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Know the mind of a person through Astrology

By: Future Point | 18-Jun-2018
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Know the mind of a person through Astrology

Astrology is the ancient science of planets and zodiac signs. It is these planets and zodiac signs that map a complete human being, in the form of natal birth charts. In fact, it was astrology which revealed it for the first time that no two individuals are the same. Not even in the case of twins born around the same time. That subtle nuances were identified thread bear with the help of planets and zodiac signs through which, the state of mind of an individual is easily analysed.

But why only astrology or an astrologer can do this? Is there no other individual or science who can help to read the mind of a person? Is astrology the only medium to find the state of mind? Not really. We have Psychologist and Psychiatrist who do similar job. They are quite competent as individuals. However, the one difference is that, these competent experts must wait for the native to manifest certain behaviour which will help them to understand their mind. Until then, ignorance is blissful.

However, on the other hand, astrology is a more proactive science which can see through an individual mind, much before any such manifestation comes to light.

Research has proved that mind is considered as the seat of consciousness through volition and feeling. This seat is based in our brain. In fact, brain is the organ which controls our feelings, emotions and willingness. On the other hand, mind is the faculties of our consciousness.

In the world of astrology, the state of Mind is analysed through the planet Moon and its placement in the zodiac signs in a natal chart. To quote some examples, If Moon in the first house in the ascendant, we say that a person is of conscious mind, if in 3rd house we state that the native has a courageous or alert mind, in the 5th house, we say that native has a creative mind, in the 9th house, we say Super-conscious mind and if in 12th house we say, a strong sub-conscious mind.

An analysis of these can be: a conscious mind can deal with ego. An alert mind and creative mind gives good thinking qualities to the native. Super conscious is some one above all the three mentioned earlier. They could be someone who could attain Samadhi or become Sanyasi. Sub-conscious mind can deal with intuition both while awake or while in sleep.

Many more analysis can be drawn looking at the planets and studying the placement of the same in an individual horoscope. This is a complex exercise; however, an expert astrologer is trained in these facets of study. By mere examination, a firm conclusion can be formed.

In fact, astrology is so advanced that one need not use the natal chart to analyse the mind, even a horary chart can easily help an astrologer.

It is due to these planetary placements that a possible behaviour can be understood, well beforehand. More so astrology does not stop here. It even offers remedial measure to contain any sharp deviation in the case of abnormality and help to serve the individual querent. It is here the expertise of a well-trained astrologer comes into play.

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