Mercury transit in Scorpio, How it Influence Your Life

By: Future Point | 21-Nov-2018
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Mercury transit in Scorpio, How it Influence Your Life

Mercury is the planet of wisdom, business, intellect, speech and travelling. Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs are ruled by Mercury. Mercury has been transit in Scorpio on 26 October, 2018 at 8.55 p.m in the evening. It will remain in this sign till 10.00 a.m in the morning of Tuesday., January 01, 2019. This transit of Mercury affects all the zodiac signs in different ways.

Let’s see how it will influence the life of each zodiac sign.

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Mercury moved into your 8th house. There may be increase in your wealth. You may need to take loan from bank. Interest in spiritualism may develop. There are possibilities that you may also take interest in occult sciences and mantra powers. Take care the health of your siblings. Life partner may receive some gains.

Remedy : donate some green vegetables on every Wednesday.




Mercury transited in your 7th house. Family life will be peaceful and harmonious. Use sweet words when you talk to your family or loved ones. Your love marriage plans are also in your cards but obstacles might come in your way. You might think for a job change. This transit would enhance your intellect power. You can achieve something big.

Remedy : worship Lord Hari Vishnu every day.




Mercury moved into your 6th house. During this transit, your health may affect badly. You may face debates and disputes. You might face lot of obstacles in your work life. Expenses may increase.

Remedy : donate jaggery on Tuesday.




You will have good communication skills and a boost in your intellect is presaged. You urge to develop your hobbies. You may go for study in abroad. Children may suffer from health issues. There may be some disturbances and conflicts occur in your love life. Novice relationship may enter in your life.

Remedy : donate green color clothes to your female relative.


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Mercury transited in the 4th house from your moon sign. It brings happiness and peace in your family life. You might spend some money on household activities. Misunderstandings may occur in your family life. There are chances to receive gain from property. You will be succeeding in achieving goals.

Remedy : take blessings from transgender.




During the transit period, your passion, anger, communication skills and determination power will be boost. You might look for a change in job. You give your support to your siblings and friends. Making new friends is predicted. Short distance journeys are possible.

Remedy : wear 10 mukhi Rudraksha.


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Mercury is transiting in the 2nd house from your moon sign. You sweet words and speech would also impress others. Gain from foreign land is also predicted. Your spouse health may bother you. Don’t involve in the arguments. Control your expenses.

Remedy : offer green fodder to cows.




Mercury is moving into your sign. You would focus on increasing your sources of income. You may get involve in some arguments with siblings or friends. This transit might give you mental stress. Marital life will be peaceful and harmonious. You would enjoy working at your workplace. You may face some health problems like skin or blood etc.

Remedy : at shri Vishnu temple, donate camphor on Tuesday.


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This time your expenditures will go high. There are chances for foreign trips due to business or professional purpose. It will be fruitful for you or you might earn financial gain from this trip. Disputes and arguments are also on the cards. Rise in career is predicted. Do not avoid your health issues.

Remedy : donate green cardamom on Wednesday.




Your efforts will help you to achieve success. Obstacles may stop your way but, still you would emerge out with gains. Your luck will support you. Love life will be improved. There would be increase in your friends and social circle. You would dominate your opponents.

Remedy : wear vidhara mool on your arm or neck.


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You may use your intellect power at work. It will be give you benefits at workplace. You may get recognition for your work. Family life will be harmonious. You might face ups and downs in career life. Your spouse would enjoy all the comforts. You may go for sudden unplanned travel related to work. Children might face some health issues.

Remedy : recite Shri Vishnu sahastranaam strotra.




Mercury transited in the 9th house from your moon sign. You might gain respect from your spouse. Business in partnership will be fruitful for you at this time. You may receive a price. You might plan for higher studied. Long journeys related to business or education is predicted. Take care of the health of your mother.

Remedy : feed green fodder and jaggery to cows.

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