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Is there a Best Zodiac Sign Among All the Twelve?

By: Future Point | 04-Nov-2020
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Is there a Best Zodiac Sign Among All the Twelve?

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We all know that there are 12 Zodiac Signs in total that together constitute the Zodiac Belt in the Cosmos. All of us are born under one out of the twelve Zodiac Signs and a wide variety of surprising facts can be revealed about us on the basis of our Zodiac Sign.

However, the Zodiac Signs only reveal generalized information about our personality, interests, nature etc. In order to get the entire & accurate picture about how the phenomenally powerful celestial bodies in the form of planets have planned our fate, we need to Talk to Astrologer to get our Kundli thoroughly analyzed.

But as far as the current topic of our discussion is concerned, let us understand that there is no single Zodiac Sign that could be crowned as the Best Zodiac Sign as it would be an injustice to all the remaining ones considering the fact that every Zodiac Sign has its own properties & attributes that it exudes upon the person who is born under that particular sign. 

These properties can be both positive as well negative which shows the kind of diversity that every Zodiac Sign carries along and it should be appreciated rather than compared to degrade another sign.

Having said that, let us from an unbiased & non-judgemental outlook, see what different Zodiac Signs reveal about a person who is born under that particular Zodiac Sign!

Aries- 21st March to 19th April

People born under Aries are courageous, extroverts and absolutely confident. They speak their mind and often their outspoken attitude gets them into trouble. However, they are great friends and value their promises and are true to their words. 

These people are more often than not restless in nature and cannot sit idle in one place. Planet Mars rules this sign and hence people born under Aries are fiery as this sign is associated with the Fire element. 

Taurus- 20th April to 20th May

People born under Taurus are very stable as this sign is associated with the Earth element. They have a very disciplined approach to life and always analyze their options with respect to their individual goals in life. 

However, at times they are so focussed on what they want that they appear to be stubborn to people around them. Taurus is ruled by Venus hence, people born under this sign are easily attracted towards elegance & luxury.

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Gemini- 21st May to 20th June

Mercury rules this sign and hence, people born under Gemini are very calculative in nature and at times quite cold hearted. But this does not mean that they think bad for others, it's just that materialism takes the centre stage in their lives. They are very good at financial planning and often accumulate significant amounts of wealth in their lives. 

They are particularly good at identifying rewarding opportunities in life and encashing them in an efficient manner. The Air element is associated with Gemini which makes people born under this sign quite imaginative.

Cancer- 21st June to 22nd July

People born under the sign of Cancer are extremely emotional & sensitive as this is a sign which is ruled by the Moon and is associated with the Water element. It must be noted that these people are very touchy and get offended very easily. 

However, they are very creative and intelligent and excel in their respective professions in their lives. They care deeply for their loved ones and are always willing to go the extra mile in helping those that they care for. Loyalty & trustworthiness are the qualities that their personality is blessed with.

Leo- 23rd July to 22nd August

People born under the sign of Leo are born leaders and have an authoritarian attitude. However, their bossy behaviour often makes it hard for them to have a truly harmonious relationship with others as they are taken for being arrogant & harsh by others. 

They are energetic people who climb to leadership positions in their professional lives and are known to deliver timely & optimum results. The one thing that they need to especially work upon is their speech as they often speak harshly which proves to be detrimental for their relationships.

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Virgo- 23rd August to 22nd September

People born under Virgo are more often seen inclined towards arts and are very good at communicating with others. Since Mercury rules this sign, these people have a good sense of understanding of financial matters but at times they do not take timely decisions in their lives and end up letting go of opportunities that would have been proved really beneficial for them. They enjoy spending time alone reading about their areas of interests or simply planning for the times to come.

Libra- 23rd September to 22nd October

Venus rules Libra and people born under this sign have a natural inclination towards outward beauty and luxury. Since the Air element is associated with this sign, people born under Libra have a very precise approach in life. For them it is all about achieving balance, efficiency and accuracy in their various endeavours in life.  Such people are intelligent and know how to steer their lives towards success. They know the art of maintaining the work-life balance and excel both in professional as per personal domains of their lives.

  Scorpio- 23rd October to 21st November

This sign is ruled by Mars which is a fiery planet. However, it is the Water element that is associated with this sign. Hence, people born under Scorpio tend to have mood swings in their lives and are emotionally vulnerable. They do not forgive very easily and continue to feel emotionally hurt for a very long time if they go through an unpleasant experience in their lives. They are creative and outspoken people who love to travel. They take special interest in outdoor adventures activities especially those that are related to water.

Sagittarius- 22nd November to 21st December

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are highly focussed and their goals are always at the forefront in their lives. They are attracted towards occult and hidden sciences. 

These people are good at understanding technical concepts and more often than not register good performance in whichever stream of education they opt for. 

They are fond of acknowledgement which makes them vulnerable to other people’s opinions. Since the Fire element is associated with this sign, people born under this sign can be short tempered.

Capricorn- 22nd December to 19th January

Planet Saturn rules Capricorn and people born under this sign initially struggle in their lives to achieve success & stability. However, their persistent attitude to work hard makes them eventually realize their dreams & desires in life. 

They love to plan ahead and are known for their patience and adaptability skills in life. They are good decision makers and have very efficient problem solving skills that makes them a reliable & dependable person.

Aquarius- 20th January to 18th February

People born under this sign are deep thinkers and have a highly futuristic approach in their lives. They are research oriented people and care very less about other people’s opinions about them and are always engrossed in their own world inside their mind. 

They love to analyze things and spend time alone doing what they love to do. They have a technical bent of mind and are always curious about the science behind a phenomenon.

Pisces- 19th February to 20th March

Planet Jupiter rules this sign and Water is the element which is associated with it. Hence, people born under this sign are emotional as well as sensitive. However, they are very intelligent people who love to travel. 

They do not like stagnation and always keep moving from one area of interest to another in their lives which in a way, makes them unpredictable. They are drawn towards spirituality and occult sciences in their lives. They are very good orators and know the art of conveying their message efficiently to the other side.

So, this was the generalized description about people born under different Zodiac Signs. If you want to Learn Astrology from instructors who are highly experienced practicing professionals as well as have a complete mastery over the concepts of Vedic Astrology, then contact Future Point and learn the ancient sacred science that holds the key to real success & prosperity in life!

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