Multiple love relationships: Can astrology explain

By: Future Point | 03-Aug-2018
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Multiple love relationships: Can astrology explain

Usually when a couples fall in Love, the first question that their near and dear one would ask is are you sure with this? Is this for real? Are you in any form of infatuation? How would one know if they are actually in love or in any form of infatuation? Especially when one of the partner is already in relationship with other.

This happens when one of the two partners are going on with another person and they suddenly feel an attraction with a new person. Do they really know the answer? These are some of the questions which would normally bother one who would disclose that they are in love or in relationship with another.

Their parents, friends, siblings, close family members, neighbours etc., would seek answers to these questions to get clarity from the native who is enduring it. But unfortunately, many a time they fail the get a proper answer.

The native here is confused and would plan to consult as many people they can consult. But again, the answer is not encouraging. Thanks to the ancient subject of astrology which would certainly help this native in such cases. Astrology as a science has clear answers to such question and a native can easily find answers to their problems.

In astrology, as we all know, there are twelve houses and Nine planets. Each of these twelve houses represents a certain aspect or facet in a native’s life.

Here, the 5th house from the ascendant in a native’s horoscope describes about love and relationship in a native’s life. Thus, this is the house to analyse the love life in astrology of a native. The 5th house always indicates the possibility of love and relationship in a native’s life.

On the other hand, the 7th house from the ascendant is the house of partner or spouse. This has to be analysed in detailed for understanding the possible relationship for a love marriage in astrology.

Now, if the 5th and the 7th house is connected with each other through the lord of their respective houses in any form say though conjunction, mutual aspect or mutual exchange of houses by the respective planets, then the scope for love marriage enhances manifold. This is one of the basic step when a learned and expert astrology would analyse any horoscope for marriage or relationship analysis. Some even term this as analysis of Love astrology.

But, for marriage, it is never only the 5th and the 7th houses are analysed. Even the position of planet Venus, the aspect on the above houses and their lords are taken into account. Venus is considered as planet to be the karaka or the reason for romance, love and marriage.

Therefore, the position of Venus, the lord of 5th and the 7th house from the ascendant chart plays a very important role. If these houses and planets are afflicted through any malefic planets such as Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or Mars, then there is a problem of multiple relationship which one would suffer.

Sometimes the cases of extra marital relationship is also seen through this factor. Hence, it is absolutely important to check these answers through astrological readings.

Any remedy?

When the case is that of Pure love, then certainly there is not need for any remedy, as the destiny would have its day to play. But what happens if there is a case of infatuation? Extra-Marital relationship? And other problems which are socially unaccepted and certainly unwanted.

In such cases, astrological remedy certainly exist. Though these remedies are certainly relative or subject, which means, the solution would wary from case to case, but the good part is that there is remedy to such problems.

Future point is a team of such learned and expert astrologers who have over years helped many to resolve their problems through astrology. Our team of expert astrologers will read the Janma Kundli of the native to get the exact root cause to any problems and suggest appropriate remedy. To know more about the same, one can check out our website or write to us for one to one consultation. All your queries will be address accurately.

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