Interesting facts about the auspicious festival dussehra

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Interesting facts about the auspicious festival dussehra

Dussehra is the festival which signifies the victory of good over evil power. On this lord Rama defeated Ravana in the war and after it he brings his wife sita back home. This festival will always be victorious over evil powers. This auspicious festival is celebrated with great pomp and show for centuries now.

Dussehra 2018 auspicious mahurat

Dussehra date : 19th October, 2018

Vijay mahurat : 13-58 to 14-43

Aprahan puja time : 13.13 to 15.28

Dashami tithi begins : 15.28 on 18th October

Dashmi tithi ends : 17.57 on 19th October.

Let’s know about the some interesting facts of dussehra:

    • Dussehra word comes from Sanskrit language dasha and hara. This word means the defeat of the sun. It is said that the sun not have risen had Ravana not been defeated by Vishnu avatar lord Rama.
    • In vedic astrology dussehra is also known as vijayadashmi. This festival means the victory on the tenth day of war. As we all know that this festival is the significator of the victory of maa durga over the demon called mahishasur. He was killed by the maa durga on the tenth day of navratri of the lunar calendar.
    • As per vedic scriptures, mahishasura was the king of the asuras or demons who become very powerful and tortured the innocent people. By combining the powers of brahma, Vishnu or Mahesh – shakti was created to destroy the mahishasur. A battle waged between the shakti and demon and this war was ended on the tenth day after the demon was killed by shakti.
    • Dussehra is also celebrated in the form of durga puja. Durga puja also falls on the tenth day of navratri. As per beliefs, maa durga visits maika during durga puja and she goes back to her home on dussehra festival. Her devotees immerse the idol of goddess durga in water to bid farewell to her.
    • It is believed that the festival got its name dussara because on this day, lord Rama had killed the ten headed demon Ravana . On this festival every year 10 heads of Ravana effigies are burnt and each of them is considered as the manifestation of lust, anger, greed, delusion, intoxication, envy, selfishness, injustice, inhumanity and ego.
    • On this day the effigies of Ravana, his son meghnada or his brother kumbhkarana burnt by lord Rama.
    • For the first time dussehra was celebrated in the 17th century at the behest of the king of mysore. At the time of Dussehra this peaceful city erupts into life and every corner is bustling with activity. Whole mysore city is dressed with flowers, lights, stalls, music and the people. People flock the city at the time of Dussehra.
    • This festival is not celebrated in India but also in neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Nepal. In Malaysia, dussehra is marked as national holiday.
  • The most interesting fact about dussehra is that it marks the change of season. From this festival hot summer comes to an end and cool and pleasant winter season arrived. This is the time of harvesting the crops of kharif and the new beginning to plant rabi crop after diwali.
  • Hindu festival dussehra signifies the power of lord Rama and maa durga. It was the maa durga who told lord Rama about the secret of killing the demon Ravana.
  • It is believed that dussehra is that day when Emperor Asoka converted to Buddhism. On the same day, Dr. Ambedkar also converted himself to Buddhist religion.

Dussehra is vastly celebrated in north india. On this occasion great fervor and fanfare is organized. It incorporates ram lila, a gala theatrical enactment of Rama’s life story. Effigies of Ravana often alongwith those of meghnada and kumbhkarana are stuffed with firecrackers and set blaze at night in open fields.

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Dussehra is the most important and significant festival of India. This day is also very auspicious to start a new work or thing. If you are planning to start something new or good then dussehra is the best day to start it. It will bring auspiciousness and success into your life and work. We hope that this dussehra will complete all your wishes and desires.

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