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Learn Numerology and Harness the Mystical Powers of Numbers

By: Future Point | 08-Dec-2020
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It is very natural for people to aspire to succeed in all spheres of their lives. They work diligently day & night to ensure that ultimately their life becomes an expression of growth, wealth, sound health, prosperity, joy as well as good relationships. 

However, when we take a close look around us in the society, we find that only a handful can claim that they have actually tasted real success in their lives while the majority of the lot simply struggles to ensure a mere decent survival at the most.

Can a person really do anything about it or he/she should just accept what fate delivers to him/her in life?

Well, celestial bodies in the form of Planets and numerical entities in the form of Numbers cast enormous impact upon us and are literally an instrument that decide our ultimate fate or destiny.

If a person is able to attract the energies of planets and numbers that are favourable for him/her as per his/her astrology and numerology horoscopes then that person can easily witness unprecedented success in various domains of his/her life.

This feat can be achieved by performing the remedies that are suggested by an astrologer or numerologist, that eventually ward off the negative cosmic influences that create hurdles/problems in life and at the same time harness the power of positive & prosperous cosmic energies that bring along success, wealth, joy & health in life!

So, be smart and contact Future Point to consult with the Best Astrologers to know the exact remedial measures as per your natal horoscope that would dispel negative planetary influences from your life and steer your life towards the kind of success that you have always wished for.

Future Point also provides you an opportunity to consult with the Best Online Numerologist and get immensely effective & result oriented numerological tips & remedies based on your Birth Numerology Horoscope.

How does Numerology work? 

Numerology is basically the science that deals with the role & effects of different numerical entities upon not just humans but also on buildings, vehicles and corporate entities as well!

Numbers exert an incredible influence based on their native qualities & attributes upon anyone or anything that they get associated with.

Numerology and Astrology have a very strong relation. Numbers from 1 to 9 are associated with the nine planets that form the core of Astrology. Each number reverberates on the same frequency as that of the planet that it is associated with and thereby emits the same type of energy as that of the planet. In other words, a number is a medium through which a planet finds deeper expression in our lives and hence, numbers play an extremely significant role in further shaping up our destiny apart from the planets. 

Below is the list of numbers and the planets that they are linked with:

1- Sun

2- Moon

3- Jupiter

4- Rahu (North Node of the Moon)

5- Mercury


7- Ketu (South Node of the Moon)

8- Saturn

9- Mars

The type of effects that different numbers would cast upon us is determined by a numerologist by analyzing our date of birth. Our date of birth clearly signifies which number/s are favourable for us and which of them are not. If our house numbers, vehicle numbers, bank account numbers etc. are formed by numbers that are favourable for us then they will prove to be lucky or positive for us and if the numbers involved in such entities are not favourable to us then they will result in misfortune and troubles for us. Believe it or not, numbers cast enormous impact upon us through our phone numbers too! 

Therefore, a person especially while making purchases with respect to property and vehicle, must consciously opt for numerical figures that are favourable to that person as per his/her numerological horoscope. 

‘Name Numerology’ is another key domain of the science of Numerology which points out towards the fact that each letter in the alphabet series from A to Z denotes a number as well. This means that the number derived after the sum total of numbers that the letters in a name correspond to, eventually provides results in the form of its characteristics & attributes to the person or entity that owns that name.

Therefore, many people consult with a numerologist to do name correction or name balancing by inserting certain specific extra letter/s in their names to ensure that their names emit vibrations of planets which are the most favourable for them. Once a name of a person or a company for that matter is perfectly balanced, it ultimately becomes a source of attracting positivity, prosperity and success going ahead!

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Learn the Science of Numerology             

For those of you who wish to learn the occult science of Numerology to harness the mystical powers of numbers, Future Point brings to you a very carefully designed Numerology Course Online

The syllabus of this course is formulated by highly experienced Numerology Experts after a lot of research with an aim of empowering the student to successfully grasp the occult concepts of Numerology and correctly find out the key specific numbers that significantly affect a person or entity.

The Numerology Course Online offered by Future Point is delivered by instructors who hold an absolute mastery over all the theoretical concepts of Numerology including even the most intricate & often rarely known ones as well as are real life practicing professionals of Numerology who have been giving numerological guidance or consultancy to their clients worldwide.

So, what are you waiting for?

Learn the incredible science that empowers to determine the effects different numbers are slated to exert upon a native as per his/her date of birth and the ways by which the mystical powers that numbers carry along can be cultivated for attracting growth & success in life. 

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