How to Do A Tea Leaf Reading For Love

By: Future Point | 30-Aug-2018
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How to Do A Tea Leaf Reading For Love

Tasseography or a tea leaf reading with which it is commonly known is an ancient science of predicting, foretelling and unfolding a person’s future and upcoming events in life. Some psychics use the imprints of wet tea leaf on a cup to predict tea leaf reading accurate by analysing and predicting the important life events and outcomes by reading and interpreting the different images and formations formed by tea leaves inside a tea cup.

Since the ancient times, tea leaf reading online and spirit tea leaf readings are taken as a trusted source and method to predict and foretell about what’s in store in the destiny of the individual. It is the type of psychic reading which works on the principal of predicting the future by reading and analysing the different and random formations and images that appear in the tea cup by wet tea leaves.

In tea leaf reading online, the psychic then analyses and observes the patterns and images formed and then predicts the future of the concerned person so as to what he sees. Nowadays, this method is gaining a lot of popularity and a lot of people are opting for this method of predicting and knowing their tea leaf reading for love. If you also wish to get your tea life reading online just like online horoscope, then you can also accept this method of fortune telling whole heartedly because it is a proven method of accurate future readings and analysis from the history. When you get open to the idea of your future tea readings, you enter a gateway of interpretation and analysis that is accurate, genuine, trustworthy and authentic all at once.

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Also, tea leaf reading is one of the simplest and easy ways to predict the future. All that you require to perform a tea leaf reading is few authentic tea leaves and a cup. Restrain yourself from choosing and going for the gunpowder tea leaves and similarly the ones which are larger in size are not recommended for getting the accurate reading. Because of their big size, they may create a hindrance in prediction and analysis of the future.

If you have a saucer that is matching to the size and colour of the cup, then it would be a perfect add on. A saucer is needed to catch the falling tea leaf drippings while doing the analysis and prediction, if you do not have a saucer matching to your cup, then also there is no need to worry, a small plate will also serve the exact purpose.

The interpretation of tea leaf reading for love:

The most common use of this prediction technique is done to get the accurate tea leaf reading for love and its related love life predictions of the person in question. As per love astrology, one can easily interpret and make predictions from the tea leaf reading by carefully observing and looking for the mentioned signs. If you witness still drops of liquid that are left inside the tea cup even after you have emptied it, could be a sign of tears and heartbreaks. This may have the interpretation that you may possibly going to encounter a heart break from your loved one and special one.

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Also, if you are seeing a big group and chump of tea leaves in the tea cup, then it may suggest that there is a possibility of you and your loved getting in to a big emotional conflict and fight. If the tea leaves have formed an image near the handle of the tea cup, it can be interpreted that you may be the reason for all the troubles and conflicts that are going to come between you as a couple in the near future.

One of the common notions associated with tea leaf prediction is that the longer leaf stalks indicate the men, while the shorter leaf stalks are indicative of women in the interpretation. If the tea leaves have formed an image just opposite the side of the handle then it indicates the presence and involvement of a third party lover or a third person who may create a rift between you two.

In future love tarot and the online horoscope reading free, there is a sign if tea leaves that have formed an image are very light, subtle and pale in colour, then there is a chance and possibility that the person you are in love with is going to betray you and your trust in the near future.

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