Everything you want to know about wearing an Emerald Gemstone

By: Future Point | 15-Jun-2019
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Everything you want to know about wearing an Emerald Gemstone

What is Emerald Gemstone?

Emerald is a gemstone that is very popular in jewelry. However, this green beauty is more than mere a gem to stud in beautiful necklaces, rings or pendants for ornamental purposes. Its real incredible powers can be experienced when it is used in accordance with the sacred science of Vedic Astrology. Emerald is also called 'Panna' and is green in colour.

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Significance of Emerald in Vedic Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology, Emerald represents planet Mercury is used as a medium to attract the energies of planet Mercury in the life of its wearer. Mercury is the planet which signifies intellect, commerce, communication skills, media and transactions to name a few. Emerald enhances the domains governed by Mercury in the life of a person "provided" Mercury is positively positioned & aspected in the birth horoscope of that person.

Remember, every gemstone enhances the results of the planet that it is associated with, as per its positioning in your horoscope. Therefore, if you wear the gemstone of a planet which is ill positioned in your horoscope, the gemstone will only aggravate the negative results that the planet is already giving you.

Hence, one must get his/her horoscope comprehensively analyzed by an astrologer to know which gemstone will be suitable for him/her. The astrologer after decoding the planetary state in your horoscope, keeps your age & goals in mind and tells you the weight specifications of the gemstone that you must keep in mind.

The astrologer also guides you about the best auspicious 'Muhurat' (astrological timing) along with the procedure of wearing that gemstone such as the 'Mantra' to be chanted to initiate the gemstone and connect it with your body & mind for maximum beneficial results. So if are wondering about how to wear Emerald Pendant or a Ring in accordance with astrological principles, then consult with a professional astrologer.

Benefits of Emerald Gemstone

There are numerous amazing benefits of wearing Emerald Gemstone, such as:

    • Emerald sharpens the intellect of a person and signifies success in academic areas.
    • It is especially favourable for students as it enhances their learning capabilities and increases their focus & concentration.
    • One experiences heightened levels of perception & cognitive abilities as a result of the positive effects of Emerald.
    • Emerald Stone bestows clarity in thinking a peaceful state of mind.
    • Emerald is very helpful in curing health problems arising out of lifestyle disorders such as anxiety and depression.
    • People in the field of journalism find Emerald highly beneficial to them as it refines their communication skills.
    • Emerald in-general, helps you to successfully communicate with people around and garner their appreciation & support.
    • For those in job, this amazing gemstone ensures full professional support from colleagues and senior officials and ensures timely promotion & pay hikes.
    • Emerald helps in solving all misunderstandings that we might have with others and promotes a healthy & fruitful relationship.
    • Couples in love find their love fully blossom with the effects of Emerald as this gemstone brings trust & loyalty in their relationship and ignites passion & romance between them.

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  • Traders or people in business, witness an increase in their profits and even end up having multiple & profitable sources of income with the positive effects of Emerald Gemstone.
  • Students of Commerce register a decent performance in their academics and get regular opportunities of growth in their career as well by wearing Emerald Gemstone.
  • Aspirants wishing to land up with a job in the banking sector find Emerald very helpful to them.
  • Not only this, Emerald significantly promotes the prospects of succeeding in all competitive exams, be it academic or profession related.
  • People entangled into litigations regarding problems with their documents find them getting resolved by the positive effects of Emerald Gemstone.
  • It also negates the delay in marriage and ensures a blissful and harmonious married life ahead.
  • Emerald Stone benefits for Libra are enormous in terms of blessing them with a perfectly balanced state of mind.

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Which type of Emerald Gemstone is best?

There are many placed where Emerald is excavated but the most famous mines are located in Columbia and Zambia. However, this doesn't mean that this 'green beauty' excavated or mined from other places in the world is not of a good quality. Good quality Emerald Gemstones are mined and found in multiple countries of the world, including India.

Indian Emerald Stone of Health and Wealth is very popular across the world. The only thing that a person needs to be cautious about while buying gemstones of any type, is the authenticity of those gemstones as there are a lot of fake ones being openly sold in the market as genuine gemstones.

That is why it is extremely to trust only those who have been in the field of Vedic Astrology since decades and have a brilliant track record of client satisfaction. Future Point is the only name that stands out. We urge you to consult with the highly experienced astrologers of Future Point to get your personal horoscope thoroughly analyzed to know which gemstone will best suit you for achieving your goals & desires.

Also, Future Point provides 100% genuine & authentic gemstones that are certified in a recognized laboratory, thus, assuring you maximum benefits. The brilliant astrologers of Future Point also arrive at the best time of the day as per your birth chart and current transitory movements of planets, to ascertain the 'Perfect Muhurat' of wearing the gemstone for maximum benefits. So, invite the grace of planets in your life that are conducive as per your horoscope by wearing the powerful gemstones associated with them!

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