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Invoke the Divine Healing Powers of Mantras to Safely Sail through the Coronavirus Outbreak

By: Future Point | 03-Apr-2020
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Invoke the Divine Healing Powers of Mantras to Safely Sail through the Coronavirus Outbreak

The world is bitterly shaken from the ongoing Coronavirus crisis and there seems to be no cure in sight for this pandemic as far as modern medical science is concerned. This deadly virus is wreaking havoc in the lives of everyone all over the globe and countries developed or developing alike, are helpless & struggling to get a hold of this killer disease.

Apart from the horrific and irreversible damage of the physical loss of lives that this pandemic is causing, it is also taking a huge toll on the psychology of masses all over the world. People are living through times of fear & despair and are barely able to cope up with the psychological pressure that the deadly Coronavirus is exerting on their minds. Businesses are shut, the economy is battered and morale is at an all time low. So, the two questions that arise in these moments of gloom are-

1. “Should we allow this Coronavirus to beat our human spirit down to its knees?”
2. “Should we stand up to this disease and face it with the power & grace that spirituality can bless us with?”

Well, given the fact that we humans are the most proud creation of God, we should without any doubt make sincere efforts to connect with the spiritual powers that are always present in the universe to help us sail through tough times.

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Remember- Worrying is not a solution to any problem. Therefore, have faith and maintain a positive outlook towards life because we at Future Point, are completely with you in these challenging times. So without any delay, let us look at the sacred practice that can keep us safe and how can we make the best use of our time that we have in this period of preventive lockdown.

The Science of Mantras

A Mantra is an arrangement of sounds that acts as a medium to attract certain phenomenally powerful spiritual energies from the Cosmos. These spiritual energies are associated with the vibrations that the sound of a Mantra emits. These spiritual energies have the potential of altering the life of the person who invokes them, beyond his/her imagination.

A Mantra is truly a boon to humankind that opens up the celestial doorway to bliss, prosperity, success and sound health. All that one has to do is- chant the Mantra wholeheartedly and soon what seemed to be impossible once, would start becoming a reality of life!

Since the ancient times, the Holy Sages of Bharat have emphasised so much on chanting of Mantras as a means to getting spiritual support for accomplishing our goals. Not only this, there are specific Mantras that are chanted for achieving specific purposes in life. You must understand this, every sound has certain vibrations attached to it and the repeated chanting of that particular sound emits very strong vibrations that are attached to that sound. These vibrations in-turn result in attracting certain energies that have an affinity to those vibrations.

These energies depending upon their characteristics, shape the very course of our lives. Also, different energies are governed by different forms of the Divine and hence, a Mantra actually invokes the blessings of a particular form of the Divine that governs the energies linked to that Mantra. So, the sacred scriptures have multiple Mantras that harness different energies from the universe and as per his/her goal, a person must select a Mantra to chant.

Given the current troubling situation of the Coronavirus pandemic, the best cosmic shield to keep ourselves safe & healthy would be chanting a Mantra that would invoke divine healing powers within us and bring blessings of the Divine in our lives that would protect us from this deadly pandemic.

Mantra that Protects from a Pandemic

No harm can come to a person who gets the blessings of Goddess Durga in his/her life. Chanting of Mantras that invoke spiritual energies governed by Goddess Durga, ensures a life that is free from all troubles and such a life functions in the constant protection of Mother Almighty!

Remember, even Lord Krishna before the war of Maha Bharat, urged the great warrior Arjuna to worship Goddess Durga and get Her blessings to ensure victory & safety in war. While there are many Mantras that are associated with Goddess Durga, one such Mantra that is chanted to get protection from a pandemic is:

ॐ जयंती मंगला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी
दुर्गा क्षमा शिवा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोऽस्तु‍ते।

The healing and protective powers that are generated by the repeated chanting of this Mantra are incredible and words simply cannot describe the true magnitude of the positive effects that this Mantra brings along in the life of a person. In these times of uncertainty where people are living in constant fear of getting infected by Coronavirus, chanting of this sacred Mantra would disperse all fears from life and build a subtle yet extremely powerful protective aura around us.

Mantra that Wards Off a Disease

Not every disease is a pandemic. However, even if we keep getting affected by minor diseases or ailments frequently, then our immune system becomes weak and we get more susceptible to falling prey to certain life threatening illnesses or pandemics for that matter. Hence, it is extremely important to keep ourselves protected from all sorts of diseases, whether mild or dangerous.

A Mantra associated with Goddess Durga that is prescribed by the Sages to destroy all kinds of diseases is:

रोगानशेषानपहंसि तुष्टा
रुष्टा तु कामान् सकलानभीष्टान् ।
त्वामाश्रितानां न विपन्नराणां
त्वामाश्रिता ह्याश्रयतां प्रयान्ति।।

Chanting of this Mantra will ward off all major & minor diseases from your life and significantly boost your immunity levels. You might have noticed the kind of stress that is being put on the fact that a strong immune system diminishes the chances of contracting the Coronavirus. So with a deep & unshakable faith in your heart, start chanting this Mantra daily and live a life where sound health is a naturally occurring phenomenon.

Mantra that Ensures Sound Health and Fortune

Another powerful Mantra that brings the incredibly auspicious blessings of Mother Durga in our lives and should frankly be chanted by us on a daily basis to ensure sound health and fortune is:

देहि सौभाग्यं आरोग्यं देहि में परमं सुखम्‌।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि॥

Health is the real wealth and this Mantra blesses an individual with splendid health and unforeseen fortune in life. This Mantra is a divine means by which one can make his/her life a true manifestation of joy, bliss, health, wealth & prosperity!

The power of all the above mentioned Mantras are such that they have the sheer potential to change the very course of a person’s destiny. These Mantras appear in the sacred “Durga Saptshati” which is a collection of extremely powerful Mantras that are recited to please Goddess Durga. So, please do not panic during this pandemic and do not let fear destroy your peace of mind. Rather, utilize this time to invoke the healing and protective powers of these incredibly powerful Mantras that bring the blessings of Goddess Durga in our lives and make us a strong, wise and balanced human being.

The protective and healing powers of these Mantras are available to any devout heart and it is the best path forward when it comes to staying truly safe & sound from any pandemic or harm whatsoever! All of us must follow the guidelines prescribed by the government and various health experts to stay safe from this Coronavirus but at the same time, we must also take refuge in the lap of Mother Durga to get the kind of divine protection that is simply far beyond our ability to comprehend.

दुर्घटना से बचना चाहते हैं तो इस यंत्र को करें वाहन में स्थापित

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