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Chandrayaan 3: Let’s Analyze the Mission’s Success with Astrology

By: Future Point | 25-Aug-2023
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Chandrayaan 3: Let’s Analyze the Mission’s Success with Astrology

Chandrayaan 3: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has reached the Moon which has always been referred to by children as ‘Chanda Mama- relative of Mother Earth who is far far away’. ISRO successfully executed a soft landing of the ‘Vikram’ lander on the Moon’s surface on 23rd August 2023 through its Chandrayaan 3 lunar mission.

India is now the 4th country in the world to have accomplished a soft landing on the lunar surface and has become ‘the 1st country in the world to successfully reach the south pole of the Moon’.

Let us analyze this incredible journey and phenomenal achievement in the backdrop of Astrology!

Significance of Moon in Astrology

The Moon is the most crucial planet in Astrology when it comes to decoding the state of mind & emotions in a person’s life. The position of the Moon in the horoscope of a person is carefully analyzed to decipher the core nature or the conscious state of mind of a person.

The Moon primarily signifies Emotions, Creativity, Mother, Water, Psychology, Government, Caring Nature, Intuition, Insight and Hormonal Secretion in the body. Just like the water in the oceans on planet Earth is impacted by the Moon’s gravitational pull in the form of low & high tides, the emotions in our minds are also affected by the movement of the Moon in the Zodiac Belt as well as its position in our horoscopes.

An ill-placed Moon in the horoscope of a native can adversely impact the native’s state of mind. An unfavourable placement of the Moon in the horoscope is single handedly capable of ruining the peace of mind. In fact, an aggravated Moon in the horoscope often leads to a significantly disturbed state of mind.

On the other hand, a favourably placed Moon in the horoscope can lead to heightened levels of creativity, good interpersonal skills, a pleasing personality, fame and position in the government machinery.


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Success of Chandrayaan 3 from the Lens of Astrology

Chandrayaan 3 has made history and positioned India among the major space powers of the world. We all know about the untiring efforts that our scientists at ISRO and all others involved in the mission/project from various agencies have made to make it a success.

However, just like there is a physical aspect to our actions & subsequent results, there are also certain subtle yet incredibly powerful cosmic dimensions that cast an enormous impact on our actions or endeavours. The occult science of Astrology decodes these subtle cosmic dimensions and uncover the role that the celestial bodies in the form of planets & stars play in shaping up the eventual outcome of an action or endeavour.

The ‘Horoscope’ of Chandrayaan 3

Yes you read that right. Just like there is a horoscope of a person, there is also a horoscope of a mission/project/company which enables us to gauge the future of those endeavours by employing the principles of Astrology.

Chandrayaan 3 Lunar Mission was launched on 14th July 2023 at 02:35 PM from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. Therefore, we can make the horoscope of Chandrayaan 3 with the above mentioned details. Once we do that we see that the horoscope of Chandrayaan 3 has a Scorpio ascendant with the Moon positioned in the 7th house in the sign of Taurus which makes the Moon go into a state of exaltation.

Now, look at the profoundness of this horoscope. It has a water based ascendant sign (Scorpio) and the Moon also represents the water element. Plus, the Moon itself is placed in the 7th house in an ‘exalted state’ and casts its 7th direct aspect onto the ascendant itself!

Cancer is the sign that is governed by the Moon and in the horoscope of Chandrayaan 3, Cancer graces the 9th house which in this context signifies ‘Long Travels' and ‘Fortune’.

Neptune which is the ‘outer planet’ that deeply influences space travel is positioned in the 5th house of the horoscope casting its direct aspect on the 11th house of ‘Gains’ and ‘Realization of Desires’.

Furthermore, the Lord of the Ascendant Mars, is placed in the 10th house in its friendly sign of Leo in the horoscope. The 10th house signifies Name, Fame and Power among others and Mars is in this house & sign clearly points towards success & fame to the nation.

Last but not the least, since we are analyzing a mission to the Moon, we simply cannot ignore the particular Nakshatra (Lunar Mansion) that the Moon is transiting into, at the time of the launch.

To the delight of every experienced astrologer who wished success for the Chandrayaan 3 mission just like over a billion Indians, the Moon was in the Nakshatra called ‘Rohini’ at the time of the launch. The Moon is extremely auspicious and provides highly favourable results when it is in the Rohini Nakshatra.


If one looks at the horoscope of Chandrayaan 3, the writing was already on the wall at its launch itself. The horoscope signifies clear success to the mission as a result of the favourable planetary positionings. This truly attests to the profoundness of the sacred occult science of Astrology. It is the sheer efficacy of Astrology in helping people determine the best course of action for themselves that has kept it in practice for thousands of years now.

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