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Mole on your body can reveal your Personality

By: Future Point | 19-Jun-2019
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Mole on your body can reveal your Personality

Certain marks on the body enhance the beauty and the attractive factor of a person in a mystical way. One such mark on the body is a Mole, which is usually identified as a tiny, colored beauty mark, and is considered as an imprinted mark on the body that has been carried forward from the previous life. According to Astrology, moles and destiny work concurrently, as it depicts the nature, karma, and the future of a person. These marks are present on the body from birth and remain with the person throughout their lives.

Astrology behind Moles

Moles astrology, another part of Saamudrik Shashtra, unveils the influence of moles and their impact on life. These body marks can reveal the characteristics and destiny of an individual. The different sizes, shapes, and colors of a mole represent specific information or the fortune (good/bad). Mole astrology is all about analyzing the good and bad quality of an individual with the help of the different sizes, colors, and shapes of a mole.

The reason behind having a mole is due to the position of planets and also influence the early fetal formation. As per the mole astrology for females, when influencing planet and sign are feminine, a mole is on the left side of the body, and when influencing planet and sign are masculine, it will be on the right.

Significance of having Moles

Based on Size

  • Small– doesn’t make have
  • Round and Big– extremely auspicious
  • Long– propitious

Based on Shapes

  • Triangle– mixed results
  • Irregular– bad results
  • Round– indicates honesty
  • Square– uncertain personality and knows how to play safe

Based on Colors

  • Light (red, honey, sandalwood or green emerald)– have good fortune most of the time.
  • Black– have to face problems at times.

Reason behind mole on different body parts:


  • Centre: laborious, wise, and calm in nature with a clear perspective.
  • Right: will live an extravagant life of affluence.
  • Left: a selfish person with bad fortune.
  • Either side of temples: chances of having sudden monetary gains and having a beautiful soul mate.


  • Centre: have leadership qualities, financial comfort, and are entitled to stardom.
  • Left: not courageous and often face challenges in life, office or business.
  • Right: have a happy married life and healthy kids.


  • Right: reliable, hardworking and trustworthy person.
  • Left: arrogant and pessimistic person.


  • Nose tip: impulsive and capricious decision maker.
  • Nose’s right: have more financial benefits in fewer efforts (smart work).
  • Nose’s left: an evil person by nature and will often struggle.
  • Under nose: imparts sensual vibes and attract the opposite gender easily.


  • Left: introvert, short-tempered and spend huge even after earning good.
  • Right: values reason over emotions, domineering, and a good earner.


  • Anywhere on the ear: enjoys a luxurious life.
  • Top or tip of ear: denotes intelligence.


  • Upper lip: might gain weight and suffer from health issues.
  • Lower lip: has a great taste in food.


  • Anywhere on the tongue: experience education, health, and speech-related difficulties.
  • Tip of the tongue: very diplomatic and knows how to deal with the situation. Also, s/he can be a great foodie.


  • Anywhere on the chin: travel freak and loves to explore various places.
  • Right: logical thinker and react diplomatically.
  • Left: Frank and always straightforward.


  • Front: denotes good luck, soothing voice and artistic nature.
  • Back: has an aggressive nature.


  • Left: has stubborn nature and fights constantly.
  • Right: indicates a courageous and wise character.


  • Either side: friendly and courteous in nature.
  • Right: denotes smartness and intelligence.
  • Left: enjoys a luxurious life but stays average.


  • Either side: denotes restless, artistic, and affluent nature and more fond of traveling.


  • Anywhere on the wrists: innovative and creative in the field of painting or writing.


  • Inner side: has to face challenges and obstacles.


  • Any of the fingers: unlucky, nontrustworthy and exaggerate things.


  • Near the backbone: represents success, leadership, and fame in life.
  • Below shoulder blades: a person will struggle a lot in life.
  • Above shoulder blades: have the courage to confront obstacles.
  • Right: signifies good and flourishing health.
  • Left: possesses a diplomatic attitude and resolve cases by it.


  • Anywhere on chest: signifies strong sensual tendencies.
  • For female,
    • Right: possesses bad habits, such as alcohol and drugs.
    • Left: has a calm nature and maintains a quality relationship in person and profession.
  • For male,
    • Left: has a clever mind but unsuccessful in maintaining a good relation with friends and family.
    • Right: will face financial troubles frequently.


  • For female,
    • Anywhere around navel: have a blissful married life.
  • For male,
    • Left side: will have a wealthy and prosperous life.


  • Anywhere on the abdomen/stomach: always in high spirits.
  • Right: possesses a strong financial background but might get soft in front of a woman.
  • Left: jealous and know how to earn money in an easy way.


  • Either side of the hips: has a jolly, affectionate, and loyal nature.
  • Right: indicates creativity and wisdom.
  • Left: will lead a satisfying life even with a meager income.


  • Anywhere on genitals: represents an open-minded, honest and highly generous nature. Moreover, are extremely romantic and have a happy marital life.


  • Right: has a moderate temperament and a sense of fearlessness.
  • Left: has an artistic side but might be lazy and not socially active.


  • Right: has an honest and friendly nature and also have a successful love life.
  • Left: has the courage to take risks and loves to live a luxurious life.


  • Right: will attain success and prosperity in all ventures. They might get involved in politics and are usually liked by girls.
  • Left: is hardworking and may have to travel due to business or job. Also, they have a big friend circle.


  • Anywhere one leg: impulsive and fearless regarding the consequences, surrounded by controversies, and possesses a negative attitude.


  • Right: possesses a sense of foresightedness and talks a lot.
  • Left: religiously inclined towards God.


  • Right: s/he will gain a goodhearted spouse and a satisfactory family life.
  • Left: have to face monetary problems or issues with a spouse.
  • On soles: will get frequently sick, have enemies and misfortune.


  • Anywhere on toes: imply that the person will have an unhappy marital life even after marrying someone rich and financially sound.

Each mole on our body has a story to tell. All it takes is Vedic Astrology to find out the meaning of the birthmark and an experienced Astrologer to solve the issues we might have. If you are facing a critical time in your life or just need an ear to listen to your problems and find appropriate remedies, you can Talk to Astrologer online at Future Point.

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