This Ancient Science can get rid of Delay in Marriage and all other Marriage related problems!

By: Future Point | 20-Jun-2019
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This Ancient Science can get rid of Delay in Marriage and all other Marriage related problems!

Every domain or aspect of life is equally important. Whether it is education, health, career, wealth or anything else for that matter; each aspect has its own significance in the life of a person. However, one aspect of life that truly stands apart among all of these is Marriage. Marriage is a union that is not only prevalent in societies all over the world, but is an integral part of the social structure.

In most cases, marriage is the primary driving force behind an individual's efforts to strive in order to get established in a profession, to ultimately raise a family. But, there are many people who find it difficult to tie the knot with someone and enter into the marital union and often face delays or heartbreaking rejections in their quest to getting married.

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Why does one experience delay in getting married?

Well, our lives are destined on the basis of our karmic structure and the planets as per Vedic Astrology, provide us the results of our past karmas at pre designated times. These results can be both positive as well as negative and they shape up different aspects of our lives. In fact, these karmic results in the form of powerful cosmic forces of planets, decides how specific events of our lives will pan out.

Marriage is no exception to this phenomenon as the planetary results as per a person's Marriage Horoscope or Marriage Kundali, reveal how the marriage aspect of his/her life is sketched by fate.

What is the solution for getting married quickly?

Not just for overcoming the delay in marriage, but for all marriage related problems and quite frankly for all problems of life, Vedic Astrology offers highly effective solutions.

The secret behind the amazing efficacy of these solutions is the fact that they address the planetary cause of the problem which is the root of that problem.


Venus is the natural significator of love, relationship and marriage. Hence, in the process of Kundali reading for marriage, the state of Venus in the Marriage Horoscope or Kundali of a native is thoroughly analyzed. If Venus is ill positioned or weak in the horoscope (kundli), then special remedies are suggested to strengthen this prime planet of marriage.

A love marriage specialist apart from many other things, also looks at the state of Venus in case of couples in love who are facing problems in getting married or having issues in life post their love marriage.

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Furthermore, Saturn in the 7th house of horoscope results in delay in marriage as 7th house represents marriage and Saturn is a planet that causes delays in events represented by the house in which it is positioned. Also, the troublesome period of Shani Sade Sati puts the life of a person to test on multiple levels and causes problems in various domains of life including marriage.

Therefore, one must go for the powerful and result oriented 'Shani Shanti Puja' to pacify the negative and delay causing effects of planet 'Shani' or Saturn.


Mars is a cruel planet and a planet of conflicts. When it is wrongly positioned in the horoscope of a native, it generates a 'Dosh' or flaw called 'Mangal Dosh' or 'Manglik Dosha'. This Dosh is responsible for completely ruining the marital aspect of a person in so many dangerous ways. Either it leaves a person unmarried or destroys the marital bliss of a couple post their marriage.

Unless treated timely and properly, Manglik Dosh is even said to result in the death of one of the couple post marriage. Therefore, talk to an expert astrologer to find out if this dreaded Dosh is responsible for the problems that you are facing either pre marriage or post your marriage and seek timely remedies for it.

Rahu & Ketu

These two naturally malefic planets are known to create never ending obstacles & hurdles in the life of a native depending upon their placement and aspect in the horoscope of a person. While it must be noted that Rahu (North Node of the Moon) and Ketu (South Node of the Moon) are not always absolutely negative, but, more often than not, these 'Shadow Planets' create extreme problems in the life of a person, unless an experienced astrologer finds specific remedies to pacify these planets and the person too performs those remedial measures timely.

Hence, inspite of leaving things to chances, one can take charge of his/her own destiny, because it is one's karmas that initially designed that person's life and it is the wise karmas in the form of astrological remedies that can negate the old negative karmas and get the life of that person on the track to bliss & happiness.

So whether it is Horoscope Matching or Lagna Kundali Matching before marriage or getting remedies for a quick marriage, Vedic Astrology is the only answer to every marriage related issue. Therefore, act smartly and consult with the highly experienced and absolutely brilliant astrologers of Future Point to get solutions to all marriage related problems and make your life a true manifestation of love, bliss & harmony!

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