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Best & Most Popular Palmistry Courses

Best & Most Popular Palmistry Courses

By: Future Point | 25-Aug-2018
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Palm reading or Palmistry is an ancient occult science. This science of Palmistry is also known as Cheiromancy. The age-old occult science can be described as the art and science of foretelling the future and discovering oneself through a thorough examination of the palm. Hence those practising this science are said to be the Chirologists or palmist.

In the case of palmistry, the left hand of a female is given importance and similarly for a male member, the right hand is given importance. Accordingly, the prediction is given to the lines in each palm of the native and then the prediction is drawn.

So, does Palmistry deals only with prediction?

No, in fact, the whole science of palmistry is based on understanding the personality of an individual. This also includes the study of one’s past and then given future predictions. Therefore, an established palmist will give detailed analysis through the study of one’s palm.

This study will extend till the understanding of one’s academic background, the area of interest, the understanding of one’s career and its prospects and from there on, will bring some inference to the future.

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Where can one pursue the course in Palmistry?

Now in palmistry, as one would know that, no two lines are the same in any two palms, therefore, the patterns of these lines which are unique is studied in great details. So, to know more on best palmistry professional course certificate request our readers to visit our website for more details. We at Future point are a team of professionals of occult sciences (astrology, palmistry, numerology and Vaastu Shastra) practising for past three decades. We offer one of the best palmistry courses in South Delhi. The candidates who wish to learn astrology may opt for AIFAS certificate courses. These courses are so designed that they are useful for everyone. Following are the course details mentioned below.

- Samudrik Ratna: This course is suitable for those who wish to learn palmistry, face reading and prediction by studying different parts of body. A portion of the study will include study in Numerology. Now, the duration of the course will vary from 3-6 months.

- Samudrik Shashtracharya: This course is suitable for those who wish to learn palmistry, face reading and prediction by studying different parts of body. Again, even Numerology as a study is included in the course. Here, the students will be able to tell lucky numbers and the support of lucky number with name of the individual native. Now, the duration of the course will vary from 3-6 months.

- Samudrik Rishi: This course is more in-depth course. This course will contain the above two details along with many examples and case study is provided. Such as examples of Famous personalities of the world. A self-study of the original text of Samudrik Shastra is done in detail. If mandatory a writing examination of the students can be taken for the assessment of the knowledge. Now, the duration of the course will vary from 3-6 months.

- Samudrik Maharishi: In this course, the students will do in-depth learning of the above three courses and then they can take a research on Palmistry, shapes of face and publish their research papers in AIFAS Research Journal of Astrology. In this, the person would be provided with multiple learning study material for foundation and then the native must work on their on-research data.

Thus, the above courses will help students learn palmistry in South Delhi. Students can also get details of distance learning and other information. Please write to us with the following information at Also, these courses are made available through online medium too. For instance, via Correspondence courses.

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