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Mars Transit in Cancer from 22nd June to 9th August 2019

By: Future Point | 15-Jun-2019
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Mars Transit in Cancer from 22nd June to 9th August 2019

How will the 'Warrior Planet' affect you while transiting in its 'Debilitated Sign'?

Mars is the 'commander' of the army of Gods and is a planet which is considered highly volatile in Vedic Astrology. Mars signifies boundless power, hence it is extremely important that it must be well placed in the horoscope of a native and free from the ill aspects of malefic planets.

Mars signifies the attributes of courage, strength determination & will power and as per its positioning in the horoscope of a person, these attributes are seen accordingly in the personality of that person. Mars is the natural significator of property/real estate and other prominent professions associated with Mars are Police Force, Military, Combative Sports, Heavy Engineering, Chemicals, Weapons & Explosives manufacturing, to name a few.

Mars also signifies surgery and if placed in a bad position in the horoscope of a native, it can cause accidents and injuries as well. Mars represents the Fire element and the signs that are ruled by Mars are Aries and Scorpio. Mars becomes exalted in the sign of Capricorn and becomes debilitated in the sign of Cancer.

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The gemstone associated with planet Mars is Red Coral or 'Moonga'. People who suffer from the negative effects of an ill placed Mars in their horoscopes, must immediately arrange a 'Mangal Grah Shanti Puja' for themselves by contacting an experienced astrologer. This Puja involves thousands of chanting of the sacred & highly powerful mantra associated with Mars (Mangal) by a Brahmin priest for pacifying the ill effects of Mars in the life of the person.

Transit of Mars in Cancer 2019

Mars will transit in the sign of Cancer from 22nd June to 9th August 2019 and as mentioned above, Mars will turn debilitated during this transit as Cancer is a sign of debilitation for Mars. This will make this trasnit a negative period for people in one way or the other.

Also, Cancer is a Watery sign and Mars being a fiery planet will not be comfortable during its transit in this sign. Cancer is a sign that signifies emotions & feelings and a debilitated Mars during this transit would definitely shake the emotions of many. So, let us look at how this transit of a debilitated & troubled Mars in the sign of Cancer is likely to affect people of all 12 Ascendant signs!


Mars will transit in the 4th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Mother, Property, Vehicle and Comforts. Mars is the Lord of your Ascendant and being in a debilitated form, will create health problems for you. If you suffer from Asthma and have health issues related to Blood Pressure, then you must take care of yourself.

Debilitated Mars in the 4th house will negatively affect the health of your mother too. If Mars is well positioned in your birth horoscope, then there would be a reduction in the negative results of Mars during this transit. However, if Mars is ill placed in your birth horoscope, then the negative results will only aggravate. As a remedy, recite 'Bajrang Baan' and 'Hanuman Chalisa' wholeheartedly.

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Mars will transit in the 3rd house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Courage, Communication Skills, Short Travels, Neighbours and Younger Siblings. Mars is the lord of the 7th house of your horoscope along with the 12th house, therefore, take care of the health of your life-partner and avoid any arguments as things could take a negative turn in your marital life, shaking up the love element present between you & your life-partner.

Your equation will younger siblings and your friends might get disturbed as well. Do not get into unnecessary confrontations with people around you and try to focus on things that really matter to you. Short Travels are on the cards and could leave you frustrated, so be patient in all situations and try to maintain a calm & composed state of mind.


Mars will transit in the 2nd house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Family, Accumulated Wealth, Speech and Food Habbits. Mars is signifying differences with family members and your speech is likely to be harsh during this time which is not at all good for maintaining cordial & harmonious relations.

Protect your wealth as this transit is detrimental for the financial aspect of your life. Your eyes are at risk during this time, so take care of them. Avoid making a fresh or a risky investment during this time.

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Mars will transit in the 1st house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Self and Personality. This will not be a favourable period for you, particularly your health. Therefore, take care of your health and do not take anything related to your health in a casual manner.

If you are pursuing a job, then be careful as you might witness problems arising at your work place that might result in the loss of job. Pregnant women must take utmost care of themselves. As a remedy, chant the mantras of 'Lord Shiva', as much as you can.


Mars will transit in the 12th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Expenditures, Foreign Travels, Hidden Enemies and Hospitalization. You will witness a sudden surge in expenditures and the inflow of income might also slow down during this time. Difference in opinions with your mother will disturb the peace of your mind and the health of your mother might also see a deterioration.

Do not take any decision related to the matters of real estate during this time and also defer the purchase of any vehicle in this transit. Be alert as far as your enemies are concerned as they might try to harm you, although they won't succeed in their malefic intentions as long as you remain vigilant of any propaganda they might run to trap you.


