Gemini Love and Marriage Predictions

By: Future Point | 02-Aug-2018
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Gemini Love and Marriage Predictions

Gemini moon sign, is one of the airy signs in the Indian Vedic astrology, ruled by the vibrant planet, Mercury. They are known to be the most assertive individuals who love to talk and are highly expressive in nature. Hence, they are always in the limelight.

They love to receive audience from their friends and partner. In fact, it is their mind which is the driving force behind their talkative nature. Again, the credit should also go to the planet Mercury to make them for what they are known to be.

Geminis are in constant search for information and would love to decimate them appropriately. They are known to be very possessive of their partner in love and constantly share details with them. Without constant correspondence with their partner, they would feel a vacuum in their life.

Future Point, a veteran team of expert and learned astrologers have come out with the Gemini love horoscope 2018, detailed below for the readers. This will cover the general prediction for the Gemini sign and for personal one to one consultation, you can write to us at . Or visit our Website for more details.

Let us see how the Love and Marriage prediction will be for the Gemini’s in the entire year 2018. Especially when the planet Jupiter will ensure expansion in love and married life for almost of the entire first 10 months in 2018. A few lucky individuals will see marriage being solemnized with the support of their native birth chart or horoscope.

Now the year 2018 will start on a very good note. Both the Sun and the Moon sign Gemini native will see a romantic embracement by their partner. Right since the first quarter of the year, January to March, Jupiter’s transit in the house of romance and love will stimulate your mind and attract your partner towards you.

You will be bright, witty and quick to respond to your partner’s call. They will be tempted and interested in you. Especially if dating someone for long. You will seek their allegiance for a love marriage and gracefully, they will accept you with all humility. You will lead a happy married life with each other, if solemnized.

Those already married will see this quarter to be interesting. You and your partner will plan to travel exotic destination. It would be a blissful movement. Make sure you use light Green and Pink shades to enhance your luck around this time.

The second quarter from April to June 2018, is the time for those looking for a suitable partner through arranged marriage. As Jupiter will be retrograde in its transit and shall be very generous to help you find a suitable partner. Many good alliances will come across and marriage only through kundali matching is advisable.

Especially the month of May will make you feel very important as many will seek your acceptance for a suitable marriage proposal. Get a marriage compatibility report from a learnt and expert astrologer in that case, before any decision is finalized. This will give you a much better perspective to choose your life partner.

On successful match making, you should consider to undertake Uma-Maheshwari Pooja which will help the two of you to come closer. Towards the later half of the quarter, you will see some positive response and a marriage can be solemnized.

Now, the third quarter is the most crucial one. This will be the time when planet Jupiter will again be in forward motion. His retrograde motion will end around 6th of June 2018 and from there on he will move forward, blessing all those who were left alone until now.

In this quarter, July to September 2018, Jupiter will gain tremendous strength and shall be highly decisive. If a native is blessed to get married through their horoscope prediction and were waiting to seek the power of Jupiter in its transit, then this quarter will make you settle down completely.

Be it love or arranged marriage, when the time is right to get solemnized, none can stand as a barrier to the auspicious event. This will make you very important. Use more of Yellow shades to enhance the luck factor in this quarter.

Then is the last quarter from October to December 2018. Though planet Jupiter would have moved away from the house of romance and love, the traces of its positivity will not be lost completely.

It would remain till the first week of December 2018, which will make you feel blissful. This is the time for newly married couple who will happily plan to raise their family.

In fact, the Love and Marriage horoscope prediction for Gemini, 2018 gives emphasis to the last quarter for the newly married couples. No marriage can be happy if the progeny part is missing.

Therefore, the newly wed, will unite as one in this quarter, and decide to raise their family. If need be, the newly married couples can seek for an expert astrology consultation to decide their future course and time accordingly. This will bring happy in your life.

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