Look For Every Detail of Your Marriage in Your Birth Chart

By: Future Point | 21-Jul-2022
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Look For Every Detail of Your Marriage in Your Birth Chart

All of us dream for a perfect life partner but how many realize this wish? Your horoscope may indicate whether you will get a perfect partner or not in life? A perfect partner is one who complements our strengths and weaknesses. One, who stands beside us in all good and bad times etc. It is amazing to know that Astrology may help you get life partner prediction!

The marriage yoga in your horoscope or kundli

We all are born with unique planetary placements that bestow unique physical and mental traits to an individual. No two human beings are same on this Earth but somewhere their habits and nature complement each other. 

Astrology helps to find a partner with such complementing attributes. However, we all are born with our fate related to our married life which can’t be denied. If someone has a combination or yoga for a troublesome marriage, the person will get that kind of life partner only. 

Thus, astrology with the help of planets and nakshatras gives hints, calculates, warns and tells the effective measures to safeguard against that. It in any ways can’t change your fate but definitely helps you to channelize your misfortunes into fortunes!

 First of all, a learned astrologer looks for the marriage yoga in an individual’s kundli. The marriage astrology helps you to know- 

  • Whether you would marry or stay unmarried throughout your life? 
  • What kind of spouse you will get?
  • How would be your married life, troublesome or blessed?
  • Which year you are likely to get married?
  • Is there any possibility of separation or divorce in your kundli?  

Important houses and their effects on native’s married life

The seventh house- The seventh house is the prime house of marriage and spouse of a person. It gives the major indications about the married life of the native. If the seventh house and its lord are in fall, the native fails or find it difficult to enjoy married life. 

The native may either face troubles in getting married or even if married can’t live peacefully in his/her married life. Every planet bring different results with its placement here as per its natural significations. 

The eighth house- The eighth house tells about the secret affairs of the native. This house is seen for immoral conduct and extra marital relations of the native. This is also called the mangalya sthaan for the females. 

If it’s in affliction the individual may get indulged in immoral acts or secret sexual activities. And for females, it may cause untimely death, separation or diseases to her husband.  

The twelfth house- This house is seen for bed comforts of the couple. Their sexual intimacy is seen from this house. Any afflictions through presence or associations of the malefic planets may cause troubles in deriving sexual pleasures. This is also responsible for creating difficulties in a marriage. 

The second house- This is a house of a family and any afflictions may cause problems in deriving happiness from the family life.

The fourth house- This is a house of domestic peace. If the house and the Lord are not in good position, the native has to face difficulties in getting mental peace at home. The home environment is always quarrelsome and argumentative.

Thus, a learned astrologer after checking the condition of these houses may predict about the marital status of an individual. Different planets placed in different signs give different results. The astrologer needs to apply a great deal of knowledge and expertise to correctly estimate about the married life of a native. A strong seventh house indicates a happy and prosperous married life depending on other related factors.  

How planets may indicate bitter marital relations?        

A learned astrologer has to deeply analyze the birth chart to check the actual cause of problems. Any planet with its placement in the 7th house may indicate difficulties in marriage if is weak or under malefic associations-

  • Sun- The planet indicates ego hassles and they don’t cooperate with each other. They just refuse to listen to each other’s advice. Sun is a malefic planet and is known for its hot temperament. It may burn the soft feelings and emotions required for a prosperous married life.
  • Saturn- It is a slowest planet showing delays. However, not too much detrimental if placed alone but causes problems if is accompanied by other bad planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Sun.
  • Mars- It forms mangal dosha in a kundli but can also get cancelled if checked with due care. So, may or may not be harmful but it surely gives aggression in behavior which is not acceptable in a soft relation like marriage.
  • Venus/ Jupiter- The most important planets and karakas i.e. Jupiter and Venus may also create troubles in marriage. Jupiter is related to dharma and is not at all at ease in kaamtrikona bhava i.e. the 7th house. On the other hand, Venus may promote too much sexual indulgence spoiling the charm of married relations. 
  • Mercury- Mercury in the 7th house may give lack of sexual satisfaction. The planet is termed a eunuch in Vedic Astrology.   
  • Moon- It shows instable mind and moving nature of the significations of the house it is placed in. The person may lack happiness in marital relations. The Moon plays the most important in horoscope matching as well.  

Different astrological yoga to give an unstable marriage

  • Kemdrum yoga- When the Moon is placed all alone in the kendra without any planetary associations or conjunctions, it is said to be in kemdrum yoga. A person with kemdrum yoga is unfortunate to enjoy any kind of bliss in life. The Moon represents mind, the native doesn’t feel safe and secure mentally and tend to remain in solace. Marital happiness is denied to such native.
  • Exalted Saturn- If Saturn is exalted in a kundli, the native is usually inclined towards spirituality leaving all other pleasures behind. This may also give cold feelings inside and the native doesn’t marry at all or even if marry doesn’t remain satisfied in life. Saturn is a planet of slow movement and delays and the native faces these traits in his/her married life with a strong Saturn in the birth chart. A love marriage astrologer also suggests that Saturn also create sanyas yoga for a native.
  • Guru chandal yoga- Jupiter and Rahu together form guru chandal yoga. This causes lack of moral values in the native and the native doesn’t hesitate to indulge in quarrels and fights with everyone. This yoga brings fall in religion and honesty. So, the native fails to maintain good conduct in married life. 
  • Angaarak yoga- When Mars is placed with Rahu it creates Angaarak yoga. It makes the native extremely aggressive. He/she becomes impatient and highly short tempered. Such person fails to understand other person’s view completely and thinks highly of himself/herself. This yoga also creates mutual misunderstanding and quarrels among the partners.
  • Ghatak yoga- Mars and Saturn together create ghatak yoga. This combination creates lots of clashes and arguments between the life partners. Mars and Saturn both are malefic planets and form extremely negative conditions in the couples’ life.

There are many astrological and planetary combinations that may predict about the married life of the native. The birth chart along with the navamsha chart gives clear picture of the native’s marital status. Not just the problems, these charts also suggest the best remedies to overcome them. It is always advisable to detect the problems in advance and get the most effective solutions with the help of the best astrologer.   

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