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Get the Blessings of Maa Durga with the Dasha Mahavidya Puja

By: Future Point | 13-Oct-2023
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Get the Blessings of Maa Durga with the Dasha Mahavidya Puja

Maa Durga, the Divine Mother Almighty Goddess, is the epitome of Maa Adi Shakti, or the Primordial Supreme Feminine Power. She is revered for Her protective and nurturing nature. Durga Puja during Sharad Navratri, celebrated in the month of Ashwin (September-October) is the most important festival dedicated to the Goddess. During this time, Her different forms as the Dasha Mahavidya or the Ten Cosmic Wisdom Goddesses are also worshipped.

Sharad Navratri or Shardiya Navratri in 2023 will be celebrated from 15th October to 23rd October 2023.

The Dasha Mahavidya puja is a powerful ritual to invoke the blessings of Maa Durga in Her ten wisdom forms. Each Mahavidya has Its own significance and represents different aspects of reality. Worshipping them together during Navratri enhances the divine feminine energy manifold and blesses the devotees with health, wealth, knowledge, and spiritual growth.

In this blog, we will go through this unique ritual and how to perform it to get the utmost grace of the Mahavidyas.

Introduction to the Ten Mahavidyas

As per the Holy Hindu scriptures, when the gods were unable to handle the wrath of demons like Mahishasura, Dhumralochana, and Raktabija, the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva combined Their energies and created a Supreme Goddess called Maha Kali. Her appearance was fierce and She destroyed all evil forces. But the gods found it difficult to bear Her intensity. 

So, Adi Shakti or the primordial cosmic energy transformed into the more approachable, kind forms of Dasha Mahavidyas. Though gentler, they still represent the different dimensions of reality and consciousness. The ten Mahavidyas as per the main tradition are:

  1. Kali - The destructive and regenerative power
  2. Tara - The compassionate savior 
  3. Tripura Sundari - The beauty of the three worlds
  4. Bhuvaneshwari - The creation of the universe 
  5. Chinnamasta - The detachment from ego
  6. Bhairavi - The fury and ultimate knowledge 
  7. Dhumavati - The power of asceticism
  8. Bagalamukhi - The power to stun enemies
  9. Matangi - The outcaste and ascendant nature
  10. Kamala - Wealth and prosperity

Together, these ten aspects unite the energies of the universe and provide knowledge, protection, and material abundance.

Why Worship the Dasha Mahavidyas?

The Dasha Mahavidyas grant both worldly comforts and spiritual enlightenment. Here are some of the main benefits of worshipping Them:

  • They bless with happiness, health, wealth, success, protection from evil, and fulfillment of desires.
  • Each Mahavidya has the power to remove certain problems, fears, addictions, enemies, etc. from the devotee's life.
  • Maa Tara provides relief from diseases, Maa Tripura Sundari grants beauty and luxury, Maa Matangi frees from addictions and Maa Kamala blesses Her devotees with prosperity.
  • They reveal the metaphysical truths about life, death, and ego to bestow the ultimate knowledge of Brahma Gyana.
  • Sincere worship leads to the destruction of ignorance and the attainment of ‘Moksha or liberation.
  • The ritual purifies the mind, body, and soul to awaken the inner divinity.
  • Overall, the Dasha Mahavidya sadhana (spiritual practice) leads to a life of wisdom, fulfillment, and higher consciousness.

How to Perform the Dasha Mahavidya Puja?

The Dasha Mahavidya Puja is an elaborate ritual performed over 9-10 days during Navratri or other auspicious occasions. Future Point offers the Online Puja services for Dash Mahavidya puja to be performed in your name by a highly learned Brahmin Priest. However, if you wish to perform the puja on your own then, here are the main steps:

  • Prepare for the Ritual: Take a purifying bath and wear fresh, clean clothes. Maintain celibacy during the period and speak only the truth. Refrain from alcohol, meat, and anger.
  • Select a Sacred Space: Choose a clean, quiet room/space in the Northeast corner of your home. Set up an altar with the images or idols of the ten Mahavidyas in a semicircle.
  • Invoke the Goddess: Light a cow ghee lamp and incense sticks near the altar. Ring a bell and chant mantras to call the Divine Mother.
  • Offer Prasad: Offer sweets, fruits, flowers, and water to the deities. You can also cook and present ‘Naivedya as ‘Bhog
  • Chant the Mahavidya Mantras: Each Mahavidya has Her own ‘Beej Mantra’ (Seed Mantra). Chant the mantras with deep devotion, prayerfulness, and positive intentions. This creates divine vibrations.

