Powerful and Fortunate Astrology Combinations in Horoscopes

By: Future Point | 13-Sep-2018
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Powerful and Fortunate Astrology Combinations in Horoscopes

The one common question which is posed before a learnt and expert astrologer is that, is my horoscope powerful and fortunate enough? Many a time this question can perplex an astrologer. Since Powerful and Fortune is a very vague and wide term. However, yes, a learnt and expert astrologer would also examine the horoscope of a native in question in great detailed.
They would check every planetary position in the native’s horoscope and again analysed deep into the nuances as what forms a favourable combination in the horoscope. These favourable combination is horoscope can be in the form of Raj-Yoga or Yoga Karaka planets being positioned in an auspicious position.

Powerful and fortunate astrology combinations

In astrology certain combinations like Gaja Kesari Rajyoga, Surya-Guru Rajyoga, Kendra Trikona Rajyoga, Trikona Rajyoga, Lakshmi Yoga, Parivartan Rajyoga, Panch Mahapurusha Yoga, Chhatra Yoga, Maha Bhagya yoga, Ganesha Yoga, Viparita Rajyoga, Neecha Bhanga Rajyoga in an astrological birth chart, makes the horoscope of Kundali very special.

Thus, during the time of examination, a learned and expert astrologer would look for some of these above-mentioned astrology combinations. If they find any one, or a group of combinations, then confidently they would affirm that the horoscope is powerful and fortunate.

Let us check some of the above mentioned astrological combination for better understanding.

Surya-Guru Rajyoga (Sun and Jupiter created Rajyoga)

This is a very auspicious and one of the best combinations, created due to mutual disposition of Sun and Jupiter in quadrants (1,4,7 and 10 houses) in a Vedic astrological birth chart. If Sun and Jupiter are in conjunction 8 degrees of arc (posited together) or in opposition, aspect each other and especially if Jupiter is neither combust.

However, if Jupiter or any other planet is very close to Sun, then they lose power being combust. The other conduction is that Jupiter in this case should be in direct motion and not retrograde. A retrograde motion would also reduce the power of the planet.

In fact, this, combination bring in fame and prosperity to the native, especially if the conduction or mutual aspect would take place in quadrants.

Gajakesari Yoga (Moon and Jupiter conjunction, placement or mutual aspect):

A Gaja- Kesari yoga is a very auspicious yoga which is formed due to the planet Moon and Jupiter again. If either of the two planets are placed in the Quadrants (1,4,7 and 10) or are conjoined in any of these mentioned houses or bhavas.

A person who has Gaja Kesari Yoga based on specific position of Moon and powerful Jupiter will be very fortunate and get wonderful results during planetary periods and sub-periods of Moon and Jupiter. Moon’s Mahadasha will prove highly prosperous.

A female having such Raj yoga will be blessed with great fortunes. Jupiter is considered very important for a female in Vedic astrology. Jupiter (Guru) determines the affairs related to her marriage, relationship with her partner/spouse, physical appearance, career and financial status of her spouse.

Jupiter represents wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, wealth, prosperity, fame, success, position, good luck and children in Vedic astrology and makes a person high-ranking official. Moon represents peace, heart, prosperity, domestic happiness, mobility. This Yoga is named after two powerful animals Gaja and Kesari. Gaja means elephant and Kesari means lion.

This yoga is considered powerful like both these powerful animals in astrological birth charts of natives and blesses them with good luck, high rank in civil services or government jobs, authority, wisdom, happiness, splendour, all kinds of luxury and comforts, wealth, good house, long life and respectable position in the family and society.

Individuals who have Gaja Kesari Rajyoga in their horoscopes are surrounded by many friends and relatives. These natives are very sentimental and support people whenever they are in need.

Chhatra Rajyoga and its Effects:

Chhatra Rajyoga is believed to be formed if all the planets are present in seven consecutive signs, i.e. 10th to 4th houses. These are 12 sections of zodiac circle having 360 degrees, clockwise from ascendant. Each of these houses represents specific traits used for prediction. Chhatra Yoga is considered stronger especially if all the planets are in 10th to 4th house in an astrological birth chart.

If all the planets are posited in seven consecutive houses from the seventh house in a birth chart, it is considered a very powerful yoga and it confers political power, high status, social and financial recognition to the native. If all the planets are positioned in seven houses from ascendant, then the native is powerful and fortune with astrological combination in horoscope or kundali.

A native with such yoga is considered very fortunate and will achieve desired success in his/her attempts. This Chhatra Yoga or a kind of Nabhasa Yoga bestows power, authority, high status, wealth, fame, success in undertakings and good luck to the native. Due to the auspicious effects of this powerful yoga, an individual may be a famous leader, a successful businessman, a high-ranked officer in government or in the corporate office.

Thus, the above are some of the types of Yoga which will form Powerful and fortune astrological combination in a horoscope. To know more about the power and fortune in your horoscope readers can get personal consultation from our team of expert astrologers, you can visit us at www.futurepointindia.com Or write to us at mail@futurepointindia.com. for detailed analysis. We at Future point are practising astrology for the past three decades.

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