Mercury Transit in Virgo (11th September 2019)

By: Future Point | 07-Sep-2019
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Mercury Transit in Virgo (11th September 2019)

Planet Mercury represents expression and communication. When the Mahadasha or the Antardasha of this planet comes then it is seen that the person becomes curious, communicative, and inquisitive. The Mercury Transit in Virgo on the 11th of September will surely put an impact on the lives of the people. Mercury is not only beneficial for communication, but it also represents coordination. It generally analyzes a particular thing, sorts it out, groups everything together, and makes a symphony out of it.

Mercury Transit in Virgo

The Mercury Transit in Virgo will take place on 11 September 2019, around 04:47 AM early in the morning. The planet will remain there till the 29th of September 2019, around 12:41 PM in the afternoon. Being a planet that represents communication and intelligence, it is surely going to impact the perfectionist Virgo.

Learn the aftermath of Mercury in Virgo with the Mercury Transit Predictions from Future Point.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 6th house in the Kundli of the people who belong to this zodiac sign. This house represents diseases, competitors, obstacles, and different problems of life. This transit will be beneficial for the Aries ascendants from the financial point of view as they can get monetary profits in this period. The individual will try to improve health by consuming healthy food and exercising regularly. Some changes can take place at the workplace in which the native can defeat the opponents with strong reasoning and logic.

Remedy: Donate green items to eunuchs and seek their blessings.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 5th house which tells about the native’s children and the relationship with them. This transit will not be quite favorable for these people as they can face different challenges in various aspects of life. The family members will not be able to understand your emotions which can make you emotionally weak. The natives who are working will get a lot of pressure at work but their hard work and dedication will definitely bring them some favorable results. The ones who are married should talk to their partner amicably to avoid arguments.

Remedy: Recite the Shri Durga Saptashati Path.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 4th house which is also known as the Sukh Bhava or the house of comforts. In this transit period, the native will be able to save more and more money. They will also use the money wisely and will spend it only on the essential things. The natives who are employed can get a rise in their income in this duration. The love and understanding between the family members will increase that will make the environment in the home happy and content. As a result, the native will become happy and be able to perform better at the workplace.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 3rd house in the Kundali of the Cancer ascendants. In this transit, they will be able to feel a lack of courage because of which they might get anxious and may panic even while performing the easiest of tasks. The natives can get in an argument with the siblings which can make the environment of the home stressed and tensed. Therefore, they are advised to keep calm in different situations and talk to their family members amicably. Some of you might plan to go on a trip with your friends.

Remedy: Feed grass or fodder to the cow.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 2nd house in the Kundli of the people who belong to this zodiac sign. The native should remain alert in the matters related to money but no need to worry a lot because overall this transit will be quite favorable from the financial point of view. The communication skills will get better during this period and people will get attracted to the individual because of it. The students who are preparing for some competitive exams have a chance of passing with flying colors in their exams. The married partners who are living seperately have a chance of getting together.

Remedy: Worship younger girls (Kanya Pujan) and feed them delicacies.


Planet Mercury will transit in the ascendant or 1st house, this house represents an individual’s personality. The sources of income will increase and the business will expand in this transit. The natives can become rude to others which can hurt the close ones. Therefore, the natives of Virgo zodiac sign are advised to think twice before speaking and avoid indulging in an argument. This period is not at all good for going on a trip. Therefore, if you had been planning to go out, then you are advised to postpone the idea. The time is quite favorable for money related matters.

Remedy: Chant the mantra: ‘Om Bhram Bhrim Bhraum Seh Budhaya Namah’ (ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः).


Planet Mercury will transit in the 12th house in the horoscope of the Libra ascendants. The competitors of the natives can plan and plot against the individual. Therefore, it is advisable for you to be alert and cautious all the time. The financial front will not be that strong and one can spend the money on unnecessary items. These people should take care of monetary transactions. Those who are in love or married should talk to their partner politely and remain courteous towards them. Otherwise, arguments can arise between the partners which can put them apart.

Remedy: Gift something to your paternal or maternal aunt.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 11th house which is also known as the Labh Bhava or the house of gains in an individual’s Kundli. This transit will be auspicious for the Scorpio ascendants. The financial front will become stronger and the natives can gain some really good amount of profits. The natives who are working will get favorable results if they will work hard in this period of time. Peace and harmony will prevail in the home environment and the relations with the family members will get better.

Remedy: To reduce the malefic effects of Planet Mercury, donate green gram every Wednesday.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 10th house which is also known as the Karma Bhava. This transit will bring some positive changes in the lives of the people who belong to this zodiac sign. The people who are employed can get a pay hike or businessmen can also think of expanding their businesses. The intellect and logical reasoning of such a person will increase because of which their opponents can fear to come in front of them. The health of the individual can get better and one can get mentally refreshed during this period. The students who are weak in their studies can score well because they will be able to learn things quickly.

Remedy: Donate green cardamom on Wednesday.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 9th house which is the house of religion, luck, relations with the teacher, etc. This transit can give rise to a lot of tensions and problems which can make the person mentally weak. These people should consult someone before investing some money in the share market, lending the money to someone, etc. They should take efforts to grow their bond with their siblings. The natives who are planning to go on a trip should remain cautious about their belongings in this period. But, the trips will prove to be quite favorable and lucky in the future from an economic point of view.

Remedy: Install Budh Yantra on Wednesday.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 8th house in the Kundli of the Aquarius ascendants. This transit will prove to be favorable for the Aquarius ascendants. The economic front will become powerful and one can gain from some past schemes. The students who have appeared in the competitive exams can get desired outcomes in this period. The natives who are employed will remain satisfied with whatever they achieve. At the workplace, there are chances that the natives can get appreciated for the work done. But, these people should not trust anyone blindly as someone might misuse them.

Remedy: Wear the Vidhara Jadi tree root on the right hand or around the neck.


Planet Mercury will transit in the 7th house which is the house that represents one’s companion and different partnerships in life. When Planet Mercury gets posited in the 7th house then it is not at all considered as auspicious. During this period, the health can decline and the native can get mentally weak. Therefore, it is advised that the native should consume only healthy food and should increase the amount of physical movement. If the individual wants to make the financial aspects strong then they should consult their life partner or an elder member in the family.

Remedy: Feed green grams to a cow.

One should know what can happen with him/her in the future so that they can take necessary precautions accordingly. Sometimes the effects of some transits are felt after a long time, but if proper Astrology Consultation is taken on time, these adverse effects could be treated with astrological remedies. You can talk to our panel of world-famous astrologers’ for getting 100% assurance regarding these remedies and living a stress-free life.

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