How Astrology Can Lead to a Strong Financial State In Life?

By: Future Point | 02-Apr-2020
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How Astrology Can Lead to a Strong Financial State In Life?

Finance is the single most important factor that not only ensures our survival in this world but also decides the kind of comforts and conveniences that we would have in our lives. Right from our late teen age, we desire to secure a job/career that would eventually bring financial freedom in our lives and all our efforts in the professional arena are directed towards achieving strong finances.

Also, there is no denying the fact that post marriage, in order to carry on the duties/responsibilities that arise in the family, one needs to have a sound financial state in life. However if we look around us, we would find that a maximum number of people are endlessly struggling to have stable finances in their lives and still there seems to be no fruitful end to their struggle.

On the other hand, some people just follow the usual academic path and work like everyone else in their career fields, but ultimately rise to phenomenal levels of success & prosperity in their lives.

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Why is that? Well, the people who rise significantly in their lives are simply those who have certain planets in their horoscopes signifying highly positive results for certain aspects of their lives. Planets are incredibly powerful cosmic forces that play an enormous role in deciding the very course of our destiny.

If we get the support of positively positioned planets as per our horoscopes, then success will be a sure shot happening in our lives. Also, even if some planets are not suitably positioned in our horoscopes, there are ways by which any negative planetary effect can very well be nullified or minimized to ensure a smooth path to success & happiness in life!

The Ancient Science of Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is a sacred science that has been helping the human kind to excel in this world smoothly, since times immemorial. It paves the way to identify what different planets have in store for us and how can we enhance our chances of succeeding in multiple domains of life with no or minimal friction!

Empowered by the occult wisdom of Vedic Astrology, an astrologer performs a thorough analysis of the horoscope of a native to identify the planets that are beneficial to the native as well as the planets that are positioned to pose hurdles & obstacles in various domains of the native’s life.

This way, as per the kind of effects that the planets are signifying for various domains of the native’s life, an astrologer suggests incredibly powerful & effective remedies that work towards negating the harmful effects of ill placed planets and enhancing the beneficial effects of positively placed planets as the horoscope of the native.

Planets and Finance

Planets simply provide us results as per their natural characteristics as well as their positioning in our horoscopes. Planets that are naturally beneficial for the financial aspect of our lives are Jupiter and Mercury “provided they are well placed in our horoscopes”. If favourably positioned, these planets shower success, wealth, abundance & prosperity upon us “at the time of their operation in our lives” as per the Vimshottari Dasha! Let us talk about these two planets in a bit more detail.


This planet is considered as a natural benefic and its position as well as aspects are known to give more often than not, highly positive results to a native. Jupiter signifies finance, wealth, prosperity and expansion. Hence, it is crucial that Jupiter must be well placed in a person’s horoscope to attract wealth & professional gains in life.


In this world that is highly driven by commerce, it is important to have the positive influence of planet Mercury in life as this planet signifies transactions and business. Mercury is a planet that gives very fast results and hence it is seen that people who have a favourably positioned Mercury in their horoscopes, accumulate wealth very quickly in their lives!

But there are 3 planets that are categorized as natural malefics, they are:

  • Rahu (North Node of the Moon)
  • Ketu (South Node of the Moon)
  • Saturn

It is seen that these three planets more often than not, result in losses, obstacles and delays in the financial aspect of our lives.

However, it must be noted that whether it is financially favourable planets such as Jupiter and Mercury or it is the natural malefics such as Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, their end results in our lives depend upon the houses that they are associated with in terms of “placement” as well as “house lordship” in our horoscopes. In a nut-shell, we get the results of houses that planets are associated with.

Houses that deal with Money/Finance

Now after knowing about various planets that are naturally beneficial or malefic as per their characteristics, the obvious question arises- ‘Which houses signify financial gains in our lives?” Well, there are certain houses in a horoscope that an Astrologer for Finance looks at specifically, while performing an overall analysis of the state of finances in the life of an individual.

2nd House

It signifies “Accumulated Wealth and Bank Balance”.

6th House

It signifies “Job”.

7th House

It signifies “Business and Partnership”.

8th House

It signifies “Inheritance, Unearned Income and Sudden Gains/Losses”.

10th House

It signifies “Career, Name, Fame and Position”.

11th House

It signifies “Gains and Realization of Desires”.

12th House

It signifies “Expenditures”.

So planets that give the results of the above mentioned houses, basically bring financial gains in our lives provided the result of the 12th house is “balanced” because if expenditures are signified more than financial gains by a planet/s, the end result will not be financially favourable.

Please note that it is unlikely to have a single planet provide the results of all of the above mentioned houses. Generally it is seen that different planets signify different house results and it is up to an astrologer to identify the time periods in the life of an individual when such planets are coming into operation when the maximum number of houses favourable to the financial aspect of life are getting activated.

Such are the times when financial success is achieved with minimal or no hurdles and also, the financial gains are significant as well! However, if the desired house combination is not appearing meaningfully during any major planetary periods of operation in the life of an individual, then it shows that the individual is likely to face financial crunch in life.

In such cases an experienced astrologer suggests powerful remedies that have the potential of attracting the results of the houses that signify financial gains in the life of that individual even when results of those houses are absent in the first place.

Bad House Combinations for Finance

There are certain bad house combinations that if signified by a planet/s during the period of operation of that planet/s, a native suffers financial setbacks unless timely & relevant remedial measures are performed to nullify or minimize the results of such bad house combinations.

These bad house combinations are:
6th + 8th +12th and 5th + 8th + 12th

Kaal Sarp Dosh

Kaal Sarp Dosh is a highly devastating planetary flaw that arises when all the planets in a person’s horoscope are positioned between Rahu & Ketu. It is a state wherein the notorious and malefic Rahu & Ketu engulf all other planets, thereby creating a celestial prison for those planets.

A Kaal Sarp Dosh diminishes the positive effects of all planets that we are supposed to get in our lives and poses endless hurdles and obstacles in our lives. A native becomes miserable and keeps on struggling his/her entire life if the highly detrimental Kaal Sarp Dosh is present in that native’s horoscope.

Therefore, it is always recommended that one should perform a “Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja” to get rid of this planetary flaw as soon as possible in life because unless you stop the water that is seeping into your boat, you cannot stay over the water for long.

While this was our humble attempt to give you a basic & very generalized picture of finances as per Vedic Astrology, we urge you to go for a detailed & comprehensive Astrology Consultation with our brilliant & experienced astrologers who are known to apply certain highly intricate and rarely known concepts of Vedic Astrology while analyzing their client’s horoscope.

Talk to Astrologer to get powerful Vedic remedies which have the potential of attracting wealth, success & prosperity promoting planetary effects in your life! Do not leave things to fate and take the smart step of imbibing the wisdom & magic of Vedic Astrology in your life when it comes to the most important aspect of your life which is- Finance.

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