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Deciphering Love Marriage In Life Through Palmistry

By: Future Point | 27-Feb-2021
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Deciphering Love Marriage In Life Through Palmistry

With marriage, a whole new chapter begins in the life of a couple that redefines the meaning of life for them altogether. However, a person who marries the one whom he/she loves even before marriage, is truly blessed. This is simply because when someone goes for a Love Marriage then such a person is essentially marrying the one for whom he/she already has a deep bond of love & affection within his/her heart and this results in building a strong foundation for a stable & blissful married life from very early on post marriage.

But is there a way by which it could be predicted that whether a person would have a love marriage in life or not?


The sacred occult science of Palmistry reveals information about various aspects of a person’s life by deciphering the palm prints of that person. A person's palm has different ‘Cosmic Markings’ on it that hold secret information about the plans that fate has for him/her with respect to multiple spheres of his/her life. Apart from these Cosmic Markings, the very shape of various regions/areas of a palm holds pivotal information about how the life of a person is eventually going to pan out. In a nutshell, the fate or destiny of a person can be decoded by applying the principles of Palmistry.

So what exactly makes a Palmistry Expert or a Palm Reader upon analyzing the palm of a person, conclude that the person would go for a Love Marriage in his/her life?

Revealing Love Marriage in Life through Palmistry

Well, Love Marriage in Palmistry is a very detailed subject that requires a through analysis of one’s palm. There are different Lines and Mounts on a palm that are analyzed for ascertaining love marriage in life. 

Plus, there are certain markings that if present on the palm of a person, point towards the fact that the person will likely undergo a love marriage in his/her life.

Among multiple Palmistry Love Marriage Lines and Mounts that help a Palm Reader in ultimately determining whether a person would have a love marriage in his/her life or not, there is one such line as well as mount that demands a comprehensive analysis.

Heart Line

It is seen that the Heart Line generally ends up below the Mount of Saturn on the palm of a person. However, if this line extends towards the Mount of Saturn then such a person is very practical and gives no or very less importance to love in life. Such a person is selfish and primarily does not go for a love marriage and in case he/she does, then the basis for that love marriage would be either physical attraction or wealth of the spouse.

If the Heart Line extends towards the Mount of Jupiter then such a person values love immensely and there is a very strong possibility that the person would eventually go for a love marriage in life. 

Now, there would be some people who despite having such a type of Heart Line on their palms still went for an Arranged Marriage in their lives. This means that although they did not have a love marriage but they love their spouse so much that they are actually living like couples who had a love marriage.

If the Heart Line bifurcates into two different lines at the end with  one towards the Mount of Saturn and the other towards the Mount of Jupiter then this means that the person is both practical in terms of understanding the materialistic aspect of life as well as would also love his/her life partner unconditionally. Such a person is most likely to have an incredibly blissful and successful love marriage.       

Mount of Jupiter

If a person has a mark of a ‘Cross’ on the Mount of Jupiter then it means that not only that person would have a love marriage in his/her life but that love marriage will also be a successful one.

Another very auspicious sign for love marriage is the mark of a ‘Swastik’ on the Mount of Jupiter on a person’s palm. A person having such a mark remains loyal & committed to his/her spouse and always loves the spouse unconditionally.

A person also goes for a love marriage if the Mount of Jupiter on his/her palm is elevated or well built. Such a person has all the qualities that are present in an ideal life partner and thus, enjoys a blissful & contented married life.

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