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Palmistry- the lines on your palm says a lot about you

By: Future Point | 08-Dec-2021
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Palmistry- the lines on your palm says a lot about you

We all wish to know about future in advance. Future always creates a sense of curiosity in our minds and at the same time we remain worried as to what will happen next? 

We take help of predictive sciences to quench our never ending thirst about knowing future events in advance. There are many branches of occult science, 

Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Lal Kitab, Face reading and Palmistry to name a few. These all are forms of predictive science and have excelled since thousands of years. 

Here we will particularly talk about Palmistry. Palmistry is an ancient practice of making predictions through deeply analyzing the lines present on one’s palm.

Palmistry has made strong existence in the predictive world since ancient times. Palmistry narrates that how the science behind hand analysis can transform our life for better.

Palmistry facilitates revealing our past, present and future by deciphering the secrets hidden in our palm lines, palm mounts and other symbols.

Why palmistry is important?

It is a common practice to head to an astrologer in times of uncertainties to have clarity of the near future. The astrologer suggests us the most suitable solutions with reference of our birth chart.

For casting a birth chart one must know his/her basic birth details. What if someone doesn’t have his/her birth details like date and time of birth?

  • Palmistry or Chiromancy helps in getting the predictions about future even if you don’t have your birth time and date.
  • One doesn’t need to remember minute details about the events happened in the past which are generally asked by the astrologers at the time of making predictions. 
  • One doesn’t need electric gadget or astrological software in order to cast a birth chart.
  • It is as simple as spreading your palm to the palm reader in order to know what future holds for you.
  • It is the most suitable method when someone is uncertain about birth timings or simply doesn’t carry his/her horoscope.
  • Reading palm lines may give important insights about - Health-Education-Career-Job-Business-Marriage-Child birth-Spiritual path-Finance-Prosperity etc. through the folds, shape, lines, curves and mounts present at our palm among others. 
  • Palmistry is immensely helpful to seek Guidance-Counseling-Motivation-Decision making-Prediction and knowing the purpose of this life.
  • Palmistry analyzes the physical features of the hands to interpret personality traits and future of an individual. 
  • It is an age-old tradition practiced in many countries across the world without culture and region variations. 
  • Palmistry fosters spiritual growth in a native as well. Apart from foretelling future, it serves as a link between the past, present and future. It helps to gain deeper insight into purpose of life in a broader sense. 
  • It gives awareness about the weaknesses and strengths of a native and at the same time explains to overcome or optimize them respectively.

How palmistry works?

  • The folds and creases present on palms, referred to as lines, are utilized to form narratives and predict future events in palmistry. 
  • Palmists analyze different lines based on their length, depth, and curvature. No two palms in this world are similar as is their destiny. 
  • Lines on the palm keeps on changing with passage of time just like the position of planets in astrology. This helps to get accurate predictions suited to different point of time. 
  • There are few fixed lines called fate lines on one’s palm, whereas other lines change their appearance during the course of our life. The permanent lines represent the fate that we were born with, whereas the changing lines represent the present situation based on our free will and karmas. Just like the natal chart and transit chart in astrology.
  • A learned palmist deeply studies as to where each line starts and finishes, which mounts it goes through, and where the creases intersect each other. In addition to this, the intuitions and experience plays the key role in making accurate predictions. 
  • Different lines like Heart Line, Head Line, Fate Line, Life Line, Sun Line etc. have specific meanings and interpretations which may be understood by a learned palmist only.

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Palmistry course at Future Point

Future Point is a well known name in the field of esoteric science.  It has excelled since last 40 years and has served the masses with their matchless services.

They have global presence with millions of clients all over the world. An institute with futuristic vision has been teaching occult enthusiasts since last 40 years.

Experience and wisdom matters the most when it comes to getting best services and Future Point is the most appropriate example of it.

There are two levels of the course and one may opt for the basic or advanced levels as per the requirements and knowledge.

Palmistry course includes:

  • Introduction and History of Palmistry.
  • Very Experienced Faculty(practicing astrologer for 20 + years)
  • Extensive Study Material(ppts +published E - Books through mail)
  • Karma Theory- Sanchit and Prarabdh Karma, Kriyaman Karma Theory.
  • Relation of Palmistry with Karmas.
  • Qualities a good Palmist should possess.
  • Which hand do we read and predict – Right or Left Hand?
  • Proper time and place for Palm Reading.
  • Tools used in Palm Reading?
  • Types of Hand Prints.
  • Planets / Mounts in Palmistry. Types of Mounts: -
    • Developed, Undeveloped and Over Developed etc.
  • Identifying and locating the Apex of mounts of different planets.
  • General characteristics of Planets.
    • Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.
  • Shape of the Hand. 7 Types of Hands.
  • How to measure length and width of the hand?
  • Palm Skin Texture, Color and their effects.
  • Thumb- Length and Shape. Phalange, Angle and Position.
  • Sade Sati of Saturn.
  • Flexibility and Bending Angle of the Thumb.
  • Island in the Thumb: First Phalange and Second Phalange.
  • Name of the Fingers and their Phalanges, Length and Colour.
  • Fingers and related Planets.
  • Knowing the shapes and characteristics of the Fingers
  • Introduction to the lines in the palm.
    • Primary and Secondary Lines
  • Meaning of too many lines on the palm and empty palm.
  • Many other related topics…
  • Online zoom sessions
  • 6 month membership of Future Samachar and Research Journal
  • Course Certificate

 These are the basic contents and the advanced level will include detailed information different from this table of contents. Contact at Future Point, to enroll for palmistry course and get the best knowledge of the subject with the best teachers.

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