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Light Up your Christmas with these Useful Vastu Tips For Home Decoration

By: Future Point | 16-Dec-2019
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Light Up your Christmas with these Useful Vastu Tips For Home Decoration

Christmas is the only occasion that welcomes glitter, twinkling smiles, and laughter with open arms. From little children to their not so little parents & grandparents- Christmas brings in the holiday cheer and the joy of the winter months for all. This festival brings a lot of merriment over family dinners, cocktail parties, holidays, gifts and obviously, home decorations. Many of us have already decked up our homes with the Holiday Decorations- either going for a huge Christmas Tree or settling in for fancy twinkling lights. Holidays are the time when you may way for positivity at home and dust off all the negativity that has been stored in the corners of your home. You can also consult a Vastu Expert for Home to catch up on the newest trends in Home Decoration while maintaining the Good Vastu of your Home!

You can decorate your house in whichever way you want that should display the real festive spirit. With the help of Vastu Shastra, you can make your Christmas full of positive vibes and happiness. The multi-colored gifts hanging on the Christmas tree generate vibrations of prosperity and good luck in the house. Enlisted below are some key points you can use to introduce Vastu in your Home this Christmas & New Year 2020.

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  • Play with colors- The Living room should be of bright color. This not only makes it lively but also brings in the festive cheer! So you can go for the silver combos like white or green pleasant colors in order to make the room enriched with positive vibes. You can consider a water element (Blue) and the metal element (white) in order to make your tree look more beautiful.
  • Paintings- Wall paintings can make your room more beautiful especially classic paintings. Or you can also draw some eye-catching paintings, cardholders, banners themselves showing their creative skills. Or you have another option that is Talk to Astrologer and figure out the best options for your home decorations.
  • Fancy Lights- Lights play an important role in every occasion or festival. Using lovely candles while decorating your house for Christmas can be a great idea. Go for some jazzy lights for decorating your interior. Make sure to remove the old lights before putting up the new ones. You can also place beautiful candles in your living room. To spruce up the aura of your home, you can also switch up the normal candles with scented candles with Holiday spices and aromas. Not only do they look beautiful, but the warmth of the candle will drive any sort of negativity from the house.
  • The essence of Nature- Decorate your living area, dining room, bedroom with fresh flowers, and indoor plants to increase the beauty of your house. Flowers especially the fragrant flowers can be used to keep the house fresh and to attract more good energy. Try to avoid artificial flowers. Not only do they look dead or sometimes ugly but they also make your preparations look like a quick-fix. And moreover, they don’t bring in good energy. The fragrance of fresh flowers can leave a nice impact on others and the decorative items should not make the room look messy. Faux plants can be used in case you want to bring in the earthy element at home without burning a hole in your pocket.

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  • Impressive Entrance- Make sure to remove all the unnecessary, artificial decor items out of the house. You can decorate your entrance with some handmade artwork using the best out of waste materials. The choice of decorative items should be well thought for and within limits. Don’t be so confused because that can take all the good energies away. You can prepare a wreath with all festive items like the holly, and dried autumn leaves to spruce up the boring wooden door. You can also pin up some beautiful lights at the entrance to create a lasting impression on all your guests.
  • Placement of Christmas Tree- The placement of a Christmas tree plays a major role in deciding what energy you would like to have in the house for this year. Decorate your tree with some twinkling and colorful lights and keep it in front of the main entrance. This will bring abundance of wealth in your life and keep your house filled with love and warmth for the entire year! The direction of Christmas Tree can be decided with the Vastu Principles that state, South direction represents fame and reputation, East is for health and family and Southeast for money.

Keeping up with the Christmas & New Year 2020 cheer, you can also distribute gifts to the needy people to make their Christmas joyful. This little act of kindness by you can bring a smile on their face. To create an aura of positivity and happiness in your home this Christmas with the remedies that our expert astrologer has to offer, you can also consult a Vastu Expert online as per your comfort.

According to Vastu, there are way too many ways you can spruce up your living conditions with the Christmas Decorations. Not only just small changes in the placement of lights or in the way you style your Christmas tree, but the Vastu Tips and Tricks can also help with the New Year 2020 Celebrations as well. In case you feel a little stuck and would like an expert to guide you, you can always Consult a Vastu Expert in Delhi, Dr. Arun Bansal with more than 40 years of experience in the field of Vedic Sciences.

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