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Holi 2023: Your Zodiac Signs Guide to Playing the Festival of Colors!

By: Future Point | 28-Feb-2023
Views : 1087Holi 2023: Your Zodiac Signs Guide to Playing the Festival of Colors!

Holi 2023 is coming!

So, let’s gear up for a celebration that is charged up with positive cosmic energies. Afterall, Holi is a festival that brings joy & unleashes a bout of celebration among all.

But do you know that besides joy, the festival of Holi can bring immense fortune in your life, if you incorporate the sacred wisdom of Vedic Astrology in your celebrations?

Well, every planet has a particular colour associated with it that reverberates on the same frequency as the planet. This is why Astrology encourages people to wear the colour of the planet that is favourable to them as per their natal horoscope, as much as possible.

However, when it comes to Holi, if one approaches the festival in an astrologically backed way vis-a-vis the colour as well as certain rituals, then he/she can attract the positive energies from the planet that is most important in his/her life. Thus, paving the way for fortune in life!


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How to Determine the ‘Colour Conducive Planet’ for a Person?

The Lord of the Ascendant is a planet that holds the maximum significance or utmost importance in the horoscope of a native due to the phenomenal influence that it casts upon various aspects of that native’s life e.g. Education, Health, Career/Profession, Marriage etc.

It is the ascendant that defines & carves the very personality of a native and becomes instrumental in ascertaining the broader life-trajectory of the native.

Therefore, one can easily turn this Holi 2023 into a festival that would bring celestial blessings & fortune in life, if he/she incorporates the colours as well as small rituals associated with the Lord of Ascendant as per his/her horoscope.


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Let us look at how people of all 12 Ascendant Signs can make the best out of this Holi 2023!


Fiery Mars is your Lord of Ascendant which makes you attracted towards vibrancy. You should use red as your primary colour during Holi and start off the festival by worshipping an idol of Lord Hanuman and offering herbal red colour at His feet.


The luxury promoting Venus is your Lord of Ascendant which makes you inclined towards art, leisure, beauty & material comforts. You should include light & bright colours in your Holi celebrations. Worship Goddess Durga and offer herbal turquoise colour at Her lotus feet.


Mercury who rules the aspect of intellect, is your Lord of Ascendant which makes you very precise & organized. Keep the colour green as your main colour during the festival. Offer prayers & devotion to Goddess Laita Tripur Sundari and if you have a Shree Yantra at your home, then offer some herbal green colour on the yantra.


Moon who governs our minds & emotions is your Lord of Ascendant and hence you are very creative and have a caring attitude towards your near & dear ones. There is no such specific colour that is recommended for you to play with this Holi. However, you should use herbal water colours in your celebrations. Also, do begin your festival by offering milk to a Shivling.


Sun, which is considered as the King of all Planets, is your Lord of Ascendant. You are confident and strong-willed. You crave authority, power & position. You should include bright pink colour in your Holi celebrations and begin the festival by offering Arghya to Surya Dev (The Sun God) with a little Kumkum in the water that you use for the offering.


Mercury with this sign, promotes inclination towards trade & commerce and is your Lord of Ascendant. You are calculative, money-minded and ambitious. You are good with money management. Keep green and similar bright herbal colours as your main colours while celebrating Holi. Also, begin your day by offering green fodder to a Cow.


Venus being your Lord of Ascendant with this sign, makes you inclined towards external beautification, architecture and cultural studies. You lead a very balanced life and strive for perfection. Enjoy the festival of Holi with bright herbal colours such as ocean blue. Offer the herbal colour at the feet of Lord Shiva’s idol before you commence playing Holi.


Mars is the ruler of this sign and hence your Lord of Ascendant. You are emotional and find it hard to forget & forgive which creates resentment within you. But, you are loyal and value friendship and fulfill your commitments. You should include red and magenta colours in your celebrations and begin the festival of Holi by worshipping Lord Hanuman and offering kumkum and chameli oil at His feet.


This is a fiery sign and Jupiter that signifies expansion & wisdom, is your Lord of Ascendant. You are focussed and follow a dedicated path to your ultimate goals. You like outdoor sports and adventures. Yellow is the colour that you should include as your primary colour for Holi celebrations. Offer a garland of yellow flowers to the idol/photo of Lord Shiva or your Guru.


Saturn is your Lord of Ascendant. You are hard working and have a  down-to-Earth attitude. Make sure you include dark blue colour in your Holi celebrations. Go to a Shiva temple in the morning and offer herbal blue colour at the feet of Lord Shiva idol.


Saturn again is the Lord of Ascendant for this sign. You are a deep thinker and like to work in isolation. You are polite and cherish quality time with your friends & family. Play this Holi with violet or purple colours. Visit a Shiva temple and offer milk to Shivling.


Jupiter is your Lord of Ascendant and makes you inclined towards spirituality. You are emotional, caring and like traveling. You have a deep interest in what seems to be beyond the physical and are attracted towards hidden sciences. Yellow is the lucky colour for you to include during your Holi celebrations. Offer yellow coloured flowers to your Guru or Lord Shiva.

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Happy Holi 2023!!