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All Details About The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 5 July 2020

By: Future Point | 03-Jul-2020
Views : 1711All Details About The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 5 July 2020

Lunar Eclipse 2020: An eclipse, whether Solar or Lunar, is an extraordinary celestial event that casts its effects upon all of us in subtle yet incredibly powerful ways.

We are about to witness the third lunar eclipse of this year on 5th July and this eclipse is going to be Penumbral in nature. 

The ancient science of Vedic Astrology gives enormous significance to a lunar eclipse as this astronomical event principally involves the Moon and we all know that Moon in Vedic Astrology, represents the human mind. The overall state of mind of a person is directly related to the placement of planet Moon in his/her Kundli.

However, during a lunar eclipse, there is a sudden surge in the energies related to the Moon and depending upon the positioning & state of planet Moon in a person’s natal horoscope as well as the specific planetary transits that are going on in the zodiac belt at the time of eclipse, the actual effect of the lunar eclipse upon that person can be decoded by an astrologer.

Lunar Eclipse 2020 that is occurring on July 5th is a very strong one because of the current planetary transits that are going on in the ‘Zodiac Belt’ with respect to Rahu (North Node of the Moon) as well as Ketu (South Node of the Moon).

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Timings & Visibility of 5th July 2020 Lunar Eclipse 

The Lunar Eclipse on 5th July 2020 will occur from 8:37 to 11:22 am IST and will reach its peak at 9:59 am.

The regions of the globe from where this lunar eclipse will be visible are: 

  • North America
  • South America
  • South Western parts of Europe
  • Parts of Africa
  • Certain Areas in the Pacific, Atlantic as well as the Indian Ocean

Major Planetary Positions During This Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse on July 5th 2020 will happen on ‘Poornima Tithi’ (Full Moon) of Shukla Paksha (Waxing Phase of the Moon) with the Moon in the Nakshatra of Purva Ashadha.

The Moon will be transiting in the sign of Sagittarius with retrograde Jupiter, Ketu and Pluto. On the other hand the Sun will be transiting in the sign of Gemini with retrograde Rahu and Mercury.

These transits are taking the potential of this lunar eclipse to a whole new level and considering the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and multiple other situations of unrest that are going on in the world, this eclipse will only add negative fuel to all that.

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Concept of Sutak Kaal 

A Sutak Kaal is a time period that starts before an eclipse begins (both Solar as well as Lunar) and ends when the eclipse ends. In case of a Solar eclipse, the Sutak Kaal starts 12 hours before the beginning of the eclipse and in case of a Lunar eclipse, the Sutak Kaal starts 9 hours before the beginning of the eclipse.

The Sutak Kaal enhances the negative effects of certain disturbed energies that prevail in the Cosmos before and during the eclipse. Hence, during the Sutak Kaal, one should diligently exercise some precautions. However, there are also certain tasks that actually yield best results when performed during the Sutak Kaal.

A Sutak Kaal is applicable only in the regions from where the eclipse is visible or the regions that come under the direct sphere of influence of the eclipse. But, this does not mean that the eclipse as such will not have its effect upon people living in regions from where the eclipse is not visible. The eclipse will have its effect on the entire globe, it is just that the concept of Sutak Kaal is not applicable in the regions where the eclipse is not visible.

Speaking in the Indian context, Sutak Kaal will not be applicable in our country as this lunar eclipse that is occurring on 5th July 2020 is not visible in India. At the same time, do remember that only the Sutak Kaal rule will not be applicable in India but the fundamental impact of lunar eclipse in India will be very much there.

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Do’s and Don'ts with respect to Sutak Kaal

Following are the basic do’s and don’ts during a Sutak Kaal that are applicable on the people of a region where an eclipse is visible:


  • Sutak Kaal is the best suited period for ‘Mantra Siddhi’ and people that walk on the spiritual path make the best use of this time by chanting the mantra that they already chant in their daily lives or want to carry along in their spiritual journey ahead.
  • Sutak Kaal opens up new doorways of spiritual upliftment and if properly utilized under the guidance of a Guru or a Spiritual Guide, helps a person in raising his/her consciousness.
  • Donations made/performed during a Sutak Kaal yield positive results that are manifold in comparison to those that arise out of donations made during regular times.
  • Astrological remedies that are based on your individual horoscope, performed during this period after consulting with an experienced astrologer have the potential of bringing unforeseen success & growth in your life.
  • People who meditate during the Sutak Kaal are blessed with a peaceful state of mind in the times to come and experience an immense clarity of thoughts generated within their minds.


  • Cooked food gets contaminated by subtle negative energies that prevail during the Sutak Kaal, hence it is advised not to cook food during this time. 
  • A ‘Tulsi’ leaf must be placed in food items that were earlier cooked & currently stored to prevent malefic energies from contaminating them.
  • No worship should be performed during this period and the doors of temples must be closed as well as curtains should be pulled on the idols of Deities.
  • One should avoid getting into too many physical activities during this time and rather restrict as much movement as possible during this time.
  • Do not begin a new & significant task during the Sutak Kaal.
  • Avoid making any purchase during this time. 
  • Postpone crucial decisions and consider them only when the Sutak Kaal ends.
  • Children should be kept indoors and travel must be avoided during this time as much as possible.
  • Pregnant women should take utmost care of themselves during a Sutak Kaal as this time period has certain malefic energies predominant in the environment that are negative for both the mother as well as the foetus.

Maximum Impact of Lunar Eclipse- 5th July 2020

While an eclipse casts its effects upon all 12 Zodiac/Moon/Ascendant signs, there are certain signs that are affected way more than others due to some specific transitory positioning of planets with respect to the subsequent horoscope that is formed with those signs as the very basis of that particular horoscope.

The Lunar Eclipse of 5th July 2020 will impact the following signs to a much greater extent as compared to others:

  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Sagittarius
  • Pisces

However, in order to know the detailed & exact impact of Lunar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs (especially the one that is yours), we suggest you to consult with the Best Astrologer in Delhi and know the remedial measures that are specific to your individual horoscope which you can perform during this crucial time and take your life towards unmatched growth, success, wealth & prosperity!