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How Astrology can Greatly Help You in Marriage, Career & Health. Find Out

By: Future Point | 22-Oct-2018
Views : 1735How Astrology can Greatly Help You in Marriage, Career & Health. Find Out

Are you excited about marriage?

This is a Usual feeling of a native in the marriable age. Many of us look forward to this phase in our life, knowingly or unknowingly. But how confident are you of your decision? Some of you may even thinking should I take some more time and then decide about my future? Or should I take Consult a Vedic astrologer for understanding the prospects of my marriage though my Janam kundali.

Not only the prospects of marriage, even the phase in Career and then how would be my health in the long run?

Thankfully, whatever be the doubt in your mind, Vedic astrology can easily answer the same, how?

Let us first check about marriage:

Now, in Vedic astrology, the 7th house in a Janma Kundali or horoscope is used for predicting the future prospects of a married life. Here the position of the 7th house, from ascendant and the lord of 7th house is studied in great detailed. Also, Navamsa the divisional chart for marriage is studied in great detail. Since, the study of these two would determine whether a native would enjoy early marriage, or suffer from late marriage, or again abnormally delayed marriage, due to certain dosha in their horoscope is analysed. Further, in the worst-case scenario, it can lead to no marriage at all. Therefore, it is important to check the 7th house in Natal chart and the position of planets in the Navamsa chart. Sometimes, there are certain dosha or shortcomings in a native’s horoscope which can be solved through Kundali Matching, such as Manglik Dosha. Therefore, for all this, one would need the support of a learnt and expert astrologer.

Can astrology can even predict whether a person would enjoy love or arranged marriage?

Of Couse yes, astrology can certainly say by checking the natal chart and the Navamsa chart of an individual whether they would enjoy love or arranged marriage. Usually if there is a connection between the 5th and the 7th house in a natal chart, then there is always a possibility of love marriage in a native’s horoscope.

Will the marriage be a success? Can astrology answer this question too?

Yes! Certainly, with the help of Kundali Matching by date of birth or even Kundali matching by Ashtakoot method, astrology can certain give guidance on this point.

In fact, this is one of the keys in astrology that helps one to check if they can foresee the success in one’s relationship. If there is any failure indicated, then the native would need astrological remedies to thwart the same. Sometimes, knowing this in advance can refrain a native from marrying a person.

How compatible will be my spouse with me?

In fact, to answer this, question, it is always said that a native should undergo for marriage compatibility. Since, the science of Vedic astrology is based on calculations, the exact deduction of compatibility between stars, signs, ascendants and other important house in each horoscope, provides this answer.

Here, the Gun which is match through Kundali matching becomes key. When two natives get a minimum of 18 guns or points out of 36, then the marriage is considered to have a compatibility which is good enough to continue. If below, 18, then it raises a red flag.

Also, the two kundali of prospective bride and groom are checked for any Dosha. If there exists any, then these Dosha’s are negated with proper astrological remedies.

Will there be no obstacle in my marriage, after kundali matching is done?

Here, one should understand, that Kundali matching is an exercise where Kundali is first casted and then matched. The former becomes easy in the present age, thanks to the advent of technology, however the latter is a tricky exercise. Since, the latter would need expertise and knowledge. Thus, if an astrology has both, knowledge and experience, only then the can address these queries.

Can the same horoscope or kundali talk about my career?

Certainly yes! The horoscope of a native would not only shed light on their marriage, but also on Career. Thus, if a native is struggling in their career the reason for such a suffering can be easily analysed with the help of a native’s horoscope.

In fact, horoscope can also predict which area of work should One pursue for their career advancement.

To know more about how astrology can greatly help in your marriage, career and even health? readers can write to us for detailed analysis. We at Future Point are a team of expert and learnt astrologers providing solutions for the past three decades. Readers can reach out to us at or Visit our website for more details.