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Magh Purnima 2024: Date and Significance of this Auspicious Occasion

By: Future Point | 20-Jan-2024
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Magh Purnima 2024: Date and Significance of this Auspicious Occasion

In the Hindu Dharma, the Full Moon or Purnima has a significant place in people’s lives. It is not only of spiritual but scientific importance also. The Moon represents emotions, mind, peace, spirituality, thinking, etc. On the Full Moon day, the Moon is the brightest and gives auspicious results. In Astrology, a Full Moon is said to have maximum Paksha Bala, making it an auspicious planet.  

The Magh Purnima falls in the month of Magh as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar. The month is fruitful for making spiritual advancements. It is beneficial to perform worship, offer prayers, and make donations on this day. The devotees worship and take holy baths at pilgrimage sites such as the Triveni Sangam. From Purnima in Paush to Magh, people take baths in the holy river to remove several sins and kundli doshas. Let’s understand in detail the meaning, effects, and significance of the Magh Purnima 2024.

When is Magh Purnima 2024?

Magh Purnima in 2024 is on Saturday, February 24

Purnima Tithi Begins - 03:33 PM on Feb 23, 2024

Purnima Tithi Ends - 05:59 PM on Feb 24, 2024


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The Significance of the Holy Bath on Magh Purnima

The holy bath in the month of Magh usually begins from the Purnima of Pausha month and continues till the Full Moon of Magh month, also called Magh/Maghi Purnima. Maghi Purnima is the end day for the Triveni Sangam bath. People fast on this day. According to Sanatan Dharma or Hindu Dharma, one receives the blessings of Lord Krishna by taking a holy dip in the sacred rivers. Lord Krishna signifies the Moon in Vedic Astrology, and thus bathing in a sacred water body on Maghi Purnima, strengthens the Moon in the birth chart by bringing in the blessings of Lord Krishna in life.

Significance of Magh Purnima 

  • Magh is an important month, as per the Hindu ‘Panchang’. People observe fast on Magh Purnima and take baths in sacred rivers. Giving donations is considered highly beneficial on this day. The devotees pray to Lord Vishnu and Hanuman on this day. The sacred rivers include the Ganges (Ganga), Kaveri, Yamuna, and others.
  • According to Hindu texts, Lord Vishnu dwells in the river Ganga on this day, and the touch of the water provides therapeutic benefits. It is believed that if you make a wish while bathing in the river, your wish will be accomplished.
  • There are several regional traditions in India. In the state of Tamil Nadu, they celebrate a distinguished “float” festival. They decorate the idols of Lord Sundeshwara and Goddess Meenakshi on the floats. Then a giant fair called the Magh Mela is also held every year at the Triveni Sangam, which is a confluence of the Ganges (Ganga), Yamuna, and disappeared Sarasvati at Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh.
  • The day has religious significance in Buddhism as well. The Buddhists believe that Lord Buddha attained salvation on this day. According to Buddhist texts, the Earth trembled when Lord Buddha attained salvation. Buddhists celebrate this day, pay homage, hold rituals, chant, pray and make donations to needy and poor people.
  • The worship of Lord Hanuman washes away sins, negative vibes, nazar dosha, the effects of evil spirits, etc.
  • It is believed that during Magh month, the divine powers descend to the Earth from the cosmos and stay on the Ganga river banks. In the famous fair, hundreds of devotees coming from different corners of the country take a holy bath in the river under the bright rays of the Moon on Magh Purnima.


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Vrat Katha of Magh Purnima

There was a Brahmin named Dhaneshwar who used to live in Kantika town. He used to survive on alms or donations from the households. That Brahmin had no child. It was due to this fact that the people used to disrespect his wife and call her names. They didn’t even give any donations to the childless couple. They were both devotees of Maa Kali and worshipped Her for 16 consecutive days. Goddess Kali was happy with their devotions and asked them to ask for a boon. They both asked for a child. 

Then, Maa Kali asked the couple to worship Lord Vishnu and light a lamp/diya on each Purnima. The Goddess asked them to add one diya every Purnima and reach the number to 32 diyas. The couple followed the same, starting from the Magh Purnima. It was with the blessings of Maa Kali that they were blessed with a baby boy. Since then, people have revered Lord Vishnu and kept fasting to fulfill their desires through fasting and worshipping Magh Purnima.


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Rituals to follow on Magh Purnima 2024

  • The foremost ritual is to bathe in a sacred river at the time of Sunrise.
  • After that, people should worship their Ishta Devta, Kul Devta, Lord Hanuman, and Lord Vishnu.
  • The devotees recite Vishnu Sahastranam and observe a fast. They also make delicacies at home to be offered to Lord Vishnu as Prasadam. They also listen to or read the story of Lord Satyanarayana.
  • They perform Satyanarayana Puja and offer sweets, fruits, banana leaves, supari, mauli, incense sticks, til and paste of sandalwood.
  • There is a ritual of offering Arghya to the Moon at night. You can recite the Moon Beeja mantra- “Om Chandra Chandramase Namah.”
  • People read Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita or organize their reading sessions at home on the day of Magh Purnima.
  • One should perform charity; distribute food, clothes, money, and other necessary things. It is considered good to distribute food as it is a form of “Anna Daan” as narrated in the ancient texts. One must donate sesame (til) during the month of Magh, as it is considered an auspicious practice. 

Magh Purnima and its Astrological Significance

This day has an astrological significance too. The Moon transits its own sign of Cancer while the Sun remains in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. The holy bath removes all kundli dosha, especially those related to the Sun and the Moon. People gain confidence and strength with the blessings of both luminaries. 

Paying homage to Lord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman strengthens the Moon of the natives. Lord Vishnu represents Jupiter, and Lord Hanuman represents Mars; both of these planets are friends of the Moon. Thus, they help in strengthening the Moon in the horoscope of a person.

A strong Moon gives financial stability, confidence, balanced emotions and state of mind, and happiness.


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Can we remove Pitru Dosha on Magh Purnima in 2024?

  • In Vedic Astrology, if the 9th house of the birth chart is under the influence of the malefic planets Rahu and Ketu, the person has Pitru Dosha.
  • The affliction of the Sun and Jupiter with Rahu or Ketu also gives Pitru Dosha.
  • The conjunction of the Sun and Rahu or Sun and Saturn in the ascendant, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th, or 10th house creates Pitru Dosha.
  • One should perform Tarpan for the pacification of the souls of your ancestors. It helps remove Pitru Dosha in the kundli. Magh Purnima is an appropriate day to perform tarpan for the ancestors.

Future Point wishes you & your family- A Very Happy & Prosperous Magh Purnima!

मौनी अमावस्या के दिन गंगा में डुबकी लगाने से धुल सकते हैं सारे पाप, सुखों की होती है प्राप्ति

इस दिन है माघ पूर्णिमा का गंगा स्‍नान, जानें क्‍या है पूजन विधि और पौराणिक कथा