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Shani Jayanti 2024: Celebrating the Birth of Lord Shani

By: Future Point | 04-Jun-2024
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Shani Jayanti 2024: Celebrating the Birth of Lord Shani

Sahni jayanti also known as shanishchara amavasya. marks the birth anniversary of lord shani, a significant deity in Hindu mythology and astrology. Celebrated with great reverence, shani jayanti falls on the amavasya in Hindu month of jyeshtha, which usually corresponds to May or June. This year we celebrate shani jayanti on 6th June 2024, Thursday. This auspicious occasion is particularly important for devotees seeking the blessings of lord shani, who is revered as the divine dispenser of justice and the one who delivers the consequences of one’s actions.

Mythological origins:

The birth and life of lord shani are rich with mythological narratives that highlight his role and significance in the cosmic order.

  • Birth: according to Hindu mythology, shani dev was born to lord sun and his wife chhaya. His birth story is filled with celestial symbolism and divine elements. It is said that due to chhaya’s intense penance and devotion, shani dev was born with immense spiritual power and wisdom. However, his dark complexion and stern demeanor often caused friction with his father surya.
  • The curse and reconciliation: Shani's relationship with his father is a crucial aspect of his mythology. Due to a misunderstanding, shani dev once cast a harsh glance upon surya, causing him to lose his radiance. Realizing his mistake, Shani sought forgiveness, and through penance, he restored his father’s brilliance. This episode underscores the themes of karma and redemption associated with shani dev.
  • Trials and tribulation: throughout various legends, Shani Dev's role as a strict but fair dispenser of justice is emphasized. He tested even the gods, including Shiva and Vishnu, ensuring that cosmic laws were upheld. These stories reinforce the belief that Shani's influence, though severe, is ultimately aimed at maintaining balance and order in the universe.


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The significance of lord shani:

Lord Shani, also known as Shani dev , is one of the  nine planets in Vedic astrology. He is often depicted riding a black crow, holding a sword, arrows, and two daggers. Shani dev is the ruler of planet Saturn and is believed to have profound influence on human lives and earthly events. According to Hindu beliefs, shani dev embodies both benevolent and righteous and punishes the wrongdoers.

Symbolism and attributes:

  1. Planet Saturn: in Vedic astrology, Saturn is a slow moving planet that takes about 30 years to orbit the sun. It is associated with discipline, responsibility, justice and spiritual ascension. Saturn’s influence is considered both challenging and transformative often bringing about life lessons through hardships
  2. Austerity and patience: shani dev is also a symbol of austerity, patience and perseverance. His trials and tribulations are believed to strengthen an individual, leading to spiritual growth and enlightenment.
  3. Karaka of karma: shani dev is regarded as the karamphal data, the deity who delivers the results of one’s karma (action). He ensures that justice prevails and that every individual faces the consequences of their actions, be it good or bad.

Observance and rituals:

Shani jayanti is marked by various rituals and observances aimed at appeasing lord shani and seeking his blessings.

  1. Fasting and prayers: devotees observe fasts from sunrise to sunset, offering prayers and chanting mantras dedicated to shani dev. The most popular mantra is the shani beej mantra, which is believed to mitigate ten adverse effects of Saturn and attract positive outcomes.
  2. Shani temples: pilgrimages to shani temples are a common practice on shani jayanti. Temples dedicated to shani dev., such as the shani shingnapur temple in Maharashtra, see a large influx of devotees, special pujas and abhishekam( ritual bathing of the deity) are performed, often with oil. As it is believed to please shani dev.
  3. Donation and charity: acts of charity are considered highly auspicious on this day. Donating black items such as sesame seeds, black clothes, and iron is believed to reduce the malefic effects of Saturn and bring about good fortune. Feeding the poor and helping those in need are also encouraged as they reflect the values of justice and compassion associated with shani dev.
  4. Saturn transits and remedies: astrologers often provide guidance on shani jayanti regarding Saturn’s transit and their impact on individual horoscopes. Remedies such as wearing specific gemstones (like blue sapphire0, performing specific rituals, and reciting certain prayers are recommended to alleviate Saturn’s adverse effects.


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Astrological significance:

Shani jayanti holds immense significance in Vedic astrology, particularly concerning Saturn’s influence on human lives. Saturn’s transit through the zodiac signs is a critical period known as Sade sati, which lasts about seven and half years. This period is often marked by challenges, delays and hardships, but it is also a time for significant personal growth and karmic resolution.

  1. Sade sati: understanding the phases of Sade sati and its impact is crucial for devotees. The three phases of Sade sati  correspond to the transit of Saturn over the natal moon, bringing various challenges and opportunities for growth. Astrologers often navigate this period effectively.
  2. Saturn return: Another important astrological event is the Saturn return, which occurs approximately every 29.5 years when Saturn returns to its natal position in an individual’s birth chart. This period is often associated with major life changes and a reevaluation of one’s goals and responsibilities.
  3. Remedies and rituals: various astrological remedies are recommended to mitigate the malefic wearing specific gemstones like blue sapphire, performing homa( fire ritual) and reciting specific mantra and prayers.

Theological perspectives:

From a theological perspective, shani jayanti underscores the principles of karma, justice, and moral conduct in Hinduism.

  1. Karmic justice: Shani dev’s role as the dispenser of karmic justice is a central theme in hindu theology. His influence is seen as a mechanism through which the universe maintains balance and fairness, ensuring that every action has a corresponding consequence.
  2. Spiritual growth: the challenges and hardships associated with Saturn's influence are viewed as opportunities for spiritual growth and self-improvement. Devotees believe that enduring Shani's trials with patience and perseverance leads to greater wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.
  3. Moral conduct: shani jayanti serves as a reminder of the importance of moral conduct and righteousness of moral conduct and righteous living. The observance of this festival encourages individuals to reflect on their actions, make amends for past wrongs, and strive for a life of integrity and virtue.

Modern relevance:

In contemporary times Shani jayanti continues to hold significant relevance for millions of devotees. The festival serves as an occasion for reflection, spiritual growth, and seeking divine guidance amidst the challenges of modern life.

  1. Personal transformation: many people view sahni jayanti as opportunities for personal transformation. The rituals and observances associated with the festival encourage individuals to confront their fears, acknowledge their fears, acknowledge their shortcomings and work towards self-improvement.
  2. Community and solidarity: shani jayanti fosters a sense of community and solidarity among devotees. Collective prayers, community rituals, and acts of charity create a supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences and seek solace in their faith.
  3. Astrological guidance: in an age where uncertainty and stress are prevalent, astrological guidance provided during shani jayanti offers reassurance and direction. Understanding Saturn’s influence and implementing recommended remedies can help individuals navigate life’s challenges more effectively.


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Shani jayanti is a deeply significant festival that encapsulates the essence of karma, justice and spiritual growth in Hinduism. Through its rich mythology, rigorous observances, and profound theological insights, the festival offers devotees a path to redemption, self-improvement, and divine blessings. As modern devotees continue to celebrate shani jayanti with unwavering faith, the festival’s relevance and importance remain as strong as ever, guiding individuals on their spiritual journey and helping them navigate the complexities of life with grace and wisdom.

Remedies for shani jayanti

  • Donate black umbrella to a needy person.
  • Recitate hanuman chalisa seven times.
  • Light a mustard oil diya under the peepal tee n do mantra jaap on rudraksha mala.
  • Don’t play gambling.
  • Don’t irritate snakes, crows and dogs.
  • Donate mustard oil in shani temple.
  • Donate slippers in Shani temple.
  • Do shani mantra jaap on rudraksha mala

“ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनैश्चराय नमः”

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