How Mantras can change life? Ask Dr. Arun Bansal ji

By: Future Point | 15-Oct-2018
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How Mantras can change life? Ask Dr. Arun Bansal ji

The origin of Indian Astrology lies in the Hindu Scriptures, The Vedas. It was the Vedas that recognised Jyotish Vidya or astrology as their eyes.

As the Vedas recognised Jyotish Vidya or astrology as their eyes, they have also provided remedial measures, in case if the eyes of Vedas wanted any medicinal remedy.

Since the Vedas happened to give mantras to any problems, one of the medicinal remedies to the eyes of Vedas, too happened to be effective Mantras. Therefore, if astrology gives the future, mantras provide the required cure to reduce the malefic effects of the planets.


What is a Mantra?

This is a very important question which needs to be answered, what is a mantra? Is a mantra, shloka, stotra or the same? How is it differentiated? Technically, the Vedas have defined a Mantra having the following 6 limbs. They are:

  • Varna (letter pronounced as it is)
  • Swaraha (Swar in Vedas there are only 4 Swar, unlike 7 in Music)
  • Maatra or Chhandas (time spend on each letter)
  • Balaha (stress or emphasis that you give for each letter)
  • Saama (speed in which you will chant)
  • Santhanaha (all must chant in the same shruti).

When these parameters exist in a phrase then the Vedas recognise it as a Mantra and not a Shloka or a Stotra.

What’s the difference?

A Shloka or Stotra on the other hand is a Poetry. Hence, whenever they are chanted, it can be in poetic form, or it can be a simple chanting in a commonly accepted style. This is because, a Shloka or Stotra is more of a praise of the Almighty. Since it’s a praise of the almighty, the author, has the liberty to construct the script in the desired form. Hence, they can be the wilful expression of the native constructing the same.

Therefore, one would see that a Shoka or Stotra is written in various forms, not conforming the principals of the mantra. On the contrary, a mantra is a divine gift to the Mankind. It is a gift given to the mankind by the Vedas, with certain prescribed rules. When these prescribed rules are not followed, the effect of any Mantra is minimised. Then the natives express their displeasure on the ability of the astrologer to offer an appropriate solution. But, when they follow the rules required to chant the prescribed mantra, then they gain the desired results.

There are many prescribed mantras for each deity or Nine planets in astrology. Therefore, along with appropriate chanting, the native must know the correct mantra required to chant ( for his/her problem). To know the correct mantra, it is very important to seek the guidance of a learned and experienced astrologer. Since, astrology is a Vedic science it is also important to seek guidance from one who can understand the Vedic verses. Whenever the Vedic science is applied to search solutions, it reverberates positivity at the earliest.

Whom to consult?

This is often a question that bothers all of us. Since, in the contemporary era, people gifted with the ability to understand Vedic and modern Science are limited, they are hard to trace. But thanks to our honourable Chairman Sri Arun Kumar Bansal.

Sri Arun K. Bansal is the most favourite among the seekers of an astrological consultation. He has gained limitless admiration for his predictions, interpretations & research related work. His disarming simplicity endears him to all sundry. Besides being a qualified M.Sc. in Physics from Delhi University, he is also an M.Phil. in computer science from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

He was the first to develop a computer astrology software & is credited with the development of the first ever program on Astrology in 1978, which has been widely used as a free astrology online software solution by millions. His generosity in giving back to the society in the form of technology has helped many in reducing the possibilities of errors while generating a birth chart.

Being formally trained in both Modern and Vedic science, Sri Bansal can not only read a chart accurately but can provide effective solutions via connecting the Modern and Vedic science. To know more on astrological predictions, readers can write to us at or Visit our website for more details.

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