Independence Day 2023: How will Each Ascendant Sign Contribute to the Nation?

By: Future Point | 21-Jun-2023
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Independence Day 2023: How will Each Ascendant Sign Contribute to the Nation?

Independence Day 2023 will be celebrated with incredible joy, enthusiasm and national pride on 15th August. As we all know that India gained independence from the British colonial rule in 1947 after a long freedom struggle that no Indian can ever forget. Countless freedom fighters gave their lives to the cause of our motherland’s freedom & sovereignty. India became a free nation at the stroke of midnight when the date turned to 15th August 1947.

This date & time got registered as the birth of our nation for the people that were there at that time, those who were born afterwards and for all those who will be born in the times to come. It holds great relevance for our identity as a nation on the world stage.

However, the birth details of our nation have a very profound astrological relevance as well. Since modern day India was born on 00:00 Hours on 15th August 1947, we get the Janam Kundli or Natal Horoscope of our nation from those details.


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The Ascendant Sign of India

The Ascendant Sign is the soul of a Kundli or Horoscope. It signifies the primary characteristics, personality attributes and broad worldly outlook of a person or an entity like a nation. The Ascendant Sign of India is Taurus. This sign is ruled by planet Venus and is associated with the Earth element.

The Janam Kundli of India has been extensively analyzed since its birth and will continue to be a subject of study & analysis by various astrologers. This is simply because it is the duty of an occult professional to keep monitoring the transits of various planets with respect to their placement in India’s kundli to perceive the future trajectory of our beloved nation!

India’s Future

Both astrologically as well as by gauging the developments in recent times with respect to India, one can say with confidence that India is poised to develop further & continue to grow stronger in the times to come. India’s economy which is already past the 3 Trillion Dollars mark and is soon expected to reach 5 Trillion Dollars. There has been a rise in India’s geopolitical influence and the world considers India as a key player in global affairs.

While there are plenty of areas in India need to catch up to a pace of development that is the need of the hour, the progress that is being witnessed on ground, instills confidence, hope & positivity in all Indian citizens as well as the well as those who want to see a strong, friendly & prosperous India.

The Citizens of India

It is essentially the people or the citizens of a country that make it a sovereign entity on the world stage and contribute to its growth & development. The Indian citizenry have always strived to ensure the best for India. It doesn't matter what the odds are, if one looks at the history, he/she will find that India continued to move past all challenges simply because of the unshakeable determination & efforts of the Indian citizens and the unshakeable faith that they have had in their duty towards taking India forward on the path to success & nationwide prosperity.

So, without further ado let us precisely look at how people from all 12 Ascendant Signs are slated to contribute to the growth & development of India as per India’s Janam Kundli and the current as well as upcoming planetary positions in the Zodiac Belt, around Independence Day 2023!


With Saturn transiting in the 11th house of your horoscope you are best poised to achieve your long-term objectives that will contribute to India’s global status. Saturn represents the people therefore you will gain by helping the common people of this country as Saturn is immensely pleased by those who help others out of a genuine compassion and grants such people sudden & unexpected avenues of professional success.


Your ascendant matches with that of India, therefore, you in your subconscious mind always try to look at things or situations with an underlying aspiration for the betterment of the nation. Since, Mars will be transiting in the 7th house of your horoscope on this Independence Day 2023, you will flourish in a partnership and will contribute enthusiastically to the progress of India by your achievements.


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Rahu after October 2023 will transit in the 10th house of your horoscope which means that you will advance towards your objectives at an unbelievable pace. Remember, Rahu signifies materialism and is a naturally malefic planet. However, its strength grows exponentially helping the native in overcoming all hurdles in the professional sphere of life. Therefore, the nation looks forward to you for professional achievements & excellence.


The planetary positions in the Zodiac Belt on Independence Day 2023 are empowering you to help those with talent in whichever you can so that our nation in the times to come would benefit from the much needed indigenous pool of talent. You are poised to create a foundation that will propel India towards its objectives and gain from well trained human resources for a long time to come. Your efforts now will fructify into something that will create a magnificent future for India.


With Mars in your ascendant on Independence Day 2023, your enthusiasm & determination would know no bounds. You are poised to work rigorously to realize your dreams which are anyway going to contribute to India’s growth since deep down in your heart you aspire India to reach its true potential and make a mark on the global stage that would yield a certain geopolitical heft that India rightly deserves. Just be careful while interacting with those whom you need to cooperate with as your enthusiasm might be perceived as your arrogance.


Money management is your forte and this is what India needs during such economically fragile times globally. You must focus on striving to achieve your long term financial goals as a financially strong citizenry contributes immensely to the overall growth & development of a nation especially after the recovery from the pandemic that shook the entire world. Your financial prosperity with a sense of contributing to India’s economic growth will go a long way in strengthening the nation.


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The planets as per their transitory movements suggest that you would excel in your profession provided you keep acquiring the skills that the foreseeable future will be built upon. Do not spend too much time on making a decision as the clock is ticking for you to get on the path to success in tune with the technology or requirements that will really shape up the world in the times to come.


The time for contemplation is over and you know that. It is time to spring your plans into action and wait patiently as you are poised to blossom but a bit late in comparison to your peers. So do not get disheartened as your ‘continuing’ efforts in the right direction with a never-give-up attitude are all that you need to realize your goals and contribute to this nation. Remember, consistency in your approach & hard work will take care of everything.


With the troubling period of ‘Shani Sade Sati’ already behind you, this is a time to go all in when it comes to working hard for achieving your objectives. Whatever cosmic influences as a result of your past life karmas were holding you back are now resolved so, move ahead with clarity clubbed with confidence & determination and you make your near & dear ones proud as well as your nation. Maintain your focus and do not pay attention to petty disturbances and keep an eye on your long term objectives.


With Rahu moving in the 3rd house of your horoscope soon, you are set to redefine effective communication. You are set to benefit from short travels that will lay the foundation of your long term professional growth trajectory. If you are in the field of media or journalism then your creativity will find unprecedented expressions. Remember, perceptions are built on narratives and we live in a world wherein perception whether a person’s or that of a nation depends on the narrative that is presented. Go and present the right narrative of India to the world.


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At a time when Saturn is transiting in your ascendant or lagna, you are decoding every situation perfectly which is helping you gain the much needed clarity to move ahead in life with confidence. You are cautious but absolutely clear of what you want and where you need to be in life. Keep moving ahead as planned and you will make everyone proud. There will be challenges along the way but you will overcome them and emerge as a role model of patience, dedication and success attained after sheer hard work.


Mars will be transiting in the 6th house of your horoscope which will create new job opportunities for you and help you plant your feet firmly in a career domain that will yield incredibly beneficial results for you in the times to come. Technologies of the future are your calling so, chart a course that will lead you to become proficient in the skills that will usher a new era in the field of technology. Look beyond what is prevalent today and make yourself ready to tackle the challenges that ever evolving technology is already throwing at the world so that India must become ready to face any & all technology based disruptions in the future.

Happy Independence Day 2023!!

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