Everything you must know about Cat’s Eye Gemstone

By: Future Point | 05-Jul-2019
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Everything you must know about Cat’s Eye Gemstone

According to Vedic astrology, Cat’s Eye Gemstone is worn to remove the malefic effects of Planet Ketu. Like Planet Rahu, Ketu is also a shadow planet and is as malefic as Rahu. But it starts giving auspicious results if it is posited in a benefic house or with a benefic planet. Cat’s Eye Gemstone bestows success, wealth, and prosperity. It also prevents the native from chronic and communicable diseases and makes the person healthy and energetic. This gemstone has the power to protect the person from mysterious powers and energies.

Cat’s Eye Gemstone should be worn in the Middle finger or Ring finger of the working hand. It is also called a Future Predicting Gemstone. It can be the “third eye” to see through everything. It is an amulet that tells you the way to success. Cat’s Eye gemstone is a distinct gemstone due to its offbeat color in comparison to other stones.

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Yogas in which a Cat’s Eye Gemstone is recommended to be worn:

  • If Planet Ketu is posited in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, the 9th and 10th house in the horoscope of a person, then wearing a Cat’s Eye Gemstone will be highly beneficial.
  • If in a native’s horoscope, Planet Ketu is posited with Planets Mars, Jupiter, and Venus in any of the houses then this gemstone is highly recommended.
  • If in a native’s Kundli, Planet Ketu is posited with the Lord of the 5th or 9th house then the native should wear a Cat’s Eye.
  • If Planet Ketu is posited with the Lord of the 2nd, 4th, and 9th house or if it is aspected by the Lords of the respective houses then wearing a Cat’s Eye Gemstone is highly recommended.
  • A person who is having a Mahadasha or Anatrdasha of Planet Ketu should definitely wear this gemstone.
  • The natives can also get success in all those aspects of life by wearing this gemstone if they are affected by Planet Ketu.
  • If in a native’s Kundali, Planet Ketu is the lord of a benefic house and from that house, if it is posited in the 6th or the 8th house then a Cat’s Eye Gemstone should be worn.
  • If in a person’s horoscope Ketu is posited with other auspicious planets then also this gemstone can be worn.
  • If a person is afraid of mysterious and supernatural powers then this gemstone is highly beneficial for such a person.
  • If Planet Ketu and Sun are posited together in a native’s horoscope or if Ketu is affected by Planet Sun then by wearing this gemstone the native can be benefitted.

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The situations in which a Cat’s Eye Gemstone should be worn:

Here are some Cat’s Eye Gemstone’s Benefits:

  • This gemstone is highly beneficial for those who invest a lot in share market or risky investments.
  • If a person’s promotion is stuck from a very long period of time then this gemstone can be highly beneficial for such a person. Cat’s eye stone for Career brings success and prosperity in your professional life.
  • It also protects the person from all the negativities and evil’s eye. It protects the person from mysterious and supernatural powers.
  • Planet Ketu enhances the struggles of a person and makes life more stressful and problematic. In such a situation, this gemstone should be worn.
  • This gemstone is also beneficial for the ones who are walking on the path of spirituality. This stone is so powerful that it detaches the person from all the worldly pleasures and bends the person more towards spirituality and religion.
  • It also cures diseases like cancer, paralysis, depression, etc. This gemstone gives inner peace and mental strength to the person.
  • It brings peace and calmness in the native’s life and it also makes the memory of a person sharp.
  • Cat’s Eye Stone for marriage brings love and affection back in a relationship. It is highly recommended for a person who is facing a lot of problems in his/her marriage or whose marriage is delayed.

Disadvantages of wearing a Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Here are some side effects of Cat’s Eye Gemstone:

  • If Cat’s Eye Gemstone is not shiny then it can take away a person’s wealth which can create problems for him/her financially. Therefore, a person should never wear a stone which is not at all shiny.
  • If there is a crack in the gemstone then such a gemstone will not give favorable results at all. Therefore, wearing such a gemstone is of no use.
  • If there are four or more stripes in a Cat’s Eye Gemstone then the native should not wear it as the stone will be not at all beneficial for the native.
  • If there are white spots on a gemstone then this gemstone should never be worn because it can put a person’s life in danger.

Buy Cat’s Eye Gemstone from Future Point as it removes the malefic effects of planet Ketu and eradicates all the struggles and problems of a person. A person should wear this gemstone only if it is suitable for him/her. Buy astrological gemstone collection online from Future Point. Talk to Astrologer to know more about this gemstone or to know whether this gemstone is suitable for you according to your horoscope or not. You can also take a Gemstone recommendation by an astrologer or a Gem report to know the suitability of the gemstone.

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