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Rahu transit in 2022- Major Changes in Career for these Zodiac Signs

By: Future Point | 08-Dec-2021
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Rahu transit in 2022- Major Changes in Career for these Zodiac Signs

Rahu is considered the most malefic planet in astrology. It is known to bring sudden results in a native’s life. Rahu is an influential planet and brings significant changes in a person’s life. 

After Saturn, Rahu is considered to be the slowest moving planet. Whenever a planet stays in a sign for a long duration, it brings significant changes in that person’s life. Rahu has been known to give results just like the planet Saturn. Rahu stays in one zodiac for one and a half year and after that moves to another zodiac. In the year 2022, Rahu is transiting from Taurus to Aries on April 12 at 10.36 am. This is a significant event in astrology and will bring crucial changes in the lives of these 6 zodiac signs mentioned here. 


In the month of April, Rahu will transit through the second house of Aries natives. During this period, the natives may expect disharmony in the family and professional life. There would be unseen challenges at the workplace and in business. Aries natives are advised not to make any kind of investment in property during the first three months of this year. Doing this may bring harm and losses to you.


For the people of this zodiac, Rahu will remain in the ascendant for the first three months of the year and then it will transit to the twelfth house. In such a situation, the people of Taurus are advised not to take any important decision at the beginning of this year. Due to Rahu being in the Ascendant, you will not be able to assess the pros and cons of a situation appropriately. During this, do not trust anyone as chances of betrayal are there. Let us tell you that in the month of April, Rahu will transit in the twelfth house i.e. the house of expenditure, due to which there may be an increase in expenses.


In the year 2022, Rahu will transit in your tenth house i.e. Karma Bhava or house of profession. In such a situation, employed people need to take extra care as malefic Rahu may ruin your relations at the work place. According to astrology, political burden may have to be faced at workplace during this period. During this period, if you are looking to change jobs or are thinking of changing jobs, then you can get good opportunities. Government employees are likely to get transfer orders.


Rahu will transit through your ninth house in the beginning of the year 2022. This may give disorientation and confusions in all matters. Also, there is a possibility of conflict with senior employees, high officials or father during this period. After this Rahu will transit in the eighth house which is again not good for health. Health-related problems may surface during this period.


In the beginning of 2022, Rahu will be situated in the seventh house i.e. in the house of the life partner and business partnership. During this time you may have hard time in marital life. There are chances that your spouse may get attracted towards a third person. You may lack clarity of thoughts while taking any major decision during this period. In such a situation, it is desirable to take advice of your loved ones before taking any important decisions.


At the beginning of the year 2022, Rahu will transit through the sixth house. During this time some court cases or legal issues may crawl up in the life of Sagittarius natives. At the same time, the people who are already facing these issues can get relief from this. Rahu will transit in the fifth house in the middle of April. This time is not favorable for students. Due to mental pressure, you may have to face disorientation in studies. You need to focus more to excel in studies. Love relations may see a downfall too.

General Remedies for Rahu:

Just like Vedic astrology provides remedies for each planet, Rahu is no exception and these are the general remedies which can be observed by anyone irrespective of the placement of Rahu in a native’s chart.

  • Control the fascinations about big cities, 
  • Observe ' Technological Fasts' – switch off your gadgets for regular periods of time at regular intervals. 
  • Stay away from following mass trends blindly, whether in dressing, eating, living, etc. 
  • Keep your wishes in control and avoid jumping into new experiences without proper deliberation. Think about the present rather than future.
  • Avoid all types of intoxicating substances as these may cloud your power of thinking, especially if used regularly. 
  • Avoid too much indulgence in media, be it TV, Cinema or the Internet. 
  • An effective way to remove Rahu's psychological effect is to observe a vegetarian diet routine.
  • Don’t promise anything that is beyond your control.

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