Following are the sacred mantras for all the Ten Knowledge Forms or the Dash Maha Vidya:

Kali - Kring Kring Kring Hing Kring Dakshine Kalike Kring Kring Kring Hring Hring Hung Hung Swaha

Tara - Om Hring Hanumate Namah

Tripurasundari - Om Hreem Shreem Kleem

Bhuvaneshwari - Om Hreem

Chinnamasta - Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sah Chinnamastaaye Hum Phat Swaha

Bhairavi - Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundayai Vicche

Dhumavati - Dhum Dhum Dhumavati Thah Thah

Bagalamukhi - Om Hleem Bagalamukhi Sarvadushtanam Vaacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jagatvyapini Mam Sarvabadhaanam Aharnaadambaya Stambhaya Stambhaya Phat Swaha 

Matangi - Aim Kling Matangyai Phat

Kamala - Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Maha Lakshmi Namaha

Furthermore, perform the following as part of your Dash Mahavidya puja ritual:

Worship the Mahavidyas: Light incense and a lamp near each idol or image. Offer flowers, sindoor, sweets, unbroken grains, fruit, and tambulam. Chant Their names and praise Their forms. Seek blessings sincerely.

Perform Aarti: Perform the arati ritual by rotating a lamp in clockwise circles before each deity. Sing aartis in Their praise.

Express Gratitude: Thank the Mahavidyas for blessing you and fulfilling your wishes. Bow down in reverence.

Distribute Prasad:  Partake of the sacred food offerings yourself. Also, distribute it to friends and family.

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Key Puja Items Needed:

To perform the puja, make sure you have the following:

  • Idols or images of the Ten Mahavidyas
  • Fresh flowers, fruits, and sweets for offerings
  • Items for aarti like lamps, plate and kumkum powder
  • Vessels for water and milk offerings 
  • Unbroken rice grains, sindoor, and akshat
  • Incense sticks, ghee lamps, conch shells, bells, etc.
  • Sandalwood paste, virgin coconut, turmeric, and vermilion
  • Prasad ingredients and banana leaves for serving bhog
  • Mahavidya mantra book for reference

It is best to use natural materials and avoid plastics during worship. Maintain cleanliness and purity.

Correct Attitude for the Puja:

More than external rituals, it is the mental attitude and emotional state that matters most. Here are some tips:

  • Have faith in the Divine Mother and worship Her with a devout heart. Surrender yourself completely to Her grace.
  • Calm the mind, purify thoughts, and be present in the moment.
  • Keep your mind focussed on the Mother Almighty’s divinity.
  • Avoid greed; seek blessings not just for yourself but for others too. 
  • Be regular in spiritual practice leading up to the puja days. 
  • Chant the Mahavidya mantras sincerely and feel the divine vibrations.

The Dasha Mahavidya Puja is a mystical sadhana for receiving the deep wisdom and unconditional love of the Cosmic Mother. With the right attitude and devotion, you can surely expect Her boundless grace to flow into your life. Feel yourself immersed in joy, knowledge, and inner transformation.


The Dasha Mahavidya Puja is a powerful ritual to connect with the different forms of Divine Mother Durga. When performed with faith, devotion, and surrender during the Navratri period, it awakens great spiritual energy within us. As we worship the Mahavidyas in all Their glory and receive Their divine blessings, we realize that the highest truth and purest love reside within. Our consciousness expands, ignorance disappears and we advance towards universal oneness. We emerge with a renewed sense of purpose, feeling the abundant grace of the Divine Feminine in our lives.

Embrace the convenience of Online Puja, where sacred rituals meet the digital age for a meaningful spiritual connection.

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