Jupiter Transit in 2018 and Its effect on Zodiac Signs

By: Parul Rohatgi | 22-Feb-2018
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Jupiter Transit in 2018 and Its effect on Zodiac Signs

Jupiter transit in the year 2018 is going to be one of the significant events in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter is known as the ‘Guru of Gods’ and is believed to be representing important aspects of life like knowledge, religion, childhood, wisdom, marital life, domestic peace and diseases that are related to stomach. An ill placed Jupiter in the horoscope can bring lots of hurdles, obstacles, struggle, delay and hardship in the native’s life.

In the year of 2018, Jupiter will be transiting in the Libra zodiac sign. In the month of March, Jupiter will get in retrograde position and will remain like this till July 2018. From July onwards, it will re-establish itself. Then in the month of October 2018, Jupiter will leave the Libra zodiac sign and enter into Scorpio sign. This positional change of Jupiter is expected to bring in some auspicious results but along with it will come the fear of unexpected and sudden accidents. Let’s find out how this Jupiter transit can affect the 12 zodiac signs:



As Jupiter will be transiting to Libra sign this year, Aries natives are expected to have a lot of financial and economic gains. During this time, Jupiter will be moving form Aries to the VII house. This affect would bring in positive effects on Aries natives. They can expect to receive monetary and financial gains throughout this year.


In the Taurus sign, Jupiter transit will occur through the VI house. Financial wise, it may not be a good year, sudden loss of money is expected. Keep a check on your anger. But, there are also high chances of getting debt free this year. You may also have to put in some extra efforts to get the desired and due success for your hard work and efforts.


Jupiter will be travelling from the Vth house in the Gemini sign. Gemini natives are expected to be suffering from some mental pressure and stress during this transit. The change could also result in receiving profits instead of losses. Gemini natives can also expect to attain mental peace, issues would be resolved and love life will be positive.


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The Jupiter transit will be extremely beneficial to the students of Cancer sign. It may help them with getting good results for the hard work. It is also a favourable time for professionals. But, taking care of health is required. You will get benefits from your maternal end. There is also a possibility of land gain; you may acquire a real estate property.


In Leo sign, Jupiter will be travelling from the 3rd house. This year a lot of travelling is expected, along with the praise from your senior officials at your work place. But take care of your as lot of travelling may affect it in the long run. It is a favourable time for students and professionals. Precaution on money related matters is recommended.


This Jupiter transit will bring in lots of positivity and peace in the life of Virgo natives. An increased interest in spiritual activities is expected with an increased faith in the power of God, the almighty. Business men can expect to have huge financial gains.


As the Jupiter transition is happening in this zodiac, a lot of fresh opportunities and good luck is to be expected for Libra natives. Career wise, it will be a good year, you will receive success in every sphere where you put in your hard work.


This transition of Jupiter will make the natives of Scorpio sign to pass through some major financial constraints. Separation from your loved ones is also indicated. You will feel low confidence and marital life could also be disturbed.



There is a great chance of getting married for all unmarried natives of this sign. Good health and financial gains are to be expected out of this transition. It is a favourable time to start or plan for a new business.


The Jupiter transit will have neutral effects on the Capricorn sign. It will be a good year for merchants, there is also a possibility of an overseas opportunity. Students can also expect to get an overseas studying opportunity. Marital bliss would also be attained.


This transition will bring in good luck for students and the ones who are in publishing sector. It will be a great year with increased happiness and prosperity in personal and professional life. During the retrograde period, financial matters should be deal with utmost patience and clarity.


The Jupiter transition is not a favourable time for the Pisces sign. You may encounter obstacles and bad luck in education and professional front. But, there is also a possibility of sudden money gain through a will. An increased interest in spirituality will also be seen.

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