or office. Thereby reducing the cost, efforts and time of the native.

Thus, to know more about Vastu or Maha Vastu Shastra or on astrology consultancy, or even on astrology online service, readers can reach out to us at or Visit our website for more details.

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