Getting Help from Astrology Predictions

By: Future Point | 01-Oct-2018
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Getting Help from Astrology Predictions

It is believed that some 3000+ years ago, the present Yug, Kali Yuga, initiated. At a time, when Lord Krishna moved back to his abode, Vaikunta, when the Famous city of Dwarka got submerged into the sea. It is also believed that lord Krishna, before getting back to Vaikunta, had informed Uddhav; his parental first cousin, who authored The Bhagvad Purana, to mention that the advent of Kali Yug had began as soon as Lord Krishna Returned to Vaikunta, and that in the present age of Kali Yug, there will be sufferings and difficulties beyond imagination.

He had also mentioned that during the Kali Yug, that people in general would hardly believe in The Vedas, at the same time, he also mentioned that the one who follows the rules of Vedas, religiously, will remain blessed during the entire Kali Yug.

Astrology and The Vedas.

As readers would know, The Vedas have always recognised Astrology as its eyes and have given special status to the same. In fact, the other reason why astrology has been recognised and not science of Ayurveda or Yoga, is that Astrology become the base for the invention of the Science called Mathematics. In fact, the term called Samiksha which colloquially means an equation in mathematic. It became important for the further advancement of the science called astrology. Thus, from time to time, astrology has come to help a native in the form of astrological guidance. In fact, expert astrologers have always been helping a native by providing astrology predictions by examining their horoscope or kundali in great detail. Again, if there is any shortcoming then remedies in the form of stones and Yantras, are too recommended.

How does Astrology help in this case?

Astrology is that study of stars and zodiac signs in a horoscope, that helps a native to get through all the ups and downs, from different positions of planets in the native’s horoscope or birth chart that they would be going through. Thus, astrology can help in finding the most favourable and unfavourable time period & the changes that a native would need to make it a perfect living for their living.

Can astrology bring the answer to all your troubles?

Yes! it can, all that the native would need is a little faith and use its predictions purposefully. Astrology is the form of sciences which has been there since a very a long time (around from 3000+ years) and serving its believers the best suggestions and remedies for their future and betterment.

In fact, those who take astrological guidance with the help of learnt and expert astrologers and plan their year ahead have reaped benefits. Thus, if good astrologers, who can guide a native throughout their professional and personal journey, then they are likely to make better decisions in the coming future. They can stay ready for all that comes up with the time and that can help them reach their personal and professional goals sooner than they have planned. All that they would need is the accurate birth details such as Date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

The four pillars in a native’s life.

In Hindu Mythology, it is said, that human life has four pillars. These four pillars are Dharma, which means Duty, Artha which means Career, money and wealth, Kaama which is fulfilment of Desire, and Moksha which means liberation. Thus, to attain the last, the first three is important. If the first three are not attained then it is believed that a Soul once departed cannot find Moksha. Therefore, the concept of reincarnation is seen were a native take birth more than once to complete their pending task before they attain moksha.

Thus, astrology is a science that enables a native to know their true purpose and accordingly act for their future benefits. Hence even today, many do take the help from an expert astrologer who would give them the required guidance to fulfil their purpose in life.

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