Difference between Cartomancy Readings and Tarot Card Readings

By: Future Point | 22-Oct-2018
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Difference between Cartomancy Readings and Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card reading is an age old and ancient method of predicting and foretelling future and other main and important life events and occasions in an individual’s life. While, cartomancy can be called and referred as a more generic term of a divination method that uses normal playing cards to predict the future. It should be noted that the ability to predict the future and foretell any important event lies in the capacity of the tarot card reader or with the cartomancy card reader and not in the cards. The cards be it tarot cards or playing cards used in cartomancy should just be taken as a tool that aids and facilitates the reader to focus on their scrying and predicting ability.

Typically and generally in both the divination methods of tarot card reading and cartomancy reading, the reader normally invites the person who wants to ask a question to shuffle the deck of cards, to touch and cut the cards pack before they bring out and deal with the cards for the psychic reading, although it is not an essential practice before prediction but at most of the times, it is done and followed. If the questioner is not there and is at some distant place, this practice is avoided and hence the questioner will now be asked to pick the desired and appropriate number of cards themselves for performing the accurate and precise psychic reading. It also depends on the personal practices that a reader may follow before coming out with the analysis results and prediction readings. The most common purpose that most people opt for tarot card reading is to get their love tarot readings, as love is desired by all and constitutes the most important part in our lives.

After following the above practices, the reader then analyses and reads the set of spread of cards for an accurate tarot card reading or a cartomancy reading by establishing a set of correspondences. Most of the times, the established correspondences are general and fair to all, but at times, it may happen that the reader will choose his own set of correspondences as per his knowledge and experience in the matter. These newly introduced correspondences are marked and characterized by their own keywords and phrases and that they have developed and possessed after years of practice and meditation. However, for an accurate and precise tarot card reading and cartomancy reading, the questioner is requested and expected to be clear in his mind with the question he wants to ask and factors like the time span involved and other consequences that will follow with the reading results should be all well sorted in the mind.

One of the basic and major difference both the divination methods of predicting and reading the future events is that in cartomancy reading, there are total of 52 cards which are often called as symbolic to 52 weeks in a year and has 4 suits that represents the 4 seasons of the year and the main four elements on the earth, and 13 cards in a suit that is symbolic of the total of 13 months in a year. While in the tarot reading, there are total of 75 cards and each card has a different symbolism and meaning to be interpreted in the spread, if it appears in the reading.

But, over the years, tarot card reading has gained a lot of popularity as one of the most trusted, reliable, authentic and as well as fun and entertainment way of predicting and analysing the future and its future course of important activities and events in life. Particularly, in the name and matter of tarot card predictions for marriage, a lot of people are preferring and opting it as a better choice than as the cartomancy readings. With so much of popularity and people opting for it, there are now n numbers of Indian tarot card reader available online. As per the new popularity of tarot card reading astrology, there is yet to explore a lot in the field of tarot reading 2018. Whereas, in cartomancy readings, people who have the expertise and requires skill set to predict an accurate reading of the future are called as cartomancers or simple with the name of card readers. This cartomancy reading was immensely popular as a divination method of predicting future in the 18th and 19th century but tarot card reading has taken over this method and has become more popular and a trusted medium of a psychic reading.

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