Mars will transit in the 11th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Gains, Income and Realization of Desires. You will get some gains out of your efforts but eventually, those gains will not be satisfactory when compared to the amount of efforts that you put in.

Consistent hard work with patience is the only approach that you should follow as slowly, everything will fall into place. As remedies, chant the mantras of 'Lord Shiva' and donate articles associated with Mangal (Mars) such as red lentils, to pacify its negative influence upon you.


Mars will transit in the 10th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Career/Profession, Name, Fame and Position. There will be an obstruction in the source of your income as well as you might find things not conducive for your career growth at your workplace. Do not argue with your boss or anyone from the higher authority and maintain a low profile.

Your suggestion in the professional domain might be taken in the wrong sense, so avoid making any unsolicited advice. The health of your life-partner is at risk during this time. As remedies, worship 'Lord Hanuman' by reciting 'Bajrang Baan' and 'Hanuman Chalisa' and strengthen the Moon in your horoscope.

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Mars will transit in the 9th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Spirituality, Luck and Foreign Travels. Mars which the Lord of your Ascendant will become 'Neech' or Debilitated in the house of luck/fortune in your horoscope. As a result, luck will not completely favour you during this time.

If you have been planning for a foreign travel then its better that you defer that till this transit of Mars in the sign of Cancer gets over as it will not prove to be a beneficial travel. On the contrary, plan a visit to a spiritual place that will ward off the negative effects associated with this transit and elevate the luck or fortune element of your life.


Mars will transit in the 8th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Obstacles, Age, Sudden Gains or Losses, Occult Science and Inheritance. Astrological combinations of getting hurt while driving are getting formed due to debilitation of Mars as per your horoscope, so drive with extreme caution.

Your health might also take a sudden downturn during this time, especially your stomach. Avoid junk food and follow a healthy dietary and exercise regime during this time. If you have children, then you are likely to have issues while dealing with them or simply the way in which your child or children are behaving, will disturb the peace of your mind. The key is to have more and more dialogue with them and try to patiently simmer down the differences between you and them.


Mars will transit in the 7th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Marriage, Life-Partner, Business and Partnership. Those married couples who are going through a rough patch in their marriage must avoid arguments that could further deteriorate their marital harmony.

Any more differences or bickering might take an extremely ugly turn and might result in separation as well. So, if you really want to resolve your relationship issues, then you better set your differences aside and genuinely work towards restoring the marital bliss that you have lost.


Mars will transit in the 6th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Competition, Job, Loans, Litigation, Enemies and Ailments. You will face a lot of problems in your job during this time. Stay away from office politics and your statements are likely to be misinterpreted, so speak only when it is necessary and avoid loose talks.

Your enemies will become stronger during this time and will try to lure you into their trap, so be careful. Chances of an ailment of the past coming again to bother you are high, therefore do not take even the minutest of change in terms of your health, for granted. If you are going through a legal issue, then things will not work in your favour during this time. As a remedy, feed a Cow as frequently as you can (if possible then regularly).


Mars will transit in the 5th house of your horoscope which is mainly associated with Intelligence, Love, Speculation and Children. If have children, then this debilitated Mars in your horoscope will give you problems associated with children. Their health is also at risk, so keep a close watch on what they eat.

Your love relationship with your partner is likely to go through a bumpy ride with you and your partner getting entangled into baseless arguments and bickering. Be patient and make conscious efforts to arrive at a resolution rather than heating the dispute further up, because endless arguments will only increase the bitterness.

If you are a student then you will loose focus and your attention will shift from academics to elsewhere. Therefore, set your priorities and work with unwavering attention & determination to achieve your goals. Pregnant women must take utmost care of them as chances of complications during this time are high. As remedies, worship 'Lord Shiva' with a devoted heart and donate red lentils to pacify the negative effects of a disturbed Mangal (Mars).

As evident from above, Mars will be negative for all signs during its transit in Cancer because of being in a debilitated state. However, the degree and nature of negative effects will depend upon a lot of factors as there are other planets that are equally in play in one's personal horoscope and one must not ignore the broad based transitory movement of other planets in the Zodiac Belt as well.

So, we urge you consult with the highly experienced astrologers of Future Point to get your personal horoscope thoroughly analyzed and get incredibly powerful remedies that are specific to your own horoscope. These remedies have the potential to turn the tide of luck in your favour and bring unparalleled bliss, joy, success & prosperity in your life. So don't wait and act smartly to take the charge of your own destiny by incorporating the divine wisdom of Vedic Astrology in your life!

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